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Teenage babysitter accused of raping 7-year-old boy

CARY, N.C. (AP) -- A 17-year-old baby sitter is free on 150,000 dollars bond after she was accused of raping a 7-year-old boy. Police in Cary say Alecya Patriece Tabb was looking after the boy at his home about a month ago when the incident occurred. She is charged with first-degree rape and statutory rape. She was held in the Wake County jail before posting bond. A police spokesman says the boy told his mother what happened and she called police. Capt. David Wulff says police completed their investigation on Thursday and arrested Tabb, who is described as a family friend. (Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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When A man rapes a girl, Its

When A man rapes a girl, Its Prison for him. But when a woman rapes a boy, its Jail? This is just another unequality to society. And you women say we men dont give you equal opportunity. Anywys, back to the rape... When ur 7 years old, you wounldt wish your babysitter would have sex with you or rape you. You would be VERY confuse. for a little boy to be expose to that kind of adultness is very bad.


that girl should be punished the same way a man would be punished if he had raped a little girl. She is sick and something should be done. I have a little boy and I'll be the first to say the police would never have been involved. My thoughts go out to that mother because she will now always have to worry about who she's leaving her baby with. To whoever made the comment about the babysitter being hot... well I think its safe to say that ignorance is bliss.

Cassie, I agree with you

Cassie, I agree with you that she should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But like everyone knows it will be a long process and how many other children is she going to be around while out on bond. I hope that the court system will look at the crime and not the sex of the individual to determine the punsihment. And to the people that wrote "I hope she was hot". Everyone has an opinion and my opinion of what was wrote your just as sick as she for even thinking that way. SICK...

It said that she was accused

It said that she was accused that don't mean she did it. Ya'll trippin

Proof that most men are sick

Proof that most men are sick perverted dogs with these sad, lame comments I'm seeing. It's no wonder the world is the way it is, that's why we need a woman in charge. She'd castrate the guys that say comments like that, for fear they'd be the next one's raping young female babysitters. Any way, obviously something is wrong with this girl, she needs some counseling and needs to be kept away from children. What in the world was she thinking?! Oh wait, she probably had one of the losers that made those comments for a father.

What a DAMN shame

What in the HELL was she thinking about? Could she have not gone to get a grown man her age or older, this sounds like another R.Kelly case!!

i hope she was hot

i hope she was hot

you guys are all the same

you guys are all the same you say you hope she was hott but if u were 7 and it happened to u it would be a totally diff. story!!!


You seem as mentally messed up as she is. What part of a 7 year old being raped did you not understand? God help us!

Always have background checks

Always have double of background check on an individual, you don't trust no man let alone a kid in a teenager's possession addition to some criteria s. People can be your best friend and be a back stabber and betrayal right along with it. Ask that person, for some identity for you to latch on for collateral,in case they decide to act on negative impulse against your child. Evaluate a person to see if they meet qualifications or conceal your self some where so they can't see you in other words become invisible, try something safer and new. Do anything to protect your child presence of an stranger or whoever. Have a survelliance unknown about or if you like reveal it, but my preferance conceal it it wil talk for you.