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Surfers hope to wipe out cement plant

READ MORE: Surfers hope to wipe out cement plant
A lot of groups in the Cape Fear region have come out publicly to take a stand against the proposed Titan America cement plant in Castle Hayne. On Sunday, the Wilmington surf community stepped up to the plate to add their name to the mix. Reach the Beach featured live music from Big Al Hall and the Massive Stimulus Package. They provided a relaxing backdrop for the Sunday afternoon affair organized by the Friends of the Lower Cape Fear. "I think it's important to get people out who love the water and the environment out raising money for the Stop Titan effort, which really has the potential to pollute our water and air,” said Adam Shay of the Surfrider Foundation. Thirty folks made a grand entrance at the Ocean Grill Pier in Carolina Beach. Not arriving by foot or by car, instead they arrived on their paddleboards. "We came out today with a bunch of paddle boards, going from pier to pier in order to support the cause. People were out there in canoes, and kayaks and longboarders were paddling along with standup paddleboarders, so everybody came together. We're all for helping to protect the environment, and to sustain the clean air and ocean for the future,” explained Jeoffrey Nathan. Carolina Cement, a subsidiary of Titan America, has plans to build a cement plant along the Cape Fear River in Castle Hayne. New Hanover County offered the company tax incentives to come here, with the promise of jobs and added revenue. Some residents are concerned the risk isn't worth the reward. "I believe all of the children will be affected by this, and it will end up being a negative thing for the entire community,” said Jamie Walker. Children are worried too. "I'm still developing. I'm still growing and I’d rather live in a clean environment rather than one that's polluted with mercury in the water and air because I’d rather live a long life than an unhealthy and ill one,” said Noble Middle School student Henry Burnett. The whole process is at the environmental review stage. The federal study on the plant's impacts could take up to two years to complete. Earlier this month, the North Carolina Coastal Federation asked Governor Perdue to delay state permits on the cement plant until the environmental effects study is complete. A representative for Carolina Cement says there is no logic in delaying the permit, and the company will continue to follow the process.

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He made a funny!

Know better than the professional environmental experts at NCDENR and the EPA? Ha - if there is one good thing G.W. did - it was to warn the public to always question the government's actions. Anyone can be paid for - especially government officials. I have lived here my entire life and I can adamantly say NO to Titan!


I believe the biggest Mercuy produce in the are is the paper plant in Reigle Wood. Why aren't you out there trying to get them shut down? They domp it right into the river..


Don't forget to hold the county commissioners responsible in the next election. Who voted for a 4 million dollar bribe, er, incentive for Titan? What role did the Wilmington Industrial Development Committee of 100 play and why does New Hanover County continue to pay out $100,000 to support the people that helped bring in Titan in secret? Think about it.


Having lived in Eastern NC for more than 50 years, I have witnessed many changes. My home state will never be the same. That is not to say every change is negative. years ago, peoople were saying; "Who wants to live in North Carolina?" Well, the secret is out! With the growth, jobs are needed for people to live here. To my understanding, TITAN has met and will meet or exceed all federal & state guidelines for all hazardous wastes and materials. People talk of the potential for TITAN contaminating the environment, well so does the nuclear plant. I could go on with other industries, but no need. Understand we all have the potential to contaminate. From the cigarette butt tossed out the window, to a sneeze that carries swine flu. If you are an opponant that moved to this state to retire, I feel you only want to stop the growth you were a part of. If you are a native, then you must already have a better paying job.

These people no nothing about jobs or economic issues

They are young naive jobless beach bums, what do they know.

You may be cool with

You may be cool with breathing in more mercury, but I am not. I don't want to raise kids in that environment. There certainly has to be a better place to place a cement plant than on the Cape Fear River. Will you want to eat local seafood several years down the road? I won't if the cement plant and its associated mercury emissions are built. Wilmington has been transitioning from a blue collar town to more diverse town with more white collar jobs. Why take a step back and bring the pollution with it? This isn't about stopping growth it is about protecting the environment. If the state offered the same incentives for a company to build on the same land and the company was in an industry that did not emmitt serious pollutants then you wouldn't be hearing from us. Growth is inevitable in this region. It just needs to be smart growth. Can I do anything about the existing nuclear plant? No, I can not. Can I do something about the Titan Cement plant? Yes, I can. Can you fault me for fighting for what I believe in the best interest for my family? I hope not.

re:you may be cool with

without blue collar jobs, there will be no white collar jobs.

