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Temperatures to drop, animal control keeping eye on pet owners

BLADEN COUNTY -- Temperatures are expected to drop later this week. The Bladen County Animal Control office is keeping an eye out for problem pet owners. When it gets colder make sure you don't leave your animals outside without proper shelter. Animal control officers will be on the look out this winter to make sure animals are properly cared for. If pet owners don't comply with warnings, they could lose their pet. Animal Control Supervisor Ted Carter said, "We canvass the areas, and if we notice that dogs don't have proper shelter, we immediately notify the owner, if they don't correct it in a timely matter, then we'll pick those animals up and bring them to the shelter." The same goes for animals in hot conditions without proper food and water.

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Bladen County SYLVIA KIM

If the world had more people like Sylvia Kim we would better serve these poor homeless and unwanted animals. This woman is a saint when it comes to animals. She puts in countless hours and the only compensation she gets is in her heart. Her job would be easier if people would step up to the plate and take care of the animals that they first want and then decide they do not want. I admitt that my animals are spoiled and extremly well cared for. They are pretty much ABOVE and BEYOND spoiled. However, the average animal deserves more than a bone tossed into a cage once in awhile. Animal control is not perfect but they do what they can with what little resources they get. If people would be better owners then Animal control would not be in the position they are in to do what they have to do in order to lower the homeless and unwanted pet population. It is not animal controls fault. It is the fault of each person that neglects their animals. Same as all the lost hunting dogs that manage to end up usually dead on the side of the road. The hunters turn them loose, if the animal does not come back within a certain time frame, the animal is abandoned and left for dead. THIS IS CRUEL. Don't blame animal control. Blame the people that do not care about these animals. The owners are the ones that should be caged and tossed an occasional bone. And even that is more than some animals get.

I live in Bladen

I live in Bladen County/Elizabethtown. There are so many unleashed dogs and cats running around inside and outside the city limits. Go to the back door of any local restaurant and you will see cats lounging around, waiting for scraps. One time I counted four at a fried chicken establishment and five at the seafood market next door to it. I'm tired of people not taking responsibility for the pets that they own; a decision that causes needless suffering for these animals. People, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your animals!

animal control

Don't forget the cats!!

So let's see if this makes sense to anyone....

We have a story wherein Bladen County Animal Control freely admits that they kill 70% of the dogs they pick up.... ....and right below it we have a story about Bladen County Animal Control threatening to take away pets that they deem improperly sheltered? Have I somehow entered the Bizarro World? "Good boy! Three days in a warm cage.....before we kill you." Hey, here's a toss-up question - Do you think that Bladen County crappy pet owners may have learned their "who cares, it's only a dog" attitude from Bladen County Animal Control?

Pender kills almost all

They gas them, kick them into the landfill. Just disgusting what they do to make sure they 'do not suffer." But who really cares about these animals.?

T'is odd indeed!

Keep your dog warm or we'll kill it.


Couldn't have said it better myself!