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Superintendent responds to school issues

BOLIVIA -- Friday we brought you the story of a Brunswick County School Board member facing a restraining order. Today NewsChannel 3 spoke with Superintendent Katie McGee on this and other issues. She is facing her fair share of challenges but credits her staff for its support and she assures lines of communication are staying open between administration, schools, and parents. The only comment McGee made regarding Ray Gilbert, the school board member banned from three schools under a restraining order, is it's important for the school board to work together for everyone's benefit. She said she couldn't comment on individual personnel issues, such as the North Brunswick coach accused of hitting a student two weeks ago. She says times of crisis bring people together, and hopefully bring the school system closer. McGee said, "The community has trusted me in the past. I believe they trust me now and I think more importantly what they need to hear from me is when the heart, the soul and the time of an individual on their staff is devoted to these kids and the school system, we're going to come out OK with everything going on." McGee says she wants to keep the focus on education. McGee also said she doesn't think it's fair a small number of incidents are putting a shadow over the school system. She says the county's schools' accomplishments far outweigh the negative incidents the school system has faced.

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The thing you have to realize about Katie McGee is that she is just keeping pace with law enforcement, the DA and the judicial system. Until we get rid of those in this community who cover up and push aside and protect their own, Katie is going to keep making all that money to do nothing. What everyone needs to do is to write or e-mail Raleigh that they want her out of office and no BIG PAY OUT. This women is a disaster and needs to not get paid another red cent for the mess she is making.

Watch Out!

Better watch out! They might do the same to her like the guy in Pender County, like pay her $75K just to quit her job. Not even in the terms of the employment, but "here's 75 large, just go." That guy was just as shady and totally a bad manager, couldn't even keep his own office sex scandles straight.

Dark Shadows!

[quote]McGee also said she doesn't think it's fair a small number of incidents are putting a shadow over the school system. [/quote] A shadow its not! Its an umbrella eclisping the entire Brunswick County School Ditrict. Its not hard to see the one hole in it casting all of its light directly onto the stage of performers. Superintendent Katie McGee must spend her days living in the playground of her childhood memories. To her its always about being [fair], as though the importance of these matters have there foundation there. It appears she caught up in believing everything wrong in the system here will cure its own ills. Even Humpty Dumpty learned otherwise. She fails to realize the basic premise of leadership, means leading. Its a self imposed position she chose as a profession. She has stumbled repeatedly and finds no one around to kiss her boo boo's. Its obvious she'll not find any sorrow or pity from parents here along the path. She needs either stepping up to the task or stepping out of the way. Thats what effective leaders do if their concerns are with serving the greater of the good. She fondley mentions the [small] numbers of incidents as a defense to her inabilities getting her job done. She might consider felonious acts against children small incidents. I'd wager parents and the victims don't. I would suggest she opens her eyes up to the very one large situation at hand. It is ultimately her responsibility as the deliver of School Policy getting the word out that there isn't going the be any tolerence for any staff member whose choices included violating those policies. The quicker she makes up her mind as to what side of the playgound fence she stands ground on, the faster all the Kings men can begin putting the Brunswick School System back together again. Period!

Now that hit the target and

Now that hit the target and says it all.

north brunswick coach defense

I have no idea what has been going on in my home town lately, but there is one thing I do know: The coach accused has been coaching since I was 11 or 12 yrs. old (I'm now 29 1/2) and he has never been accused of hitting a student before, so I'm curious as to what prompted this situation. It's hard for me to believe that he would hit someone without being pushed to the limit.

Katie McGee

This women talks and says nothing. They need to replace her and then start down the list.

with all the growth in Brunswick Co.

It is time to get their act together. I have a 3 yr old at home and if these schools dont shape up I'll keep her in private school and I'll suspect many will do the same.

Thankfully, my children are grown

If they were still of school age, rest assured that I'd eat PB&J for lunch five days a week to pay for private school. The public school system in this country long ago gave up any notion of educating students so that they could rise to their full potential. The curriculum is now structured mediocrity with the politically correct goal of insuring that no one excels without feeling guilt.


And the people that allowed this to happen is the non voting citizens not the school system. They couldn't have done it by without help.

I would assume that you and

I would assume that you and the other post are the same person. Regardless, school nutrition is constantly evaluated and ultimately, meet nutrition guidelines. Schools provide nutrituous meals from every food group and even has alternate choices such as salads. If you are such a concerned person, pack your kids school lunch and pocket the lunch money.

no water health meal

She can't provide our students with healthy meals if she sends them to school with no water!

Bottled water was supplied

Bottled water was supplied to the students.


Im ashamed to even say, but our Brunswick County school lunchrooms need special attention. It's bad when your child has to eat cold, overcooked, even find hair in their food. Yes i believe change is need ....and hopefully it will come soon.

Katie McGee

We do not trust her! It is time for new leadership.

children at school without h20

How can we trust a person or persons who would send the children of this community to school without water?


What a statement. A small number of incidents? With the writers strike going on in Hollywood, she has a future in writing if she wants it. Writing for comedy shows. Ms. Mcgee, just because you have a phD, does mean everyone else is stupid.


The problems in Brunswick schools are mostly a legacy from the guy before her and his cronies. McGee has laws and rules she has to follow no matter how much someone would like to outright fire an employee. But Ray Gilbert is an elected official who has done more damage to the system than most people can imagine. That guy needs to go away. Board members are supposed to be leaders and as such must set good examples for the rest of the staff and students. Gilbert neither leads or sets a good example. Kids today have enough problems and don't need to see people in authority being stupid.

I find it quite humorous

I find it quite humorous that people are saying these things about a great person, Dr. McGee and they can't even check their spelling or grammar and make sure they don't sound silly and uneducated.

She reaps what she has sown

McGee might just be getting comments from those that she has been responsible for educating. Controversy and bad results might be something akin to poor job performance.

McGee should be getting

McGee should be getting comments from the parents of the students who are in school today with no water, and hand sanitizer.

Things happen. The water

Things happen. The water issue was a problem within the community. From Shallotte to the state line, establishments were altering their forms of serving food. The students were provided with bottled water and hand santizer. What else can you do? You could always send the kids home without their education for that day but guess what? Then, you would have parents complaining about that. Saying that the school system is at fault for the water loss is like saying that the DOT is at fault for a traffic backup caused by an accident. Come on people!

Feeling bad for the good teachers...

With all the news about BCS and the really hurts my heart for all the good teachers who go to work everyday. The majority of teachers are hard working, family people who just want to do their job to the best of their ability. Teachers are bashed enough on a regular basis and with all the bad press now...the bashing has grown. Take time to thank all the good teachers and don't lump them all together.

McGee is to busy putting out

McGee is to busy putting out the fires of her staff that she doesn't have the time to worry about whether the children in Brunswick county schools have water. She certainly doesn't have the time to inform the parents that the children are going without water for the better part of a school day. She doesn't have the time to be an advocate for the children only her staff.


I've heard it said that a lot of people, when they can't dispute the facts, will attack the way a person looks or talks to draw attention away from the truth.