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Summer Food Service Program offers free lunch to children

READ MORE: Summer Food Service Program offers free lunch to children
Now that school is out, not all kids in our area get a nutritious meal at home. Today, the Summer Food Service Program kicked off to help kids eat free all summer long. School nutrition staff prepared and packed up the food which was then delivered to 19 sites around New Hanover County. Ann Ohlson, Summer Food Service Program, said, "…and we don't really know what these people might eat other wise. Sometimes the school lunch and the school breakfast is the only meal that they get, so when the schools are out, we want to make sure that they have access to those good healthy meals." The program is funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Free lunches are available Monday through Friday until August 8. For more information about the Summer Food Service Program, contact New Hanover County Schools Child Nutrition Department at (910) 254-4260. Meals will be provided from June 25 - August 8, 2008 at the following locations at the specifed times: Virgo Middle School, 1100 McRae Street, 12:00 noon -1:00 p.m. Child Development Center, 3802 Princess Place Drive, 11:15 a.m. - 12:00 noon Union Baptist Church, 2711 Princess Place Drive, 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Creekwood South, 714 Emory Street, 11:45 a.m. - 12:45 p.m. William Hayes Center, 1300 Kornegay Avenue, 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., lunch will be served 3:30 p.m.- 3:45 p.m., snacks will be served Wilmington Girls Club, 1502 Castle Street, 11:45 a.m. - 12:45 p.m. Hillcrest, 1014 S. 14th Street, 11:00 a.m.- 12:00 noon Head Start, 507 N. 5th Street, 12:00 noon - 12:30 p.m. NHC Day Treatment Center, 716 S. 3rd Street, 11:45 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Village at Greenfield, 1400 S. 11th Street, 11:15 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Greentree Apartments, 4615 Greentree Road, 11:00 a.m. - 11:45 a.m. The Family & Neighborhood Institute, 1102 Orange Street, 12:00 noon - 12:45 p.m. Lakeside High School, 1805 S. 13th Street 10:30 a.m. -12:00 noon Hemenway Center, 507 McRae Street, 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., lunch will be served 3:30 p.m. - 3:45 p.m., snacks will be served Jervay Communities, 1088 Thomas C. Jervay Loop, 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Mary C. Williams Elementary School, 801 Silver Lake Road, 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Wrightsboro Elementary School, 2716 Castle Hayne Road, 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Martin Luther King Center, 401 S. 8th Street, 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m., lunch will be served 4:00 p.m. - 4:15 p.m., snacks will be served UCP, 500 Military Cutoff Road, 10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

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Its crazy how selfish

Its crazy how selfish Americans are! You guys are whining because CHILDREN are receiving free lunch, get over yourselves and your tax dollars you pay! I see no one ever taught you that its better to give then receive. And who are you to determine who is taking advantage of the system. You don't know how many food stamps are given to that family, and what else is going on in that home. Don't be so quick to judge! Americans are very quick to give to fundraisers, and donate to organizations to help the Humane Society and Feed children in 3rd world countries but complain about helping the hungry children right in front of them. Me personally I'd rather feed a hungry child than a hungry dog, just saying.

Feeding kids in the Summer

There will always be poor people. I for one will never let anyone go hungry. I want to be someone to teach children to give,to be kind and to help the poor. They might not get it from there parents but hopefully from another adult in there life. If the parents takes advantage of the system then they haft to deal with that.

lots of different stuff

I see lots of different stories going on on this page.

1) No I don't think that children should starve.
2) However, I truly don't believe that the children recieving this "help" are starving. Parents are recieving food stamps which are not being rationed properly. If the children were truly starving they could go to a church or local support shelter (Good Shephard) and get help.
3)I am a married woman with NO children and I don't want to pay for your children to eat when I can barely pay MY bills.
4) When I was first married, I didn't have the income necessary to go to a Dr. so instead I went to the health department. If you have used this department you know that it is pro-raed on your income and that after the yearly exam they offer you a years supply of BIRTH CONTROL!!! USE IT!!!!!!


So don't help. Pretty simple really.

A few problems

That would require people to take responsibility for their actions and be held responsible for the consequences of their actions or inactions. Since we have the nanny government to provide there aren't any repercussions for bad choices. Another generation on welfare breeding the next. Don't breed what you can't feed.

Feeding the Kids

It's not the childern's fault they were born,it's the parents that made them. Safe sex is cheeper than childern. But you can't bring that point across to people who only care for that moment. Sin's of the flesh. You don't get pregnant to make someone responsible for you and your childern. That was the old days. No one want's to man up nowdays.

free lunches

I don't think Americans should be so smug. What are YOU going to do when our food supply ends? Can you garden? Can you hunt? Can you protect your family with a weapon, if needed? And who do you think will be the FIRST in line when the announcement comes from the "Government" that free meals are available?? I bet you'll even run over children to fill your stomach. Try fasting and include water in that fasting. I urge you who don't think feeding any child is your responsibility as a human being. Fast for several days and see what it feels like to think no one cares.

