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Taxi fares going up

READ MORE: Taxi fares going up
High gas prices are putting a strain on taxi drivers in Wilmington. Wilmington City Council met Monday to discuss several items including a proposed increase in taxi fare for the Port City. City Council voted to add a one-dollar fee to taxi fares. The surcharge will provide temporary relief for drivers who are responsible for filling up their cars. Many of the drivers said they have to work fourteen hours a day to make ends meet. The new fee goes into effect immediately.

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why just taxi drivers

Don't they know that taxi drivers are not the only ones working more than 8 hours a day to make ends meet. This gas situation has made problems for everyone in some way.

14 hour days.....

This oil situation has everyoone scrambling to make up for the additional costs. EVERYTHING is going up and using ther cost of fuel as a reason. It hasn't gotten me a raise yet and doubt that it will. The oil situation is only making a greedy country even greedier, with more hands extending to snatch that dollar away from us.


Are they not selling you gasoline for that dollar? That sounds like a fair business transaction to me. I'd say that a closer definition of "snatching" would be the government wanting to seize the oil companies' profits. What is this - Russia?


The government makes more in taxes off of a gallon of gas than the oil companies make in net profits.


Why dont us the people stop one or two days getting Gas maybe the gas people would hurt like we do.. Why haven't the govern step in and stop these high prices.. if they don't we will really be in a pickle but they dont act we the people should..


Don't you think almost 20 cents per gallon in 40 hours is a little too much? One person in any given town (like here) puts a new digit up there and every other gas station does, too. Example: Today (Tuesday),I saw Exxon at 3.71. Most expensive I had seen since yesterday. I was so sad. Lowest was $3.64. On the way home four hours later: Exxon 3.75 Lowest 3.72. That was between the hours of 4 and 8pm, in one afternoon. Not 48 hours earlier: Sunday (11th): 3am SHELL: 3.54. Kangaroo 3.54. Cheapest: 3.52. The managers of the stores call in and ask what the next gas station down has their prices, and then they raise them (or lower them once upon a time) accordingly. How can we stop this?

Gasoline is no different than any other retail

You're not paying for the gallon of gas that's in the ground right now, you're paying for the next gallon coming in to replace it. Let's roll the clock back many years to keep the math simple, and pretend I own a gas station. I pay ninety cents for a gallon of gasoline, and sell it to you for one dollar. I make ten cents profit. The minute I am notified that the cost of the next gallon I buy is going up to one dollar, I have to raise the next gallon I sell to one-ten, to maintain that ten cent profit. If not, I made absolutely nothing on our transaction. You're noticing it more on gasoline because it is happening so quickly (due to the price of the underlying commodity) and it's in your face every time you fill up, but take a look at the rate of increase in milk, poultry, meat, and any other retail product that is dependent upon grain. There IS no short term, quick fix. The only solution is to increase both our domestic oil production and refining capability. That's never going to happen as long as one political party is fanatical about not expanding our production. Everyone wants to blame Bush for gas prices - look instead to Ayatollahs like Harry Reid and Dick Durbin who simply will not yield on drilling in ANWR, off the coast of Florida, or in the Great Basin oil shales.

Taxi Rates are Up Everywhere!

We got some deep comments here... So, it looks like it's not just us, but many cities are raising their fares. Cities like Detroit, and Chicago are charging fuel surcharges, cities like Portland raised the price of each mile ($2.10->$2.30), and DC changed their zone based system to metered system. (checked: It is very interesting to see how different cities handle it in different ways.