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SUV crashes into Elizabeth's Pizza

WILMINGTON -- There was an unexpected delivery this morning for a Wilmington pizza parlor. Police say around 9:30 the owner's sister-in-law crashed her SUV into the front of Elizabeth's Pizza on Market Street. Investigators say 45-year-old Antonietta Graziani told them she did not know how it happened, just that she remembered the SUV being up on the curb a little, and the next thing she knew, it was in the restaurant. Police charged Graziani with reckless operation of a motor vehicle. They say alcohol was not a factor. Elizabeth's did some cleaning up and opened in time for dinner.

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Here's what happened ;)

The vehicle was probably parked up against the curb. When the lady got into the vehicle she probably put it in drive instead of reverse. Since it was against the curb it didn't move when she slightly pressed the gas peddle. So she stepped hard on it and it jumped the curb right into the business.

Not a SUV, not a Gun

It clearly was not the SUV's fault. Just like in a shooting, it isn't the gun's fault. People cause accidents, she was behind the wheel and she got the ticket.

I'lllll Be Back!

Why wasn't the SUV issued a ticket if it crashed into the restaurant? Shouldn't they be called SAV's? Suburban Assault Vehicles. Is this the prelude to what happened in the Terminator where all the machines tried to take over?

Blaming us

Every time I read a letter to the editor, it's from a transplant blaming the locals for the bad driving. Based on the name and the fact that she was going for NY style pizza, I'd say this person wasn't local. No wonder driving here has gotten so bad over the last 15 years.

Retard Billywilly

She works there you retard! She is part of Elizabeth's Pizza's family! I am sure she just messed up, and badly too.

Not to mention, shes the

Not to mention, shes the bitchy lady thats so incredibly rude to her employees! She told my friend that he had to choose between one of his two jobs because he was a traitor for working somewhere else-- and it wasn't even at another resturant!

That had to be the dumbest

That had to be the dumbest comment I have ever read in my life. That is so racist. Just because her last name is Italian doesn't mean she is "A TRANSPLANT". What, you don't have freaking Italians in the south? And not for nothing but if it wasn't for the "TRANSPLANTS" bringing their businesses here, what kind of jobs would there be for "you southerners"? Unemployment rate is bad enough in this state so you should be grateful. It was and ACCIDENT people.

from an actual "WILMINGTONIAN"

Before the north started migrating down here, the accident rates were low, the insurance rates were low, land and home costs were low and there were not a lot of "SNOBBY PEOPLE" here. Some people say they moved down here 5-10 years ago because of the quality of life......think about's because of people like that and their freinds and family that has made wilmington a nightmare to live in. I was born and raised here and always said there is no way i would ever drive to the beach and it has even me questioning that thought.It's because of those "Damn Yankees" that I as a local cant even afford a home here, because of the northerners driving up housing costs. Just because you have helped ruin your part of the world, dont mean you have to help destroy ours. "NORTHERNERS GO HOME!!!!!

"And not for nothing but if

"And not for nothing but if it wasn't for the "TRANSPLANTS" bringing their businesses here, what kind of jobs would there be for "you southerners"? _________________________________________________ Not sure what that answer would be...but one things for certain...the pay would be the same :-)

They don't look at it that

They don't look at it that way unfortunately, but you are right. Why can't we all just get along????

Careful now....

[quote] And not for nothing but if it wasn't for the "TRANSPLANTS" bringing their businesses here, what kind of jobs would there be for "you southerners"? [/quote] You were doing so well till you went here... That comment was no better than the one you were directing it at... **sigh**


FYI - I am a southerner - I was being sarcastic people! I think we should all move on with our day and chalk it up to an ACCIDENT because that is really what the hokey pokey is all about!!

I don't know?

"I don't know how it happened, I was sitting in my big SUV and I was parked on the curb as I usually am and I started it up and must have pushed on of those pedals on the floor and it just took off. Oh, my maybe I should learn how to drive."

I have it figured out

It was the Gremlins I tell you the Gremlins!!!!!


I remember the SUV being on the curb, but I can't say that I know what happened. But, now after thinking about it over pizza, my foot though my break padel was on the right side, OOPS! it must of been the gas padel. That foot had a mind of its own. I HAD NO CONTROL!!!!!! It's the combination of the SUV and the FOOTS fault.

"she remembered the SUV

"she remembered the SUV being up on the curb a little, and the next thing she knew, it was in the restaurant". It was the fault of the closed! I once knew someone that found their SUV doing their laundry one morning...their laundry :-)


Now open, drive thru service.

"Now open, drive thru

"Now open, drive thru service"..... Ditto.... This is a good one for an independent film maker here in town that wants to do a short film on driving hazards in Wilmywood in the comical sense. The film could be called..."Whoops!"... Sure to be a hit at the Coo Coo Lorus film festivities.... Guess with a little research from old news stories locally over the could collect a montage of examples such as..."I meant to stop....but my foot hit the gas instead of the brake". Those news stories always took the cake in my book...or pizza :-)