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Take-out delivery drivers robbed over the weekend

Three take-out delivery drivers were robbed over the weekend. One driver from the Chinese food restaurant, Chopstix, said he was delivering to North Sixth Street when he was jumped by two men who punched him and took his food. The other two drivers were delivering pizza. One worked for Papa John’s, and said she was walking back to her car after dropping off the food when she was approached by a man holding a gun, demanding money. She handed the money over, and he took off on foot. Police said robberies like this happen every once in a while. "They come in spurts, every couple months, or so you may have a couple here or there. There is no evidence to support that it is seasonal or that it has anything to do with the economy," said Wilmington police officer, Crystal Williamson. Wilmington Police Department has worked with take-out restaurants like Domino’s before, and encouraged its drivers to park in a lighted area right in front of their destination.

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Unfortunately, There are thiefs everywhere you go. I once placed a pizza order in Willmington with a credit card and the employee reused my card for a friends purchases over several days including a $20.00 tip! I agree cash is the best method of payment. It limits loses in the long run.

Try this: 1. NO CASH payment

Try this: 1. NO CASH payment allowed for delivery drivers. 2. Pay by check/debit/or credit card over the phone. This should help unless the robbers have a credit card machine or an ATM in their pockets. A lot of food services don't even allow delivery unless it's a $10/$15 the "NO CASH" rule can come into play as well. Anything else?

They will lose a lot of

They will lose a lot of business if they try the no cash theory as you state it. I order food all the time and I always pay for it with cash. I have no problem with a minimum dollar amount, but if I'm told I have to pay with check or credit card it will be the last time I order from that place....for delivery or dine-in. I know several others that feel the same way.

It Will Probably Happen To One Of The Robbers Soon

Here's the dirty little awesome secret: despite stupid regulations by most restaurants against it - about thirty percent of delivery drivers are packing. And sometimes it's the most harmless looking ones. One day a robber in this town will quickly be turned into the victim. And no tear will be shed by me for some worthless low-life who endangers young working people who are just trying to make something of themselves.

I salute that delivery guy

I have had the honor of meeting two CMH winners, and known lots of men and women in the military and law enforcment who were awarded for bravey and valor under fire. They pale in comparison to anyone who would routinely deliver food between Third and Sixteenth Street after dark.