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Teenager stabbed at Ashley High

READ MORE: Teenager stabbed at Ashley High
New Hanover County sheriff's deputies have arrested a suspect in a stabbing Friday night. The incident took place during a football game on the Ashley High School campus. Austin Buchanan said he though he was being pinched. The pinch 15-year-old Buchanan felt was actually from a knife. While the Ashley Screaming Eagles were playing West Brunswick on the football field Friday night, Buchanan was being attacked just about a quarter of a mile away. The fight broke out around 8:30 p.m. Buchanan said 17-year-old Gerome Boseman started bullying one of his friends, and he jumped in to help. “The kid was real small and I was just trying to stop it.” Buchanan was stabbed at least nine times. Investigators arrested Boseman, and charged him with assault with a deadly weapon. Garrett Buchanan is angry that something like this could happen to his son, and he said Ashley High School administrators let him down. “I figured I would hear from school teachers and administration, not for what we needed, but to check on him as a student.” Ashley High School principal James McAdams gave Newschannel 3 this statement: "I'm very concerned about the student. I don't want to see anyone get hurt. We are working with all law enforcement that's involved." Buchanan has a long recovery ahead. One of the stab wounds punctured a lung. He said if he's learned a lesson in all this, it's to walk away. “You never know when someone's got a weapon.” Boseman appeared in court Monday, and is in jail under a $30,000 bond.

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Gerome Boseman

It is very unfortunate what happened last Friday at Ashley's football game.Everyone needs to wake up and realize that kids carry knives everyday.Unless you know Geromes mom then don't judge her.His mom is a great person.I have worked with her for 7 years.Parents should know that it is impossible to watch your children 24\7.As I watched Geromes mom cry this morning over all this,my heart went out for her.T and R hang in there .God will see you through it all. We love you guys.

thank you watson its just

thank you watson its just sad that my bestfriend is locked up tell his mom im very sorry about gerome :)

stop judging this kid

You might want to wait until the facts come out. It's hard to beleive the kid that was stabbed didn't do anything.

stop judging?

irregardless of what the other kid did that doesn't justify the stabbing. but animals think alike.....get my meaning?


The stabbing victim himself said, he thought the kid was just pinching him. Why didn't he realize he was being stabbed? If it was the other way around would you call the other kid an animal? Pesonally, I think you're a racist.

My 2 cents worth

This guy is a product of the system that people like Bev Perdue and Obama want to expand. Would redistribution of my tax money (wealth) have made this kid a better person? Seriously doubt it.

boseman should e put in jail

boseman should e put in jail he stabbed a 15 year old 15 times just because a 15 year old was taking up for a small friend and no matter if u get beet up or u beet up someone u should be put in jail

Is/was Boseman even a

Is/was Boseman even a student at either school?

wake up and smell z coffee

This fine, young, upstanding citizen attends one of our alternative high schools. Stabbing another individual 15 times is Attempted Murder. Plain and simple, no question about it. Let's wake up Wilmington.

RE:Is/was Boseman even a

he was a student at mary mosely. what used to be lakeside. i know him cus i went to lakeside. he is turely a kind hearted person. and people dont understand that it takes alot and when i say alot i mean to make gerome to actully snap and do something like that.i just people whould just stop juding people just because of thier wrong doings.


Did this guy show judgment when he chose to carry a weapon to a high school football game? Did he show judgement when he stabbed a kid 15 times? You are judged by the content of your character... He will be judged hopefully by a jury that sees he has no character qualities that make him fit to be on the street with ordinary citizens. He is a danger to society and should be sent to prison. This was not just a mistake it was a bad act, by a bad kid with bad judgement and bad morals and probably bad parents.


People like you are the reason so many of our children are lost. You know nothing about this young man. Yes he may have somethings going on in his young life that are not perfect. However let us stop throwing the BABIES out with the bath water! Lets see if there is anything we as a society can do to help our Youth. Making bad choices does not always make you a bad person.

You are right, making a bad

You are right, making a bad decision doesn't always make you a bad person...but that doesn't mean you don't have to suffer the consequences of your decisions. He is an adult (he is 17) so therefore he should be treated like an adult. And it is not our responsibility as a society to help the youth, that is the job and responsibility of the parents. I take care of my children and raise them the way I want them raised. It's not societies job nor the schools job to raise my kids. People (parents and children) need to start taking some responsibility upon themselves and quite pushing it off onto others


And isn't Lakeside for students that were kicked out of one of the other 4 high schools? If that's the case then I guess we can say he isn't as nice of a kid as everyone wants to make him out to be. And none of this changes the fact that these kids met behind the barn for a reason. If they were inside the stadium like they were suppose to be none of this would have happened. All of them were up to no good and we see what happened. If just one of them did what they were suppose to do, we wouldn't be here talking about this now.

WilmMan.... you need to

WilmMan.... you need to educate yourself on what the schools in New Hanover County are and what kind of programs each school is before posting another bogus response where you have no idea what you are talking about.

