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Teachers have work cut out for them, even before students arrive

READ MORE: Teachers have work cut out for them, even before students arrive
Organizing desks, supplies, and lesson plans… a teacher's list is endless even before kids enter the classroom. "There’s plenty to do that fills up our day. Getting to know our class schedule, our room is usually in boxes and in shambles,” said Katelyn Durkin, a first grade teacher at Ogden Elementary. Every year the supply list gets longer, for both students and teachers. "I’ve probably spent at least one hundred dollars to get the classroom going,” added Tiffany Ivey, another first grade teacher at Ogden Elementary. Like many other teachers, Ivey and Durkin are busy preparing for a new school year, a year they are anxiously awaiting. "I love the beginning of the school year. It's a fresh start,” Ivey said. "We have first day nerves, I probably won't sleep that much,” said Winter Park Elementary second grade teacher Jennifer Hatch. But the start of this new year is also comforting, now that they know budget cuts in the county didn't leave them out of the equation. For Jennifer Hatch, her back to school workload has doubled. She's not only move into a new classroom but a newly renovated school. All the changes at Winter Park will take some getting used to. "We'll just make do and make it as welcoming as we can," she said. So why do they do all this work? "That's easy, it's the kids, it's working with these kids every single day and then seeing those light bulbs go off and seeing their progress. There is no other job like it,” Durkin said. Something each teacher agrees on, no matter how much work they put into it, success in the classroom can only happen with parental involvement.

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I must agree

I have to agree the supplies for both teachers and students are rediculous. I teach first grade and there is so much to be done before the first day begins. The first two weeks are designated for kk review. but there is so many assessments to be done, plus teaching routines and procedures. Thankfully I have some wonderful supportive parents. Whew what a relief it is to have paental support. Just the other day, a parent brought in 4 reams of paper. I was overjoyed.

Trace the money

I would like to say thanks to the teachers,for all they do. But, I don't understand why a teacher spends anything out of their pocket, On the supply list that goes out or you can print it out of what your child needs to start the school year. Blows my mind. In Pender county why does a 1st grader need 24 glue sticks. I mean if there are 600 kids starting 1st grade in pender county that is 14,440 glue sticks. Now I am not sure of the number of students going to start in the 1st grade but, You see where I am going with this. I have son going to middle school there are 700 kids going to the middle school if every kid brought a roll of paper towels. then why does the school spend so much on paper products. The kids just brought it. .. There is your clue of where the money is. and schools don't want you bringing anything with the kids name on it or any special color or brand of notebooks. If I am buying it why can't they used it. Oh that right it goes for all those who don't. I say start doing . Look at what schools spend on Text books. Have you seen your kid bring one home or use in the class room. If you really want to get ugly about money. PARENTs let kids ride the bus. So getting on the highway and jamming up roads, and parking lots at schools.

School openings

It's a shame that cutbacks are made in education at all. There are plenty of other "pork products" that can be trimmed. Also parental involvement is essential for our children in the schools. Why not instead of paying a dollar for a lottery ticket just go ahead and give it directly to the schools. Just think of all those millions that would actually go to education instead of gambling. And EVERY parent that has a child in the public schools volunteer one day per month to assist the teacher in the classroom and donate $1 to be used to purchase supplies or whatever the classroom needs. Just think what that would teach our children, that their parent takes the time to help and make the school day go better. I understand folks have to work, I'm one of them, but our children need us to be there for them since the public school system has leaders who truly don't care-all talk & no substance.


another thought. Why not do away with all the School Resource Officers? You know those Deputies who are placed in schools to maintain order and to protect Principals and Staff when "Little Puff" goes on a rampage. Why not do this? "Little Puff" gets expelled -- require the Parents to attend class with him or her until they show they understand what appropriate behaviour is in school. He can not get the message; Parents can not take time off from school? Let him attend night school with his parents in tow. During the day he can work doing landscaping chores and janitorial duties at a community park with that Resource Officer in tow. In fact, let the Resource Officer have 30 or so to monitor. Sooner or later the message will sink in. Imagine his embarrasment if Mom and/or Dad are sitting in the back of the classroom watching "Precious" in action. If nothing else it will remove the disruptive influences in the classroom and "Little Puff" will have a trade to use when the school finally expels him for good at the age of 23 or he gets released from a facility of juvenile detention.


Wow, it sounds like teachers have it bad. Not enough money, not enough supplies, not enough help and you would like parents to come in and help you out. Well that sounds like my job that I barely am holding on to. I barely make enough to keep a roof over my head and food on the table, afraid to miss a day because I may not have a job when I come back in and am being asked to do more and more everyday to make up for cutbacks without any compensation. But I'm sure you have it worse so I will come help you out. How about doing the best you can like we all are until things turn around.

budget cuts & politics

Is everyone aware that some of our schools are combining 1st and 2nd grade classes together? My 2nd grade son is in one of these "combo" classes taught by one teacher with 2 years experience with 2nd graders. The teacher and principal "assure" that both grades will get even treatment--RIGHT! How can one teacher with rotating assistants teach a full lesson each day to 2 grades??? There's not enough room for the inconsistent remarks and misstruths we were told on why this is. Did I mention misspellings in the classroom? Thanks Purdue!