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Taking a stand by sitting in a tree

READ MORE: Taking a stand by sitting in a tree
Wednesday, we told you about a man who climbed a 150-year-old oak tree in his yard to save it from being cut down. A day later, and he's still there, and says he's not coming down anytime soon. When asked how long he planned on staying in the tree, Charlie Joyce, Jr. said, "Right now, I can't say, I don't know." With some local support, Charlie Joyce, Jr. has been up in this oak tree since Wednesday. "These people came by this morning, I’ve never met them before, they gave me granola bars, Starbucks coffee, this mom and her son came by and gave me a cinnamon roll and a Snapple iced tea, so I appreciate the support,” he said. One by one, the Joyce family watched as chain saws brought their trees to the ground on Wednesday and continued on Thursday. The federal aviation administration ordered the Wilmington International Airport to have the trees chopped down. "We put in a brand new instrument landing system which the F.A.A. paid $7.5 million dollars to put in at the end of runway 2-4 and it must not have any obstructions,” said Jon Rosborough, airport director. According to the F.A.A., the Joyce’s trees were in the way. Authorities from the Wilmington International Airport say the trees interfered with the instrument landing system and just plain and simple were not safe to the more than 800,000 people they serve at this airport every year. They also said at least nine other properties had to have trees chopped down to the ground, and all of them have complied except for the Joyce family." Rosborough says simply trimming the trees was not an option, and the Joyce’s knew this day was coming. "We have an agreement that he signed back over a year ago which outlined exactly what we were doing. He was paid $44,500 for that inconvenience; he cashed the check." Charlie Joyce, Sr. claims he was conned into signing the easement and says he tried to give the money back. Rosborough says the airport had no choice; safety comes first. "We'd like the young man to come out of the tree so we can complete that project." But Joyce hasn’t indicated he’s coming down anytime soon. "I'm not afraid to get arrested, if it comes to that point, because I’m standing up for something I believe in, but let's hope it doesn't come down to that." ILM authorities say if Charlie, Jr. refuses to come down, he could be held accountable for slowing down the construction crew, and potentially sued.

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Does anyone know...?

... how to get ahold of the guy in the tree or his family? Or how one would go about getting that sort of info...? I assume it is public information, since people who he never met came by to give him ground support. Thanks.

Final Thought

Does anyone find it idiotic that they drove 2x4's into the ground to hold a sign that says "save the trees"? I'll plant a tree in honor of their hypocricy.

The homeowner may own the

The homeowner may own the airspace above his house but he has sold the air-rights to the FAA for a nice sum of $44,000+/-. Time to to move on to another story

Re: Trees

Is a tree more important then the safety of people now and in the future flying into and out of Wilmington? We signed the papers, enjoyed the huge amount of cash paid to us. Now plant shrubs and low growing trees in your yard as some of the rest of us have. Guess some people need their 15 mintues of fame?


