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Tax rebates should start showing up in bank accounts today

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Those long-promised tax rebates are now on their way to U.S. taxpayers. People who chose to have their rebates directly deposited into their bank accounts will see the money there beginning today. The government's paper checks will start going out on May 9th, a week earlier than previously announced. The extra cash is part of the economic stimulus package intended to help Americans cope with rising gasoline and food prices, as well as aid a slumping economy. The Internal Revenue Service says all checks for those who filed tax returns on time are scheduled to be deposited or mailed by July 11. President Bush announced last week that the rebates would go out a bit earlier than expected.

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Rebate Schedule...

This is the rebate schedule I received. Go by the last 2 digits of your Social Security number... Direct Deposit: 00 – 20 May 2 21 – 75 May 9 76 – 99 May 16 Paper Check Your check should be in the mail by: 00 – 09 May 16 10 – 18 May 23 19 – 25 May 30 26 – 38 June 6 39 – 51 June 13 52 – 63 June 20 64 – 75 June 27 76 – 87 July 4 88 – 99 July 11

Tax Refund Check Answers

Yes I received mine yesterday (4/28) direct deposit. I heard though if you received your regular tax return direct deposit you will get your tax rebate check direct deposit. If you received a paper check for your regular tax return money you will have to wait for a paper check for your tax rebate. Me and my fiancee' both did our tax return direct deposit; his showed up yesterday in our account for $600 I am still waiting for mine to show up but at least we got one of them yesterday! It said all the direct deposits should be completed by May 2nd on

Tax on the Stimulus

Don't forget, we have to pay taxes on this money next year because it is income this year. Thank God they are not treating it as bonus income and get taxed at 42%!!!!! It is nice to have the money now, but is it really going to stimulate the floundering economy or allow you to buy 3 more tanks of gas, thereby, contributing to the already huge profits of big oil?

Tax stimulus refund

I was suppose to get mine yesterday too and didnt. I called the IRS and was told until after May 2nd not to worry. Also was told we were suppose to get a 2nd notice (got one that said I was gonna get a check, now the 2nd one says how much). I told the lady I had not gotten the 2nd notice and she said it was conceivable that the direct deposit could hit before the notice was received because the date was advanced. ALSO, IF YOU GO TO IRS.GOV THEY STATE THAT WE WILL NOT BE TAXED ON THIS NEXT YEAR AS INCOME. I'm sure it will get us somehow, slid into some sneaky little tax somewhere or decrease in some tax credit somewhere so although we don't have to INCLUDE it you can bet we'll end up paying.

stimulus checks --tax rebates

I would also like to know if anyone has received their direct deposit for their stimulus checks. Over the weekend the news said that they would be deposited Monday, April 28th, four day earlier. Now you can't seem to find that much info about them at all. When oh when will my rebate check come???


Did anyone actually receive their stimulus money today? I have not spoken with anyone who did.

Got mine on Monday

Mine was in my bank shortly after midnight on Sunday. It didn't have acces to it until Monday afternoon, but it was there