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Carolina Diaries: College Kid

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- Alyssa Cruz is 15 years old. As you'd expect, she's a student. What you might not expect is where she goes to school. Alyssa said, "I am so different from everyone else, I don't know where to begin. My attitude on life is a whole lot different." Alyssa is a full-time student, taking 13 units at Brunswick Community College. Vicky Snyder is the Early College High School principal. She said, "Alyssa Cruz is one of our top students. She's extremely creative and artistic, and she came to us with a real desire to get an education, and she's very future-focused." Brunswick Community College President Stephen Greiner said, "It was made possible by a collaboration between Brunswick Community College and Brunswick County schools." That collaboration generated an opportunity for Brunswick County students to earn college credits. Alyssa said, "I'm taking zoology and microbiology and also love to draw." "This is an initiative that Gov. Easley started a few years ago," Greiner said. Want to help your kids get a head start? Snyder said, "All they need is a safety net. It's family. It's relationship. It's respect. It's responsibility." Alyssa said, "Encourage. Always encourage them." Alyssa says all high school students have the potential to pursue their passions and start early on college. The principal of the early college high school program collaboration between Brunswick County Schools and Brunswick Community College says it's easy to learn more.

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she really is awsome

ok i am a middle schooler that knows Allysa and if she ever reads it, Elizabeth says WOW!!!we miss u and Stef says HI!

Miss Alyssa.

I think that it is simply appaling that any of the students in this school would speak so harshly about a student that they obviously must know next to nothing about. Alyssa Marie Cruz is the best thing that has ever happened to this school, I can say with all honesty intended. I’m not going to point out her artistic abilities, however astounding they may be, because creativity really has nothing to do with this situation, nor does her future career choice. Let’s focus on Alyssa as a person. I can’t tell you how many times I have known her hurt. I can’t even count the amount of times that I’ve seen her annoyed or angry. I’ve even been the cause of much emotional tumult. But never once in all of these ranges of negative emotion has Ms. Cruz wished ill or said a bad word about anybody. Yes, she can get annoyed, and yes, she has a breaking point. But compared to a certain number of other people in this school, myself included, she is the Mother Theresa of this school. She does nothing but encourage those who need encouraging, and she doesn’t get sucked into the drama that people with negative attitudes seem to think high school is all about. She works very hard for this school, and it shames me that nobody could work a penny’s worth of the amount that she does, just to keep their ill-informed comments to themselves. I know most of the negativity must come from some sort of jealousy. I myself, have felt it. But although I’m not half of the person that Alyssa is, I push it aside and wish nothing but the best for her. I’m proud to call her a fellow student. I’m lucky to call her a friend.