Educate me then

Then why don't you educate me. If you know what Lakeside school was for, state so. Don't tell me I am wrong and not correct me. Here are the facts in this incident...I'm sure there are more but this is what we all know. These boys were where they did not belong. They were there for a reason and they were up to no good. One person brought a weapon onto school grounds. If only one of the individuals involved did what they were suppose to do or were where they were suppose to be none of this would have happened. AND, parents should stop dropping their kids off at sporting events and leaving. These games are not for babysitting. Take some responsibility for your children. There is no excuse for a 14 or 15 year old child to be at a high school football game without a parent...NONE!!!

you dont know

You do not know ANYTHING about this childs parents. You have no idea who he was with or how he got there. One fact I do know is he was not dropped off by parents. Also NONE of your facts are facts just opinions. What about the kids that drive do they need to have parents ride with them to the game, or the football players that are 15 or older and stay at school till game?

I am not talking about

I am not talking about 16y/o. But if 16y/o aren't going to be responsible enough to be inside the stadium during the games then maybe the parents should take away their child's vehicle as well. As for this incident, I don't care how the kid got there or about the parents. The FACT is you have a 15y/o boy with no parent supervision at a football game. And this child decided not to go inside the stadium where he would have been safe. That is a FACT. I also heard today that the boy that was stabbed was suspended and was not suppose to be at the game to begin with therefore he was trespassing at the time of this incident

ashley high

Bottem line .....It was attempted murder , 15 stabs wounds and a collasped lung kind of goes a bit beyond "assault with a deadly weapon " !!!!!

Ok, so clearly reading threw

Ok, so clearly reading threw the comments you can tell the intelect of those supporting Boseman. This is not a matter about where parents where or race. A 15 year old boy was stabbed numerous times, no one deserves that. Even if Boseman was only defending himself, it does not take 15 stabs to get someone off of you. I dont care how good of a boy he is he commited a crime, he chose to stab somebody and he will have to pay the crime. Everyone choose's their own actions whether it be a 15 yr old or 17 yr old 25 yr old or so own. People know right from wrong, whether their parents show it two them or they learn from society and when you choose to do something wrong you should and will have to pay for it.

i think he should have been

i think he should have been charged with attempted murder instead of assault with a deadly weapon

Austin's Parents

Actually Austin's parents have been married for 19 years and the family has always lived together. Therefore, you see bad things can happen to children who are the product of a 2-family household and a large loving family. His family houses, dresses and feds him. Please do not worry about "you" having to support him for the "rest of your/his life". I do connect with your comments, but this is not the case with Austin's family.

Who responsible?

This is just another example of young people with no direction or understanding of responsibility. I will bet anything that both these kids come from broken homes and parents that haven’t done their responsibility to be active in these kids lives. Now there is one kid in the hospital and one going to jail. We will probably have to feed both of them for the rest of there lives because their parents failed them. If my son harms someone Friday night at the game who is responsible? Me…. If my kids fail in school who is responsible? Me…. Not the schools or the anyone else. Parents get involved and take responsibility!!!!!!!! Who’s responsible?

likely outcome

With his clean record and no other pending charges he’s looking at around two years active, although a split 6 month active w/ three or four years probation and restitution could be a possibility. I doubt a self defense strategy is going to get him acquitted by a jury because, well, 15 stabs could be considered malicious and intentional. Additionally, deadly force in response to simple assault is not permitted under North Carolina law. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he isn't reindicted for AWDW with intent to kill inflicting serious injury which would carry a sentence in the neighborhood of five years. No probation for that one.

It takes two to tango

Only two people know what happened and that's Gerome and Austin. Sure there were other teens around and they have all chimed in to give us an insight on what they preceived to have happened...but a "good kid" doesn't just react without being provoked. And when is it appropriate for a child or a teen to carry around a knife even if it's "only a pocket knife." It's ashame that kids carry so much anger...why is this? This is the problem that parents need to address. Talk to your kids more people. Find out what's going on in their lives. Be their parent and their friend. I feel sorry for both families. From the comments that have been given on this forum it sounds like both kids are at one is a "hero" in this situation. My parents never would have let me attend a football game by myself or with friends without an adult. Parents need to do a better job at this...don't let you child/teen wander around without supervision.

I am so sick of hearing

I am so sick of hearing "what a good boy he is". After gun or knife violence all we here is what a good boy he is. Bull.....he is a criminal and should be treated as such. He belongs in jail because the next time some innocent kid might be killed. Put that "GOOD BOY" where he belongs... in jail!!


I think boseman has you all fooled. The way you talk he is a nice, kind-hearted guy and sweet. There is no way if he is such a good person that he would stab someone 15 times. Maybe he has 2 personalities.Nor would he come to the game with a knife and 2 older friends (21&23). One of them hit Austin in the mouth, when he saw austin was getting the best of Boseman and not by chocking him. He was pulled off right away by someone. Tiff. the two guys were white.


man i dont care any more. you people just dont know him like i do. people make mistakes people over react to things like a dog getting hit. i think he has learned his lesson. just like everyone eles. i think people need to keep geromes name out of thier mouths espically if you dont know him

It has nothing to do whether

It has nothing to do whether you know someone or not. Most of us don't know the people that have committed murder, but that doesn't give us the right to say they belong behind bars. This has to do with what an adult did, his actions that he chose to make.