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Teens charged in parking lot beating


LORIS, SC (WWAY) -- An update to a story you saw only on three Friday: two teenagers are in custody for allegedly beating an elderly woman outside a hospital.

Rose Powell, 73, said three young men attacked her as she walked to her car in front of Loris Community Hospital in South Carolina Wednesday night. They also stole her car.

Friday police picked up a 15-year-old boy, who's name has not been released. Today they arrested 17-year-old Travis Jones, charging him with assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature and strong armed robbery.

Both are expected in court tomorrow.

Powell and her husband used to run the thrift store in Tabor City.

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Yalll Dont know this woman

Let me just say, I would like to shake these boys' hands. That is one hateful old bag and if you've ever met her you'll agree. Just sayin'...


Sorry, but you sound pretty hateful yourself. No one, hateful or not, deserves to be beaten up like this. There's never a good excuse. Take a look in the mirror and see if you're any different than she is...or maybe worse....just sayin'.


Obviously, you have some mental issues. Just because someone doesn't "click" with your personality, it does not give some hudlums the right to attack and beat this lady to a pulp. People like you are why the world is steadily going down hill. You are probably already in go ahead and shake their hands (if you haven't already done so).

These boys have no one to

These boys have no one to blame but themselves. They know right from wrong. They chose wrong. Throw the book at them. Let them spend some hard time in prison being beaten and used by others. Send them to Afghanistan or Iraq......Probably grown up on welfare, food stamps, free health care programs. And while they're in prison neuter them. The world doesn't need anymore bad genes for future generations.

My grandmother

You think she looks bad in photo, you should see her now! Our family is really upset. There's a Judgement day coming!

Let it alone

I'm sure you're very upset about what happened to your grandmother. I know I would be too. But violence never solves anything and only makes matters worse. If I could get through to the kids of today, that's the one point I would like to get across. Violence begets violence...and no one wins. So you wind up in jail, and then your grandmother's crying every night. Let the courts handle it. They will find them, and when they do, these punks will spend years of their lives in jail, which is rightfully where they belong. Please don't get caught up in vengence. What goes around, comes back around.

Send a message

maximum charges with maximum penalties; no plea bargain; and hold the parents accountable if they try to whine about what a good, but misguided child they have.

Let them do some hard time; maybe they'll walk a straight line when released; and maybe they'll walk a little differently after some time behind bars.

If you saw the news, those were some serious facial bruises on someone of the age who could as easily had a heart attack during the attack.

thanks to the parents!

This is what happens when people who can't afford children mentally, emotionally, or economically end up having them anyway. Keep letting the grandparents or day-cares raise your children. I'm sure they'll be pillars of the community.