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Tax admin takes blame for missing millions

READ MORE: Tax admin takes blame for missing millions
WILMINGTON -- The man responsible for a $10 million budget shortfall in New Hanover County is stepping up and accepting the blame. The damage has already been done and now the county's tax administrator is working with officials to try and remedy the situation. New Hanover County Tax Administrator Bob Glasgow says he realized his mistake about two and a half weeks ago. Glasgow says he began comparing property appraisal values and noticed a difference in numbers. Glasgow blames himself for the mistake and says he didn't subtract tax exempt properties, which made up about $1.8 billion in New Hanover County's property appraisal values, from the total amount. That mistake resulted in the county creating the 2007- 2008 budget for about $10 million more than they had coming in. Glasgow said, "I'm sick about it, because I'm so close to retirement and I hate to see going out in a bad state of affairs. Once again, we thought that we had the correct information." Glasgow is retiring from his position in May after 12 years on the job. Wednesday the county attorney met with Glasgow and members of the finance department to try and figure out a solution to the budget shortfall.

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I find it strangely amusing that residents do not think this gentleman should lose his job for making a 10,000,000 dollar mistake...That's right there are seven zeroes in 10,000,000...Where were all of these upstanding citizens when the grant writer for the schools sytem was terminated for turing in a grant one day late..Why don't we contact her and see what her take is on this "MISTAKE."

If I were a county employee

If I were a county employee I would be pissed. I know some county employees were getting raises this year...well so much for that raise.

Who was incharge of the Software Decission?? Not Glasgow

Why dont we look at who Chose to Purchase a Defective Software Program that was not wanted by The Tax Department. Arent The Commisioners and County Manager in charge of the SPending??!! Mr Glasgow is an Honest man & Is taking responsibility for his Department, but he is a Fall guy in his last year of work. Research People!

Yes a huge mistake but not a criminal

This was a mistake no doubt of tremendous proportions. However it was not a deceptive act of criminal behavior that wil go rewarded. Google this topic if you really want to be mad about something the government is doing this is what you should be fevered about. Wright to keep stake in pension. State. Rep. Thomas Wright is facing six criminal counts of fraud and eight charges of unethical conduct leveled by his fellow legislators.

I wonder why the county

I wonder why the county "con-men"sioner's didn't notice the error when they were havib=ng their money fight with the "surplus" money they had to throw away on the "con"vention center.

Tax mistake

If Mr. Glasgow worked in other private businesses he would have been fired for a mistake like this plus he would have to take responsibility. I've known others to be fired for making less costly mistakes, personal friend was fired from a doctor's office in Wilmington for making a $800.00 (that's Eight hundred dollars) mistake the week before Thanksgiving. How about cut spending on the studies, postpone the convention center but don't cut costs on services for the "PEOPLE".


again-there will be three openings for county commissioner this fall. please folks vote for some new blood this time. who knew this was going to happen? but remember, y'all voted to keep mr saffo etal in office last november. they wanted the convention center while their opponants were against it.

County Attorney Needs to Sue Software Vendor

In response to "NetworkEngineer".. This is indeed a software audit piece that the new tax software vendor did not take into consideration that was built into the last software... (Oasis)... What the county needs to stop doing is allowing Bob Glasglow to be the fall guy, and for the County Attoreney to get off his keister and sue the new software company for the loss of $19 million due to an incompetent software implimentation!

Apology not accepted

Fire him NOW! It is UNACCEPTABLE! Period. He should not be allowed to retire. His job was to steward our taxes and report. Period. FIRE him and take responsibility.

Mistakes are made

I can understand citzens being upset about this oversight. However, lets remember that we are all human and make mistakes. Mr. Glasgow has taken responsiblity for this mistake on his part is looking for ways to solve the problem for the county. This will mean that there will be some necessary changes until this budget year is up but lets not demand that someone be FIRED for one mistake. We all deserve a chance to make things right and Mr. Glasgow has served the citizens of New Hanover county very well in his 12 years of service.

Forgive..but still FIRE HIM!

One does not have to be devoid of forgiveness (which is mandated for those of us who are christian) and STILL HOLD HIM ACCOUNTABLE and have him fired for this AGGREGIOUS lake of stewardship. When a few less firefighters are not on the job or a police officer cannot be on duty because of this incredible lack of accounting, we cannot just say, forgive and forget. NO, we paid him well to do a job and he failed. He and anyone who failed, should be let go. period.


Fire him... NOW!

Mr. Glasgow is an honest person that made an honest mistake...

Some people are so harsh and critical and it just makes me so mad! For those people, here is what I have to say: If you think you coudn't possibly ever make a mistake, and think that you could do a better job than Mr. Glasgow, then you should apply for Mr. Glasgow's job when he retires in May! Pointing fingers and blaming others solves nothing!

