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Teen charged with huffing after wreck in court


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A teen who made headlines two months ago after being charged with huffing behind the wheel was in court today on a separate case. Randi Petrolino, 19, sat anxiously inside the New Hanover County Courthouse for a hearing on a shoplifting charge. We showed up to see if she'd talk to us. Petrolino and her mother avoided our cameras without saying a word.

Her case today was bumped back to July 20. She's also due back in court on July 19 for charges of DWI, driving after consuming alcohol under the age of 21, consuming alcohol by a 19/20-year-old, driving while license revoked, hit and run, injury to real property, inhaling toxic vapors and possessing toxic vapors.

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to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.


She needs a lot of help, but I doubt she'll ever change. Worthless to society. Parents, this is what happens when your kids have no discipline.

It's Reported

Lindsey Lohan got a 90 day active jail term followed by a 90 day intensive substance abuse treatment program. And during that time, as well as for a long time thereafter, she wears something called a Scram device which detects, through the pores of your skin, any use of alcohol or other controlled substances.

And that was for someone with a high priced attorney and no friends posting on websites about what a misunderstood person she was.

From watching the news report yesterday, there certainly was no evidence of any mobility issues from a "broken back which will give her lifelong challenges" -- at least that is the way several weasel friends tried to excuse her behavior.

Guess we'll see if the weasel friends listen to the attorney and stop the mindless posts which could increase poor Randi's chance for a lengthy jail term.

Clearly, it would appear only a stiff active sentence may be the cure for long term lifestyle changes. Let's hope she gets that message.

Busted Again???

Wow, where's all the support now? Where did all her friends go that jumped up and down ranting about how she was such a great person and just needed a break? I'd be embarrassed too.

This kid is nothing but TROUBLE. Probably just needs some sort of treatment, not punishment though, maybe a support group will help her, put her on the right path. I'm sure this is all a mistake, nothing a lawyer can't fix, again. She's probably been the most upstanding young lady lately, singing in choir, volunteering, etc.

Yeah, right.

They are probably....

not wasting their time with Internet board trolls who post on the only local news site that doesn't require people to register.

Where's all the support now?

Where's all the support now? hmm let me think, i'm pretty sure her friends and family have been supporting her every day through this. I guess you must be an outstanding citizen and have never been in trouble before? wow we should get you an award for that! For you to be commenting on this story about a teenage girl that is already going through very very rough times and your really going to say stuff like "this girl is nothing but TROUBLE" "She's probably been the most upstanding young lady lately, singing in choir, volunteering, etc. ..Yeah right" You have some nerve, i've known this girl for 5 years and yes she has made bad choices in her past but hes really trying to fix everything. I know she has been sober for 2 months now and is also upholding a job as well. She IS trying to get her life in order and for you to comment this trying to bring her down is very embarrasing on your part! Congratulations...


well, outside of a speeding ticket...NO..I haven't been in trouble before...not the type of trouble this young fine example has been can I get my award?

What's going at home for this young lady?

I'm telling you,you provide for your kids with earnablity they will not do half the things they get in trouble for now. Don't just give them things i.e cars,money,unsupervised hours. You earned your life so should they.

Busted Before.....

While I certainly do not defend Randy, she is not in trouble AGAIN. She was in court for shoplifting prior to the "huffing while driving" arrest. Hopefully when she gets to court later this month, someone is going to look at her track record and throw the book at her. It may save her life! I sure would feel safer driving the streetss of New Hanover county knowing she is being held accountable FINALLY!