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Supporters, opponents sound off about off-shore energy hunt

READ MORE: Supporters, opponents sound off about off-shore energy hunt

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- As oil continues to spread throughout the Gulf of Mexico from the oil rig that blew up last week, Cape Fear residents are making sure to voice their opinions about off-shore drilling off our coast.

The US Department of the Interior Minerals Management Service made a stop in Wilmington today. After a short presentation that addressed many environmental issues and plans residents got the chance to sound off on off-shore drilling.

The meeting included people for and against exploring areas off the east coast for energy reserves. Opponents cite environmental concerns, while proponents point to jobs the exploration could create.

If you missed this afternoon's meeting, there's another tonight at 7 at the Hilton Riverside in downtown Wilmington.

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To those of you fools

To those of you fools who want off shore drilling to get to that OIL, OIL, OIL; looks like that oil is going to be hand delivered to you sooner than you thought.

What a tangled web

some weave when they let their emotions run free. Too bad they speak before they think or gain information.

Oil drilling will be minimal off shore of NC. The primary focus will be on natural gas which sits off shore.

What happens if natural gas leaks? It evaporates into the atmosphere or can be burned off.

Too bad some do not get all the facts.

Off shore drilling has been

Off shore drilling has been going on for years without incident. From time to time, something will go wrong. There is no need to condemn offshore drilling because of this. We still need to be independent as far as petroleum goes and sometimes there is a price to pay. I know the "Greenies" and tree huggers will get as much mileage from this as possible, but in the long haul, we need to continue with more offshore oil rigs in the future so that America will not be held hostage by OPEC any longer that needed.

Stupid is as stupid does

Maybe the folks in Washington, (and I am Democratic, Obama supporter), are not familiar with the label "graveyard of the Atlantic". They should be. Our tempestous weather off the coast, the depth of drilling necessary to find petrol, our coastal tourism, and the fragility of our commercial fishing industry make this idea, at best, foolhardy and at worst, plain, damn, stupid. If La. isn't a timely wake-up call, I don't know what could be. Yes, I do....a gooey, blackened coastline caused by what the "oil companies" would label (today) as "highly unlikely". Tell that to the "once-in-a-million" occurence in Louisana. It only takes one! Right Valdez? Everyone, everyone in this state should be in complete uproar over this. Don't let apathy prevail -- write, email, or phone your representatives (local, state, and national) and complain, complain, complain. The squeaky wheel gets the grease -- better than the coast.

Easy Answer

The answer to this is easy ... nuclear power