Thank you Mrs. Glasgow

...but Mister Glasgow destroyed his credibility when he so badly tried to justify his advised purchase price for the land adjacent to the jail. His first obligation was to protect the interests of the taxpayers of New Hanover County by helping to obtain the land at the lowest possible fair price. He failed at that duty. I'm not implying corruption, as another poster did, I'm simply stating that he had a duty which he ignored. In that light one has to wonder why, in the case at hand, no one beyond Mister Glasgow noticed this error. Odd, that EVERYONE in the tax office was asleep at the switch, no? Still, it will be entertaining to see how the city and county will deal with this $10 million shortfall in the coming year. Will the Great Soccer Giveaways have to be placed on hold, or just reduced to five figures? (GASP!) Please don't tell me that it will endanger the so-badly needed CONvention center!

Did the County "Sit" on this Information?

Glasgow announced his retirement a few days before he claims he realized the mistake. Yet, the County withheld this information for the past few weeks, at least. Why? Get ready for your taxes to go that the convention center and sewer authority are in place. It's time to pay the bill.

Timely Announcement

"I predict..." Actually I have heard this in the first of several cost over-runs for the start of the building phase of the convention center project. 3 million covers it nicely with an extra 10% margin for screw ups for the first of the project. Expect to be hearing this news formally in the next few weeks. And yes, I work for one of the major contractors that are signed onto that job. "Sinking pilings" isn't something that people want to hear about at the start of any project.

Get Ready

It's now time to pay for the convention center. Told you so!

Software Company non-project-management is the real blame

Software conversions.. Many of you will never know how tedious, stressful, and breaking they can be. They never go correctly, they never go well. Factually... Over the past year the county has moved away from an Archeic tax software called Oasis. We are talking a conversion of not only the tax software but the tax billing software as well. I do not work for the county, nor their software vendor. But I do know after seventeen years in the technical industry what is going on. If anyone is to blame here it is the software company for not pointing out the differences in the way billing takes place. It is something the software companies project manager should have recognized and didn't. Bob Glasglow is a good honest man. He, as any responsible manager should do, is taking the blame no matter what the cost. He unlike many people, stepped up to the plate and took responsibility for the shortcoming (no matter how major it was) and simply did the right thing. The bottom line, is the software company should be held responsible. Never before this software conversion was there ever a mistake and this shows POOR project management from the software company. The shortcoming should come from the software vendor as should the appology. NOT from Bob Glasglow as he did nothing wrong execpt for professionally taking the fall for another crappy software vendor. Bob,... I admire you and your pride!

New 150K software pkg. for the county deed department?

I saw the commissioners on TV in their hearings gave the head of the property deed department a million dollar contract for new software? for what? There is not many deeds being transferred in this depressed economy or depressed real estate market except for if you count the foreclosure deeds being transferred to the banks. Is this the same software company the tax office used with the 10 Million dollar mistake? The deed departments page is working fine and is already far more advanced than most all of the other 99 deed offices around the rest of the State.


WWAY reported tonight that the city will see about $3,000,000 in the shortfall. Where will they cut back? They have a half acre of land they just purchased downtown they could sell and make more than enough to overcome the problem. They will need the extra money to overcome the low salaries they already pay as well. They pay study will be over soon, they will not like the results.....

city can easily cut back

well for one they can keep their land downtown and still cut back. how? STOP SENDING 4 PEOPLE TO DIG ONE HOLE! IT DOES NOT TAKE 4 PEOPLE TO GET A HOLE 6 INCHES WIDE AND 2 FEET DEEP 8 HOURS! EMPLOY LESS PEOPLE!

Somebody keying the data

Somebody keying the data goofed, and this man took responsibility for it, as any ethical manager would do. I'd hire him to work for my company any day. It's so refreshing to see an honest and humble employee. We all make mistakes, but not many of us are willing to accept the responsibility for the really big ones.


I wonder how much responsibility he would be willing to accept if he weren't retiring soon.

Kudos for "manning-up" Mr.

Kudos for "manning-up" Mr. G. It's a rare and pleasant occurance.

Agree with you Guest Yeah -

Agree with you Guest Yeah - It's a rare and unusual person who steps up to the plate to take responsibility for a mistake of this amount.

Isn't this the same yahoo....

...who advised the county to offer millions more than the asking price on the land adjacent to the jail? Is it possible that Mister to retire.....or at least get a prescription for Aricept?

Yep, you got it

And just who do you think owned the property that was purchased for the outrageous amount? And what were their ties to this guy? A little work down at the county courthouse can show you enough to make you sick. And it makes about as much sense as firing UNCW from the waterways and creeks surveys for providing accurate data to the county commissioners that what to suppress the revealing data. It's all legal of course, at least in this town. I'm writing to Raleigh for support into looking into this ASAP.

Common you never fail to

Common you never fail to amaze me with your positive, enthusiastic outlook on ALL things. The man made a mistake and manned up to it. With all your time on here blogging it's obvious you're already retired. So cut the man a break he doesn't have Alzheimer’s as you insinuated, he's just old like you.

Only the incompetent.... willingly accept incompetence, Scally. You simply can't get your mind around the idea that mismanagement and mediocre preformance are NOT virtues to be admired, can you? BTW, you usually write fairly well. "Manned" up to it? Are YOU going to have a rap video on YouTube next?

I'm a hip hop producer not a

I'm a hip hop producer not a rapper. Seeing how you like to party, you probably own an album or two that I've worked on.