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Suspect arrested in Brunswick County armed robbery

The search is over for a man wanted in connection with an armed robbery in Brunswick County. Investigators believe 20-year-old Jarrell Smith beat and robbed the manager of Coastal Cinema in Shallotte Sunday night. Smith was arrested Monday. He is charged with first and second-degree kidnapping and robbery with a dangerous weapon. Smith is in the Brunswick County Jail.

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I, wouldn't go as far to

I, wouldn't go as far to call the guy a Thug- many of us call people, things we should't. I, would think you have alot of parents, that raise our children, up to be good in all walks of life, but sometimes, it's the crowd these young people hang with. We, all know what was done was wrong, but it should be asked "HOW DID THEY GET IN" ?. They are the blame. Don't blame for the parents- when the parents weren't even there. To young guys, don't do everything someone push you up to do.

It's a shame

It's a shame that our youth is in such a position that they would feel it necessary to go to such lengths for money. Many will call this the behavior of "thugs who are too lazy to get a job".....I personally know one of the young women who were accused .... I know how she was raised and by whom, this is NOT the type of behavior that was instilled in her. Desperation and fear can be the root of poor decisions. I do agree the situation was/is horrible.....but has anyone tried to find out why this happened?


...what if this country actually started to enforce current laws, reinstate some old ones, and create some harsh new ones. Laws where murders are executed, rapist and pedofiles are castrated, and thieves have a thumb or finger cut-off. I imagine the capital crime in this country would be cut in half in less then a year. Think of all the money that would be saved. Fewer attorney bills, court costs, hospital & therapy cost, fewer insuance claims from B & E's, fewer inmates in our prison systems sucking up the taxpayers money, the list goes on and on. Let's not forget the personal loss and costs the victims of these crimes have to indure.

Don't be so quick to point

Don't be so quick to point your finger and judge someone on a bad descion...We all are human and have fallen short of the glory of God...

Yea and...

some people continue to fall! It just seems to me that oops doesn't apply here.

stupid is what stupid does.

takes one real sorry person to beat on another. didnt your mom teach you any thing? hope you go to jail for a long rob some one is bad enough.but to beat them. we need to bring back wips and chains for people like this.

For your information, or do

For your information, or do you even know what information means because this comment was just down right IGNORANT. And not that you deserve explaining, but his Mom taught him a whole lot. And it takes a coward to write comments such as this to lash at someones parenting skills. Just because someone commits a crime doesn't mean they lacked parenting. "Bring back wips and chains." Wow, you can't even spell whips...And what you just said defines "STUPID"............

Sure. You have to admit, though...

...very few of us make a "bad decision" and then beat someone while committing armed robbery. "Ye shall know them by their fruits."

I don't agree with you J. King

Should we give him a hug? At least you didn't call what he did "a mistake" but called it what it is... a decision.

He is a threat

Keep him in jail, he is a threat and my guess a thug, check previous criminal record you wont be surprised.


keep your head up big brother. Ilove you. you will forever remain in my heart. hope to see you soon big boy :)

visiting hours

I think visiting hours are weekly at the jail. Hopefully that will be the only place to see him for a while.