Please stick to surfing

You know zilch about Geology and Economics. Ever heard the adage, "You drill where the oil is?" For a cement plant it can be modified to, "You build where the limestone is." If that happens to be adjacent to the Cape Fear River, guess where it gets built.....? If you understood Economics, especially in regard to the demographics of the Wilmington Metro area, you would know that we need a mix of skill requirements and industries to employ the fully one-third of the residents who do not possess the required education or skills to succeed in a white-collar job. Blue-collar workers need jobs too, but "class elitism" seems to be a hallmark of the StopTitan mob.... ...and you ARE a mob, trying to bully the county and state into ignoring existing law and substituting your arbitrary whims. But that's not how it works in America. If you don't like the law, YOU CHANGE THE LAW. You don't try to ignore the law as it exists. If Titan can satisfy the many state and federal environmental requirements, they should be allowed to build....period.

I may not be an expert in

I may not be an expert in geology but the economics of this issue are not as clear as you make them out to be. For years US consumers have been higher hidden costs for cheap goods through pollution, health risks, etc. Do I want cheap cement so that I can pay higher health care costs? Have our tourism and fishing industries impacted? Decrease my quality of life? When you factor in all the costs associated with this project the cement is not so cheap anymore. But I guess I am just a crazy environmentalist that believes in global warming and pollution. I apologize if my comment about blue collar versus white collar jobs came across as elitist. That is not what I intened but is of course how those of you in the Pro Titan group will spin it. The focus is on bringing jobs that do not pollute our local environment versus those that do. What existing law am I trying to get the state/county to ignore? In essence, I don't think I am trying to get the state to ignore a law but instead trying to get them to change it- which is just what you recommended. Thanks for the advice!

Wake up, Polyanna

You can MINIMIZE pollution and place requirements on manufacturers, but you can NEVER achieve zero pollution with heavy industry. If you want air conditioning and heat, Sutton plant has to burn coal and emit CO2. (At least until the day when there are five thousand off-shore wind turbines and solar cell farms that strtetch for miles.) If you want to drive to the beach a steel mill had to produce the steel (along with tons of CO2) that hundreds of factory workers (who drove to work) assembled into a car, that burns gasoline made at a refinery that produced CO2 and tons of volatile hydrocarbons so that YOU can emit pollutants while you drive to the beach to use the surfboard that released a lot of CFCs during it's manufacture. A bit of a run-on sentence, but you get my drift... The life we enjoy is a direct result of men and women inventing technology that made that life possible. But it comes at a cost. The water isn't as clean, the air isn't as fresh. Something as simple as that cold brew you enjoy after a day at the beach was TRUCKED in by a truck dumping pounds of pollutants along the way. If you can't accept that, you had better plan on moving into a cave and becoming a hunter-gatherer. might also want to look at some of the most recent research on sunspot activity and atmospheric warming before you hitch your wagon to that global-warming star.

Your responses are pretty

Your responses are pretty predictable. If you think all surfers and/or environmentalists are beach bums that drink lots of beer and want to have a good time then you and Titan (if you aren't actually a Titan official) have another thing coming. We are lawyers, doctors, businessmen, and responsible citizens that try to do our part to make the world a better place. I don't want to live in a cave but make trade-offs and sacrifices where they are realistic and feasible.

Yes, I am quite predictable

That's because my thoughts are dominated by education and experience, not emotion and "what's cool" right now.

Inflated Egos

I just don't understand how you and the rest of the Stop Titan group can think that you know better than the professional environmental experts at NCDENR and the EPA. If you guys are so smart, we need to fire all those professionals and use the tax savings on our schools. It doesn't matter what type of development is proposed, you NIMBY's always jerk at the knees. How do you think, logically, that all we need are white collar and service jobs? If you had your way, all we'd have would be office people and slaves to wait on them. As for Titan emitting serious pollutants, whose data are you using? All I'm hearing are throwbacks to the bad old days before environmental regulation. Titan has committed to adhering not only to all current regulations, but also to all FUTURE regulations. Yet you guys continue to set yourselves up above evrybody else to force the will of you few on the rest of us.


are these the same guys that pee in their suits and use the ocean as a restroom? I many Titan supporters I can catch throwing out cigarette butts on the ground from their vehicles... LOL

If you see them chucking

If you see them chucking cigarette butts report them. I do.

