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Tabor City cop hoping to clear name


A Tabor City police officer under criminal indictment was in Columbus County Court today. Lt. Greg Sibbett thought there was a chance the judge would dismiss the charges against him, but it turned out to be more of an administrative court hearing confirming he had a lawyer.

Sibbett is on administrative leave from the Tabor City Police Department facing charges including assault by pointing a gun and two counts of felonious restraint.

He detained two unlicensed teenagers outside of his jurisdiction. Sibbett says he saw the boys knocking over trash cans with a pick-up truck. Sibbett denies ever using a gun during the incident, and other officers who responded say they never saw him use a gun, either.

Sibbett has not been tried, let alone convicted, yet District Attorney Rex Gore has already started dismissing cases that Sibbett investigated.

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Disgusted. DawnD

Call yourselves decent people! Here a sweet young woman drives daily past the crime scene along with her children going to work. Think maybe that cuts just a little? Where are Moody's friends?! They should be busting butt to see some justice here not kissing Rex Gore's sweet little tush. Yeah, been to Tabor and can only say this crime makes this town look completely ignorant, well add in R C Soles and you people should be taken off the map!!!! No offense to Dawn, family and maybe a stray cat but there is no excuse for people in any town allowing this to go unpunished. Get off your butts people and help this family see justice or really go ahead and meet Rex and R C in the next line for buying votes. This man did not deserve this and now his family deserves better than a killer riding rown good ole Tatorville stopping in to fill up at Heart of Dixie. So maybe this Sunday when all are seated at church praying for our Saturday night sins; all of you can find a way to reach out and do something to right this hideous crime. Really people you make the south look ignorant and given yam fest(wow) coming up I think you could find a way to try to right a very wrong. My best to Dawn and family; hang in and hold on you are one tough chick and you will be okay.

You can't condemn the

You can't condemn the residents because of what the politicians are doing. You say the people who live in Tabor City make the south look bad, well that's your opinion. But you are making yourself look like a hater. I understand you are angry. But put the blame where it belongs, and stop hating on people who are just victims of the politicians choices.

Moody Dale Buffkin was

Moody Dale Buffkin was killed, shot in the neck, in Tabor. This happened in May & no murder charges have been pressed against the attacker, D. Enzor. He was only charged with assault with a firearm. Could the fact that Mr. Buffkin had several run-ins with BJ Wright, RC's buddy, be the reason why Rex Gore hasn't charged Enzor? Look into the Buffkin murder in Tabor to Bring justice for the family.

The victim's daughter received a letter from an assistant DA saying the DA's office was unaware that Buffkin had died. Amazing how the SBI investigated and turned their report over to Gore weeks ago. The DA ended up dropping the case on Enzor because Sibbett was the investigating officer.

Enzor liquidated a lot of property between the time of the shooting and when the charge were dropped. Did he happen to make a large campaign contribution in this time? What is the relationship between his family and Sexy Rexy? And why did Enzor park in front of and Enzor's father park behind Buffkin's truck if their intent was not to kill? Let's hope we get a new DA who will reopen the case and charge Enzor with murder and his father with being an accomplice to murder.

WWAY, please help this family find justice and get a murderer off the streets.


Do we have another Mike Nifong in the DA office? Remember the 2006 Duke Lactosse case.

Greg Sibbett

Greg Sibbett is not guilty of the ram rodding that DA Rex Gore and SBI Matt White are trying to do to him. Why is it that the charges are being dismissed by the DA's office whenever Mr. Gore said he would look at the cases associated with Mr. Sibbett but so far all the cases have been dismissed? It is leading up to the RC Soles, Jr. case. Can't people see the connection?

Mr. Sibbett and his attorney need to file a malicious prosecution law suit against Mr. Gore peronally. Let's see how far this goes. There is so much evidience already uncovered that Mr. Sibbett is being falsely accused.
This is Columbus County politics that has been going on for years. This needs to be stopped and exposed for what it is...corruption.

Officer Greg

I agree with you 100%. I live in Brunswick county and have always believed Rex Gore and RC Soles are bed mates. I do not know Officer Greg but my prayers are with him and his family.

Actually, the DA and White

Actually, the DA and White have given Sibbett too many breaks.

i would bet that the

i would bet that the detective was involved in the r.c.soles investigation and this is just a way to discredit him and get him reeks of corruption. where is the sbi?

Officer Greg

I hope Greg gets cleared of these charges not only because I went school with him but I'm kin to Rex to say the least and his upcoming votes won't be coming from me and hasn't the last two elections. Good Luck Greg

Very simple to clear your name, Detective Sibbet

All they want you to do is:

1. Report that no evidence of any illegal activity by R.C. soles has been found during the investigation.

2. Announce your 100% support for Rex Gore's re-election.

3. Make a large contribution to his campaign.

C'mon now! You've been in Columbus County long enough to know how it works...