Is a tree more important than people? NO. I don't think anyone on either side is really trying to compare the importance of trees vs. the safety of humans. Bear with me a moment here, because I really do have what I believe is an essential point that many can't see in this situation. I was born here. I grew up here. Nearly everyone that I've lost through the years, family members and friends alike, is buried or memorialized here. I've seen the city of Wilmington, the beaches, and every other part of the county grow exponentially. Along with that growth has come exceptional change, some for the good, some not so good. I've watched my native county go from almost-rural in its "vibe" and flavor to very urban, metro, and sometimes disconnected. By disconnected, I mean that Wilmington used to be a place where you probably knew or had at least heard of more than 50% of the total population; it has since become a place of quite possibly more non-natives than locals, a place where the dialects and accents, ideas and opportunities, have all changed dramatically. I'm not saying that all change is bad. Much of what's happened has been quite good for us all. However...and this is the part I really would like those who have trouble with a family losing a longstanding and long-loved tree vanish to understand...for those of us that were born here...grew up here...buried loved ones here...raised children of our own here...this piece of geography is a part of us. For many of us, losing parts of this land to inevitable progress feels like losing yet another dear friend. No, losing a tree is NOT the same as losing a person, but it is yet one more loss, one more reminder that the place we've loved all our lives is once again forever changed, forever diminished. We can't control the loss of loved family members and cherished friends, and we're now somewhat painfully reminded that we can't even stop the loss of a tree. Yes, I understand and accept that change and progress are inescapable. For the most part, I have no problem with that. I don't fly a lot, perhaps only twice a year, but when I do, naturally I want those flights to be as safe as possible. But I still miss the Wilmington and the New Hanover County that once was. Deride me on this if you must, but I mourn the loss of this tree because it's just one more reminder that the place I came to know the world in continues to dwindle while another different one begins and thrives. Can you really not understand such devotion to where one comes from? It's why my great-great-great grandfather, my great-great grandfather, my great grandfather, my grandfather, my father, myself, and both my sons joined the military to protect this land. That's 7 - SEVEN - generations of my people fighting for North Carolina, New Hanover County, and Wilmington. I sincerely hope that now that you and poster Guestxxxxxxxxxx can hopefully see that this is NOT about needing or wanting 15 minutes of fame or any amount of money. It's about wanting to protect where you come from. It's about saying goodbye. Yes, I do hope you can see that now, but if you still can't, please have enough decency to NOT criticize those of us that aren't completely thrilled about losing another part of ourselves and where we come from. If you lost one of your arms or legs, or if your house and all your belongings were destroyed in a fire, would you really want me telling you to shut up and move on? Would you be okay with me claiming that you only did it for the money or the fame? I realize my post has been long, but hopefully you can see that it's a true passion for me and those like me. If you've stuck with me and read this far, I extend sincere thanks to you for being willing to consider another viewpoint that is different from your own. Doing so is the true mark of one who is civilized and decent.

Move to Florida

Move to Florida

Here and Now

"The Times They Are A'changing" someone once sang. Are you going to change with them or keep living in the past? A happy medium seems to be the phrase that seems to come to mind. What is my happy one might not be yours though. I read about a McClure who once drove off a bunch of blacks. I even heard that all misfits, deserters and other lost souls found their way to Brunswick County. Improving things are what is the most important to me. Economically developing them is another. There are still a lot of nice old oak trees around here. Just saw a couple behind Costco and Olive Garden. We will all survive. The question is how comortably will it be for everyone. Have an open mind, don't be prejudiced and think about others instead of yourself. You will find great success if you do. Oh, and today is my birthday. Jim Horn

The fact is that they

The fact is that they accepted a large sum of money for these trees. Haven't heard of them trying to return that money to save the trees? Wack em and stack em!

ACTUALLY... Charlie Joyce Sr

ACTUALLY... Charlie Joyce Sr did try to return the money because he was given incorrect information when signing the contract and when he found out that they wanted to cut down the tree he tried to return the money and was told "no". Plus the one tree alone is worth $30,000 and there are 215 others they are cutting. The Joyce family got seriously screwed over.

That's a lot of paper

That's a lot of paper


Did I state anywhere that these folks did not accept money? Did I state that I saw no problem with taking money and then claiming a misunderstanding? More to the point, did I even discuss the money or try to claim that the money was not a factor in this situation? No. No, I did not, but clearly reading AND understanding what you read is not your strong suit. I did not deny money was involved, so I neither need nor want you attempting to point out to me that money is a FACT in this situation. Duhhhhh........ The whole money issue is on them, and it's between them and the airport. If you had bothered to attempt to understand what I wrote, you'd see that I do believe at the heart of this is the symbolism of the loss of this tree. True, the money is part of this situation, but I don't believe it is entirely about the money. However, I don't expect someone with a "wack em and stack em" view of life to understand that. Unfortunately, your attitude is precisely what I was talking about in the earlier post when I noted that the influx of people that have moved to our area has not been entirely positive and beneficial. But I guess for someone who only wants to see the bottom line as being about money...for someone who chooses to live without devotion to and reverence for one's roots - both literal and proverbial - I guess that was just too much for you to handle. As I noted in the earlier post, if you can't comment on something like this without even an attempt at compassion, decency, and understanding, then perhaps you should not comment at all. That kind of coldness and indifference is not welcome ANYWHERE.

Well said!!!

Well said!!!