Use your phone

I use the web browser in my cell phone to report them. Just make sure you are stopped before trying to fill out the form.

i think its great that you

i think its great that you are trying to stop pollution, i hate pollution and i looked at the swat a litter bug site... sadly it does nothing to enforce violations it just "informs" them that what they are doing is wrong.. chances are they already know that

The Majority Speaks

The Titan issue should be put to the voters and let the voters determine whether Titan can come or not. You have these relatively upscale people whom are either retired or well off trying to prevent employment by claiming environmental concerns. It has already been stated that the company will have to meet all EPA rules and regulations. These people are only concerned about preserving their interest which who has any idea what that is, they do not even know. They have worked and made a living and now want to prevent the generation after them from doing the same. Oh my rich friends do not want a cement plant near, it distracts from our well to do neighborhoods. We do not care if 60 or 70 well paying jobs can be opened in the county. We could care less that the county could use the taxes to improve services, roads, schools, etc.. You minority of people pulling againist Titan should be ashamed of yourself. Your avarice to keep your little part of the pie does not correspond with the need for more jobs with a secure company that has to meet State, Federal and County guidelines. Your rejection of Titan is tantamount to preventing oil exploration in Alaska because a daggone Moose may not like it. Also, Justice and Boseman will be remembered for catering to the minority when the majority wants Titan. So what else is new!

Be careful what you wish for...

If you ever lived in California, you know that direct democracy simply doesn't work. There's no shortage of ill-informed or self-serving people who can sway a vote that is based not upon logic, but pure emotion. (Didn't we see that nationally last November?) Proposition 117 stands as a premier example of what happens when idiots are allowed to vote. The proposition outlawed mountain lion hunting in California. The Department of Fish and Game was against it. The entire ranch and farm heavy Northern half of the state was against it. Scientists said that since man was the only predator we had left, we had an obligation to prey upon the cougars through well-managed hunting limits. The proponents simply ran commercials on TV in L.A., San Francisco, and San Diego, commercials showing baby cougars frolicking in their den, cougars on majestic peaks scanning the surrounding countryside, and overweight, half-drunk, cigar smoking hunters posing next to a dead cougar. The poroposition won by a healthy margin, dominated by the urban metropolitan vote - people who never came within tem miles of a mountain lion. Now, they have hundreds of cattle being slaughtered every year. We lose a jogger or mountain-biker in the suburbs of San Diego every now and then. The population is growing because of no predation, and as man expands his suburbs, no one lets their kids out to play after dark. To get back to my round-about point, let everyman vote on the issue, and the producer of the best TV and radio commercials will win, regardless of logic, common sense, or fairness. As worthless as those corrupt megalomaniacs in Raleigh are, they at less dangerous than resorting to uninformed, raw emotion. Incorporate literacy, economic, and civics testing before allowing people to vote and I might reconsider my view.....

They used to have tests,

They used to have tests, poll taxes, and only allowed landowning white males to vote. All these laws served to do was to keep white men in power over women and minorities. The Supreme Court years ago ruled these practices unconstitutional. Our Constitution gives all of us the right to vote. If you believe in our Constitution and laws of the land, like you usually purport yourself to do, you would realize our government can't and shouldn't impose laws that discriminate against classes of people. Who was it that said that he may not agree with what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it? Kind of the same situation here. I may not agree with the way an illiterate person may cast their vote, but I will defend their right to do so. That is the American way.

You're exactly correct

That's what the Constitution says and that's what the courts have ruled... ....and you are now witnessing what happens when ignorant people are allowed to vote. We will see the total financial collapse of the United States because people are voting for expanded and new entitlements we cannot pay for. So are you willing to stand by and watch your country crumble because "that is the American way?" You see, Churchill was wrong. Democracy is not the best form of governance. A benevolent monarch or dictator is the best. Unfortunately, they die....

A democracy?

You know Common, every now and then your kind of smart, so with that in mind I've been wondering something ... When exactly did this country become a democracy? The best I can tell it started when FDR starting calling it one. (I know that Tocqueville called us one back in the 1800's, but come on, he was a Frenchman so that doesn't really count) But it's good to see that at least someone out there knows the difference between the "Constitutional Republic" we are and a democracy. I'm so sick and tired of people complaining about things in this country and they don't even know what type of government we have.

Well, in the truest sense...

...a republic IS a form of democracy. We elect those state representatives who were SUPPOSED TO BE the guiding force for who we sent to Washington. From day one we were supposed to elect only our Congressmen at the federal level. Then we started the nonsensical popular vote for president, which is a pure illusion because the people still DON'T elect the president....and we did expand direct democratic elections to the senate via the Seventeenth Amendment. Somewhere along the way, our schools started conveniently forgetting that we are a republic and started preaching that we are a democracy. That made it very convenient to all but erase the Ninth and Tenth Amendments, and let people accept "federalism gone wild."