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Teen driver free on bond, facing manslaughter charges

READ MORE: Teen driver free on bond, facing manslaughter charges
Joseph Moreno of Supply was driving his car home from a party in early May when he crashed. Two of the four West Brunswick High students in his car died. Caleb Diaz Hawkins and Jacob Mosely died after a fatal crash off Royal Oaks Road. Joseph Moreno was driving the car, and at seventeen years old, he is facing two counts of involuntary manslaughter. "We had been consulting with the District Attorney, and finishing up our reconstruction, with our reconstruction unit out of Fayetteville,” said First Sergeant Morris of the NC Highway Patrol. According to Highway Patrol, Moreno and his passengers had just left a party at this house, just around the corner from the crash site. Officials say alcohol was not a factor in Moreno's case, but high speeds and inexperience behind the wheel contributed to the severity of the crash. "When you have teenagers, and inexperienced drivers, it's just a bad combination, you just can't tell them enough, to drive careful, and drive the speed limit. I mean speed limits are posted for a reason,” Morris said. WWAY visited Moreno at his home in Supply. He answered the front door with his father, neither would comment on the circumstances. Sources tell WWAY that the kids left the party in a hurry, because there was rumor law enforcement was on the way. According to District Attorney Rex Gore, the owners of the home where the kids left from are not being charged. Moreno made his first appearance in court yesterday. If Moreno had been impaired while driving, his charges would have been closer to felony death by motor vehicle.

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I am sure that this child is

I am sure that this child is suffering enough as it is, losing two of his very best friends knowing that he is the reason why this happened is something that he will have to live with for the rest of his life, isn't that punishment enough, I can gaurantee you he has learned his lesson. Jake and Caleb both decided to get into the car with Joey that night, they made a concious decision to attend the party and therefore are just as much at fault as Joey. Royal Oak Rd. is a very dangerous road and speeding while driving on it is a sure way to end up in a ditch, this is not the first fatal accident on this road nor will it be the last. I think that this accident has opened the eyes of many brunswick county teens who knew those involved. Bottom line is, Joey Moreno has already been "punished" enough, and now not only is his life going to never be the same and he will have to live with the horrible fact that two of his best friends died while he was driving, why put a felony charge on his record that will follow him the rest of his life! Also why is the owner of the home where the party took place NOT being charge when they allowed teenagers into their home and allowed them to drink underage? In my opinion they are just as much at fault!

actually, Joesph knew that

actually, Joesph knew that the boys were going to be drinking and was supposed to be the RESPONSIBLE DD. the owners of the home had no clue what was going on that night..they were not home. you should be smarter than to go over 100mph, especially on that road. and i know the facts from that night and from the wreck. nothing i have said is an assumption, nor a guess. the police provided all of the information i previously stated

Teen deaths

I believe this boy will definitely punish himself more severely than any court ever will and I hope that someday he and all the families involved can find some sort of peace. According to the article, alcohol was not involved in the accident, just inexperience and immaturity.

does that give him an excuse

does that give him an excuse to break the law, kill two people, and not have to be punished like other people who commit crimes? NO! he deserves all the punishment he gets. he shows no remorse twords the families.

Joey, we love you! this is

Joey, we love you! this is hard to hear for everyone. this is a lot to deal with, and we all know how much pain is on your heart right now, this is a lot of weight to carry, but you can make it! you are in our prayers and thoughts. we love you so much joey!!!


2 of my friends died in a car crash back in January of 2008, about a year a half ago, this story is almost the same as what happened. as far as 2 out of the 4 people dying right down to speed being a factor. For the people who are blaming him completely, think of it like this, he is young, and would his friends be mad at him? i don't think so. I know its hard to deal with, and it takes time to heal. As for the young man driving if the DA is anything like the one here in New HAnover County all they will take is 20 to 24 months per person. Thats what they did with my friend, and he had to serve them seprately, not together. i'm not sure when you turn 18 but if you are 18 when you go to court you may face 4 yrs behind bars, i'm not saying this to be mean i'm just letting ya'll know what will probably happen. I feel for the families who lost loved ones and i'm sorry anyone has to go through this.