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Tea Party victories are seen as a wake-up call to Republicans

READ MORE: Tea Party victories are seen as a wake-up call to Republicans

Tea Party victories in this week's primaries are sending shock waves across the political landscape. The new no-nonsense party despises Democrats and career Republicans are the ones feeling the immediate sting.

November is just weeks away and campaigning is getting more and more heated. After Tuesday's primaries, some see the Tea Party victories as a wake-up call to Republicans.

Paige Freeman is the local leader for the Americans for Prosperity group.

"The Tea Party movement was not taken seriously a year and a half ago and they've gained a lot of momentum," said Freeman. "They've had a lot of victories such as these last state primaries and I think they've flexed their muscle."

Change is something voters in Delaware are going to have to get used to. For years, Republican Mike Castle has owned the Senate seat.
After Tuesday's primary, Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell, who is backed by the Tea Party, moved a big step closer to Washington.

Here at home, Republican Ilario Pantano also has Tea Party backing.

Pantano said, "I think the Tea Party movement is a reflection of a broader movement that our society right now, where citizens of all parties including Republicans, Independents and Democrats, are rejecting the status quo of political landscapes."

Some say the move is anti-incumbent.

Freeman says it all comes down to what candidates stand for.

"I don't think it's so much that," said Freeman. "I don't think it's so much anti-incumbent, or anti-Republican, although there's those that feel the Republicans have compromised too much with the Democrats."

Southeastern North Carolina is facing a somewhat similar situation to what Delaware experienced.

Pantano paints himself as the ultimate outsider. He's vying for the seat held by Democrat Mike McIntyre, who Pantano calls a career politician, who uses pork to hang on to power.

Pantano vows to pull the pork and represent the entire country's best interest.

Pantano said, "Somebody asked me a couple of days ago, 'Where in North Carolina are you running for Congress?' I said, 'Don't worry about that. I'm running for the U.S. Congress.' That's your Congress. Whether I'm running in North Carolina, Texas or Idaho, it doesn't make a difference."

In an appearance on Fox's Sean Hannity show, Pantano slams McIntyre's job record saying, "In my congressional district in Southeastern North Carolina, we've had about 1,800 jobs created, according to the stimulus. 200 of them in the private sector and that's what my opponent is bragging about. Twelve percent of the job growth has been in the private sector. Growing the federal government like this is not sustainable."

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Pantano, Goolsby,Dawson and Berger

I would make this a foursome. These are good leaders who stand for something and when we talk about one party and one leadership--they are a team(someone talk to rick)----they stand for better government in different ways.
We cant afford good ole boys like Letze, causey and catlin--we need people who will represent more than the old guard.
I agree with earlier comment --this is a lot more than the tea party---it is about getting rid of old guard and current failed leadership in DC-Raleigh and here in Wilmington.

Goolsby. Berger. Pantano. = Change

These three candidates, Tom Goolsby, Brian Berger and Pantano are the local Tea Party choices. Butler and her extremist big government support for Obama is the opposite of Tea Party philosophies of fiscal responsibility. She supports high taxes!!! She's done nothing to challenge local corruption...just more of the same, trying to join the club.

In Pantano-Goolsby-Berger we have a triumverate of candidates who have demonstrated a commitment to America and conservative ideals and they are the only candidates who have a history of fighting for lower taxes and small government. The other candidates are part of the problem and have done nothing but lie and offer empty rhetoric this year reading whichever way the wind is blowing. We don't need more slick good ole boys and big government spending from the likes of Letze, Butler, Catlin, McIntyre, etc...

Berger will fight corruption and for lower taxes and water fees in our local government, Gollsby will clean up Raleigh and Pantano will help bring sound policy to our Federal government. A winning combination for all taxpayers: Vote Pantano-Goolsby-Berger early and often and help them win!!!


It is more than tea party--these are good candidates--they stand for soemthing--which is more than we can say about McIntyre and the tax and spend causey and butler---we cant afford folks like that or the
letze and catlins who team up with other candidates of other party to advance the special interests. Can we afford the self perpetuating old guard who have bought so many elections--we have paid the bill with poor leadersjip in DC and raleigh and the ABC, CFPUA and all the other failures here. On a natioanl,state and local level these are 3 good peopel who would represent a leadership change for the better., This is more than tea party-or liberal/conservative issue---it is about a better leadersip and these three might do the job---for sure the others have not and will not.

Better re-think that plan of attack

"Whether I'm running in North Carolina, Texas or Idaho, it doesn't make a difference."

Sounds great, but in practice it will lead to Pantano having a two-year Congressional career...IF he can get past McIntyre.

The entire premise of our Constitution was that Congressmen represented the people's interests and Senators represented the States' interests. (Of course, the Seventeenth Amendment destroyed the latter, so there is no one reprersenting the states now.)

If Pantano is not going to place the concerns and needs of the people of NC-7 ahead of other people in other districts, the end result will be readily apparent in a short period of time. As a freshman Congressman, Pantano will hold little sway and no power. The "pork" he wants to pull will simply go to districts represented by people like Rangell, Watt, Dingell, Waxman and other long-time, liberal whackos. Even if the Republicans take the House, the money will go to the districts of long-term, powerful members of the Republican Party....because while everyone talks about cutting spending, there will be 434 of them thinking, "...but not in MY district." Patano will stand alone by not thinking of his constituents, the people who may put him there.

Of course, every Congressman and Senator and President should have the best interests and survival of the United States at heart. However, I have to wonder about the true goal and motivation of a man who is implying, "Send me to Congress and I WON'T represent you." It sounds more like Pantano is running for President rather than Congress. He's here to straighten the country out. He's here to save us. He's on another mission, and the people of NC-7 aren't essential elements of that mission.

When the money to dredge our inlets winds up going to fund an inner city, after-school interpretive dance center in Los Angeles, we may be thankful that the founding fathers set two years as the term for a Congressman....IF he can get past a Congressman who HAS looked out for NC-7.

Ask him for yourself on Sunday

Maybe you could get your questions answered if you came to the cookout in Belville at the park on Hwy 133 this Sunday from 1-4PM. You would have the chance to discuss this face to face rather than assume what Ilario Pantano meant. I think that perhaps this segment has been taken out of context and would make sense if the whole conversation were available.

Waste of his time and mine

I have nothing against Pantano (other than his foot-in-mouth disease) and I would normally be voting for him. The simple fact of the matter is that early this year I promised McIntyre my vote and financial support if he would vote against both Cap-n-Tax and Obamacare. He lived up to his end of the deal, so I will live up to mine.

Caster,Catlin and Castle-losers

Some in politics just don't get it. People of all parties are fed up with self serving politicos who say one thing-but act differently.Castle deserved to lose in delaware because he claimed to be a conservative-but voted for cap and trade etc..Caster and his clone Catlin are both make believe Republicans-out for special interests and not real people. People will see through their rhetoric-and defeat Catlin. Going along to get along and taking all this money from same special interests as rest of old guard should be a warning to us all---catlin is more of the same old guard we must defeat in November

Berger and Butler

I agree with earlier comment-enough of special interests, staus quo which has given us Titan. lost jobs, a convention center which is a financial loss-and more taxes and spending thanks to good ole boys and special interest that have bought election after election-follow the money and it is clear we must defeat candidates like Catlin and Causey--old guard, old school-same political failures. Our county needs a big change in direction--let's reject these ole boys and elect new blood by going with Deb Butler and Brian Berger.
We finally dumped caster-now let's reject his clone catlin and causey--they represent the wrong people at the wrong time.
We can do better with berger and butler.