...and you shouldn't be so presumptuous.

I can hunt, I can garden, I can trap, and thanks to my previous employment, I can use a weapon amazingly well, as I had to prove on several occasions. I also got to attend jungle, desert, and arctic warfare survival schools at various times, so I assure you that I can survive on things that would make a possum puke. I was responsible for feeding TWO children, and guess what? They never went hungry. (The older one SHOULD have missed a few meals!) They are now grown and have children of their own....and their children don't go hungry either. It's not about smugness. It's about individual responsibility, self-reliance, and carrying your own load. It's about doing what is right. It takes no great intelligence or effort to refrain from producing offspring that you can't afford. All it takes is a bit of self-restraint and discipline....or proper planning if you can't muster the former two. Life really IS that simple!

Brilliant Minds Think Alike!

Excellent Commentary!

I am a woman (and quite feminine, not a feminist, eeekkkk!) and I can hunt, trap, and defend myself with numerous weapons, because I too have learned to be SELF-SUFFICIENT....because my parents (I had TWO!!!) and aunts and uncles and cousins and brothers, the neighborhood and our Christian Church,(more people) all influenced me to be a winner...(but not like Charly Sheen).

Being a winner in our family meant to LEARN lifes important lessons, and philosophies, and to see value in self-teaching ourselves all during our life. We learned principles, values, ethics, and mores'.

My Husband came from the same classic American self-reliant, self-sufficient (but not selffish or self-serving) work-ethicly driven family...not to mention his wonderful parents. HE HAD TWO Too!!!

TRUTH HURTZ, You speak for many of us who are witnessing this mind numbing 'redistribution of wealth" and calling the abusers to account for themselves. It is not about smugness, it is about work ethic, about perserverance and persistence, about believing in ones own self instead of "the system".


Should I have to carry not only MY weight in this world...BUT A WHOLE SLEW OF OTHERS riding on my coat tails behind me. I am the new SLAVE...I WORK and WORK and WORK so that other people can sit around on their rear ends and reap the benefits of MY HARD EARNED MONEY! It's not right to STEAL FROM ME to give to others who REFUSE to help themselves. I have NO ISSUE with money going to give someone a hand UP...but this hand OUT crap is GOING to stop sooner or later. With things like they can bet that the middle class isn't going to take this much longer. GOD HELP US if Obama becomes President...the middle class can kiss their money BYE BYE...not much better on the other side of the aisle either! The only way to stop this STUPIDITY is to vote EVERY FLIPPIN ONE of these idiots election..if those dont listen...VOTE EVERY FLIPPIN ONE OF THEM out!....rinse and repeat until THEY START LISTENING TO THEIR BOSSES!




free lunches

there's nothing wrong with providing free lunches to families and kids that are in dire need of assistance. but for god's sakes don't spit out kids like a cat spits out kittens, especially when none of them have the same last name! that's an animals mentality...they don't know any better...people do....or do they?


They are very rapidly learning.

I can not believe what I am

I can not believe what I am reading! These are hungry children! Lord help us all......How will this world ever change for the better, if we as neighbors complain about feeding the children?

Food stamps

In all probability the kids who are taking advantage of this have parents who already collect food stamps. How much food should we have to provide before they are not hungary?

Dear Barney.....

These kids can be hungry until their parents fix them dinner. This is NOT a case of starvation. It is a case of yet another government bureaucratic boondoggle, a bottomless pit into which we pour money. BTW, society would CERTAINLY "change for the better" if people would stop having kids they can't afford. Less poverty, less crime, less whining by saps, suckers, and Socialists.


They are many sides to this discussion. I for one however, cannot stand the thought of any child in this country going hungry. We pay millions to feed children in other parts of the world, so I really don't mind this drop in the bucket to feed a few local children who otherwise might not eat for the day. So for everyone who has negative comments, the next time you go out to eat and order whatever you want, please stop and think about a child you will probably go to bed hungry tonight in New Hanover County.

My kids take their lunch

I gave my kids $2.15 for lunch and an extra $1.00 for bottled water because the milk is always warm. The free lunch kids always have extra money for cookies and chips, but with 3 kids $3.15 each was my limit. So we stopped subsidizing the free lunch program. Only 8% of students pay for their own lunch, as a result the lunches for are scanty and tasteless. Since I have to pay for my kids to eat lunch I might as well buy them something they can actually eat. Now MY kids have bags of individually wrapped chips etc...and a chicken sandwich that's not still frozen in the middle.

