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Suspects arrested in Ashley High vandalism

Three young men have been arrested in connection with the extensive vandalism last week at Ashley High School. Two are students at Ashley, the third used to be a student there. Rodney Lamb, Colby Cauwels, and Nicholas Reczek were arrested today, and have been charged with damage to real property, second degree trespassing, and misdemeanor larceny. New Hanover deputies are looking for a fourth suspect -- Aaron Mahoney. Detective S. Blissett of the NHC Sheriff's Dept. said, "They made some decisions that they shouldn't have done. They have to accountable and deal with the consequences. It is unfortunate for the families, because two of them were students." Reczek and Cauwels were arrested at school today. They were both released on $3,000 bonds. Lamb is in New Hanover Detention Facility under a $3,000 secured bond.





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Nick did not do anything! He

Nick did not do anything! He is not guilty. The other three are!

yeah ok thats a lie

yeah ok thats a lie

yeah ok

yeah ok

PUNKS should pay

I think they should pay for what they have done. Not their parents. Parents stand up to your kids don't bail them out. Kids now a days need to realize that they need to stand on their on two feet and be accountable for what they do or don't do. Not just a given. Make them clean the school up everyday. there that would save money for the school. And parents wouldn't have to spend there time after working to come and clean the school up

How in the world...

was the bond so low?! $3,000 bond is peanuts! I hope the three caught so far and when the fourth is caught, they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. In addition, they should have to apologize to the entire student body of Ashley High School. Please, no "smack" on the wrist for these punks! Considering the dollar amount of damage, they should have to pay restitution, serve jail time, be permanently expelled, community service, AND be subject to random drug testing. If they violate their probation, back to jail they go.

Get a life dude. Stop

Get a life dude. Stop posting crap online.

What is wrong with it?

What is wrong with what sdsurfer posted? Ahh, I bet you must be friends with these criminals and think the police were picking on them. Or maybe you just think vandalism is cute. Either way, you are the one posting crap comments and in need of the life.

Good Lawyer

Don't get too upset just yet. The sheriff and law enforcement did a great job CATCHING these alleged cads. However, if you've ever been down to the courthouse, you've seen that A GOOD LAWYER can get these guy's off with a wrist slap. Who knows, they may get off scott free. Maybe the JUDGE will make the deputies apologize for their inconvenience. Believe me, if you've got the cash, this will all disappear, with some youth counseling. Remember, Sandra Criner let the alleged drunk driver go just because they were buying new dui machines? I hope they get what they just deserve. The problem is, they won't.

What duffusses

What are people thinking when they do something like this?

school vandalism

Now the other students will suffer because the money spent to fix the windows will be taken from something that could be used by all the students. They should be cained and i'd bet doing something like this would never happen from them again.