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Task force to decide barrier options

READ MORE: Task force to decide barrier options

The Department of Transportation have put up median barriers along I-40 in Pender County, to keep drivers from making illegal u-turns. The yellow poles are designed to deter drivers from crossing the median.

Emergency crews can drive over them but have been worried about the safety of driving over the metal stub that holds the pole in place. They met with members of the DOT last night to express those concerns and discuss other barrier options.

County Commissioners called last night's meeting to discuss other barrier options. They agreed to form a joint task force to design another median barrier that would allow emergency crews to cross over safely.

The DOT says it will take a month for the task force to come up with a new design for the median barriers.

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like was mentioned turning

like was mentioned turning around in no bigger of a deal then someone pulling off to the side of the road and trying to get back onto I40.. That is what law enforcement wants you to do pull off on to the side of the road to talk on the phone,handle any problems inside the car but then you have to get back on the road. Same thing as if you were turning around you are on the side of the road getting back on. What is the diffrence there is none.

can someone please tell me

can someone please tell me what it hurts for people to use the turn arounds.


They don't want people to be trying to pull out into traffic from a dead stop beacuae it's not safe. Cars out there are going 70+ miles per hour. It's dangerous to pull out like this, which is why on-ramps allow you to get up to speed to merge into traffic.

One reason

The speed limit on I-40 is 70MPH. Most people go closer to 80, so when granny does her u-turn and then pulls in front of you.... Can you see the problem now?

Do you ever wonder why we

Do you ever wonder why we have to put up with stupid stuff like this when there are bigger fish to fry?

something to think about

i think the state is opening themselves up for a HUGE liability if this passes. this will prolong emergency vehicles even more when they are responding to a wreck that may be a rollover,fire or someone trapped inside. there is about 5 miles between exits which is about 10 miles a responder has to travel to get to the scene.there is a chance that someone could SUE fire,ems,highway patrol,local law enforcement and even the state. this is money that will come from us,the taxpayers! for responders to have to travel farther, it will cause them to drive even faster, causing even more danger on our roads! if someone will come up with the idea to sue mcdonalds b/c they were burned by hot coffee b/c it wasn't labeled HOT, what do you think they will do to local and state goverment? the state is already saying they don't have the funds to fix bridges and roads,what do you think will happen when they get a multimillion dollar law suit?

I agree with you. With being

I agree with you. With being a firefighter myself with and Pender County Department that has to use I-40. You make a good point about the whole coffee thing. So DOT needs to stop and think good befor they turn this little problem into a problem that there aint no fixing for.

What is the big deal people

What is the big deal people turning around on I40 it is no diffrence then someone pulling off the shoulder of the road and trying to get back on the road on I40. It is something else for people to complain about but for everyone info the yellow poles bend for heavier vehicle like trucks and suv so it isn't going to stop certain people from doing it and the fine that is a big laugh you have to have a law enforcement officer witness that sub. turning around in the area for it to be inforced.

Increase fines, and points

Increase the fine to $500.00, and give 4 points against drivers license for making u-turns on interstates or four lane highways.

maybe the fines can pay for

maybe the fines can pay for the "task force" needed to make an easy decision. if you have a license it means the state trust you to make adult decisions.part of that should include LOOKING BOTH WAYS B4 YOU CROSS THE ROAD!! we were taught that in diapers!