And I worked extremely hard

And I worked extremely hard for that dinner and glass of wine I will be having in New Hanover County. Why should I, a single professional woman (who pays for her own birth control,) pay for someone else's child's food? When will they start giving tax credits to people WHO DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN? That is what blows my mind.

I agree that paying for

I agree that paying for everyone elses kid is hard to do when you have a family of your own. HOWEVER I would rather know that my tax dollars are going to feed kids other than support drug heads or drug dealers. It seems that in today's time that the children are the ones suffering. I think this is a good program. I am able to feed my two children that I have at home but there are some families that can not do that right now with the way the economy is now. Don't blame or make the children suffer..........

Free lunch

Dosen't the families whose kids qualify for this program already qualify for food stamps?

free lunch

even though my husband and i are registered republicans, and this is a tax payer funded program, it does not bother me at all to feed these children. as a Christian nation, we are called to care for those less fortunate. as the article stated, many of these children do not get nutritious meals at home. There are bigger fish to fry when it comes to government spending. this is a worthwhile project and we support it.

Your Christian obligation may not be everyone's

Oddly enough, our nation is supposed to be governed by the Constitution, not the New Testament.... ...and while our nation's laws are certainly based upon Judeo-Christian beliefs, we are not a "CHRISTIAN NATION." We are a secular nation. Our Constitution specifically prohibits any acceptance or embracing of an "official" religion. So while you have a Christian obligation to care for the poor, the government has no more obligation than insuring domestic tranquility and promoting the general welfare. The Constitution impacts all of us. The New Testament is YOUR rule book, not mine, not the government's. These programs are an immense black hole into which we pour billions. These people are not starving. No one is going to die if they miss lunch. (More Americans NEED to skip lunch every single day.) This is not a case of "Let them eat cake." It's a case of our society, YET AGAIN, trying to make sure that poor people never once have to face the simple ramifications of their poverty.

Agree 100%

Churches have programs that are set up to address hunger, homelessness and poverty. Let those who wish to make a difference do so. Altruism is a great mind set when not force through government intervention. I urge those who wish to contribute to do so via their hearts and church organizations. Don't force me to, you might meet a stiff resistance! I already pay thousands and thousands to accommodate those who cannot do for themselves. Why make me pay more?

Free meals

This really just makes me laugh in disgust. So many kids get free lunchs during the school year and now they are getting them during the summer. When are parents going to start paying for their own children and stop leaving it up to the tax payers. I bet if I couldn't afford to pay for my own food I wouldnt get a meal ticket. Just directions to unemployment.


The program isn't funded by the Department of Agriculture. It's funded by THE AMERICAN TAXPAYER, and many of us are getting sick and tired of having to pay for other people's kids. As another poster likes to write, "If you can't feed, don't breed!"

Free lunch

Don't be so selfish. There are many other things THE AMERICAN TAXPAYER is funding that you should be more worried about. By the way my kids aren't reaping the benefits of this. I am just glad this is available in our community to kids who need it.


Barney, the true definition of "selfish" would be the people who breed irresponsibly and then expect others to pay for their kids. You don't need a degree in engineering or a net worth in the millions to go to the Department of Health for a depro shot or buy a pack of condoms. If those kids were to get hungry around 3 PM, it's neither my fault nor my responsibility. I shouldn't be expected to shortchange MY children to pay for another's.

Free lunch

You are the true definition of selfish. What a shame! Hope you never get into a crisis and need anything. You can't judge a situation if you don't know the particulars. You have no idea why they may not be able to provide for their child or children, you just think you do.

Hey "Self-Giving"

THEY CAN PROVIDE!!! They (the takers) have learned that if they show up, it will be provided "FREE".

Free is the word that makes me angry because it is not Free, I paid for it, but never get so much as a thank you. Instead, we get slapped around and called names like "stingy" and selfish when we reject the CON, the HUSTLE lady. That is what they call it, you know????

It seems very SAFE to say that you are self-righteous because your tag 'self-giving' gives you away!!!

GIVE ME A BREAK! THEY CAN INDEED provide, but are used to left-wing loons like you who are the FIRST to wave their boney little fingers in the ladies abstinance class and say, "I want to adopt a few little children who goes to bed hungry every single night because they are from the ghetto single mother... and I may get some do gooder points.

Nonsense! You are sooo easy! Dumb!

I am in full agreement with ALL of the others who find it MORE than mildly disturbing that our taxes are being spent on free lunches for kids who DRESS for Success in elementary school, dress in latest fads in Middle School, dress like Gang Bangerz when they drop out of high school to join the drug cartel nurtured by their next of kin.

PAY attention when you are up to your armpits volunteering for the "less fortunate", you may learn the truth if you OPEN your eyes, ears and MIND. AND... "the truth shall set you Free!"