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Ten year old may have set Malpass Elementary fire

READ MORE: Ten year old may have set Malpass Elementary fire
A 10 year old boy may be to blame for Monday's fire at Malpass Corner Elementary School. Police believe the young arsonist started a fire in a mechanized paper towel dispenser. The school will be closed for clean-up through the middle of next week, which is a decision some parents are questioning. One parent, Jamie Whitmore said, "It's hard because people have to work, and I've told my family and friends, no you don't have to pay me to watch your kids. I don't mind, but not too many people are going to be like that." Several of Whitmore's friends couldn't get off work this week, so she volunteered to watch their kids while school is out. Officials closed the doors Monday after a fire in the bathroom. The key suspect is a ten year old student, but until the debris is cleaned up, parents continue to scramble to find childcare during the day. Jamie’s son Jamal said of the school closing, “Its kind of good, and bad, because when I'm home and I get done with what I'm am done with, I get bored and wish I was at school." Forest Hill Baptist Church is just four miles away from Malpass Elementary. It has plenty of extra rooms, leaving the pastor to wonder why the school didn't call. “Of course our church here like Forest Hills and other churches in the community are glad to lend our facilities to anyone in need." Pastor Cook says in the future, Pender County needs to work together to plan for emergencies like the fire at Malpass Elementary. Malpass Corner Elementary school will be closed until the middle of next week. The bulk of the problem is smoke residue in the heating ducts. The school board met late this afternoon to discuss further plans for the cleanup.

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Young Fire Setter

This child needs some SERIOUS help. He is on track for this behavior to continue into his adult life if he does not get help. If he is bored, he needs to be checked. As a fire official, I have seen many young people who were "bored" or did not want to be where they were do things like this. In some, it escalated into bigger and more serious issues including burning some very prominent buildings where I used to work Parents, take note of what your children are doing and take the time to work with your children, they are all you have

This is why we should spank

This is why we should spank our kids,spare the rod,spoil the child!!!!

I came from a strict home.

I came from a strict home. My parents didn't abuse me by any means, but they definitely didn't "spare the rod". I discovered fire when I was about 5, and was fascinated by it. By the time I was 12, I was a full blown pyromaniac. I liked to burn for release from sadness or anger, sometimes I did burn some items for spite. No amount of spanking stopped me. I think most kids go through it, some don't carry it as far as I did. Thankfully my condition never resulted in anything more serious than burning down an old doghouse before I received therapy, which included some medication and a visit to a fellow pyro who had become a victim of his own vice and I was shown the burns he had that covered most of his body. That scared me more than any belt or switch, to be honest. All of that to say; spanking isn't the answer in a case like this. In fact, I think it can make it worse if you have a child dealing with rage issues.

I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I totally agree!!!!! I was spanked, and I turned out GREAT!!!!!

Our society today

From the story: "Forest Hill Baptist Church is just four miles away from Malpass Elementary. It has plenty of extra rooms, leaving the pastor to wonder why the school didn't call." Because some parent would complain that their student was being housed at a church without their permission and would try to sue. It would probably be the same parent of the child that started the fire.


This is very true! Also, Pender High School is also less than 5 miles from Malpass Corner Elementary. Also, there was plenty of staff from Malpass Corner and Pender High available to take care of the situation. It saddens me that a 10 year old made this choice. It makes me happy that teachers and administrators were prepared to take action.

I am a parent of 2 children

I am a parent of 2 children at MCE and i can tell you that they were most definitly not prepared to handle this situation. if they were my kids would not still be out of school. they would be in temporary classrooms. i pray this never happens again. but if in the future something like this ever does happen, i pray the school officals have a better more effective plan in affect!

How can you say they weren't prepared to handle this situation??

How can you say they weren't prepared to handle this situation?? Did your children have any bodily damage done to them? I think they were well prepared and handled moving the kids quickly. As for being prepared to handle a disruption like this, what school has a course of action for this type of situation? I am sure now that it has happened in the area, they will be more prepared to handle in the future. In order for a course of action to be set, unfortunately something like this has to happen. This is not the school's fault, and to critize them is ridiculious. Lay the blame where it's due, this child caused this inconvenience, and the board and staff are doing all they can to hurry the process. The school cannot proceed with cleaning until they have been approved by investigation that it's ok. Think about things before you say them.

My daughter goes to Malpass,

My daughter goes to Malpass, and I would just like to say that I commend the staff for doing the excellent job that they did on Monday making sure everyone got out and moved to safety. The child that done this, should not be allowed to return to school where he put so many other children and adults lives in danger. He is a danger to others, and needs to be treated as such. I know we all make mistakes, but my child's life was jeopardized, and I don't take lightly to that. Thank God for the quick thinking of the wonderful staff!! So many things happen now with our kids in school, I urge everyone to take a second every morning (no matter how mad your kids make you) and just tell them you love them. I do this every morning, because I don't know anymore what other kids will do to hurt others and I want my kids to know how much I love them. Parents that have children this young and do these horrible things should be punished just like the children, because children learn from example. They only do and say what we as parents teach them. And if we don't give them the right examples, then we are the guilty ones.

i strongly disagree that the

i strongly disagree that the parents of the child that did this should be punished. my husband came from a very good home. was raised right by both of his parents, yet as a teenager made some seriously bad choices that landed him in an adult prison for 3yrs. he was only 14 at the time. so how is it his parents are to blame for his choices? we teach our kids right from wrong daily, but they have to make the choice to stay on the right path or fall by the way side. however, this is always a never-ending debate. also, who do you think has to pay for the damage done to the school? the childs parents thats who. im quite sure his parents feel bad enough without people wanting to see the "pay" for their childs crime. judge not lest you be judged yourself. your points are vaild so please dont feel like im saying their not, but try to put yourself in their place. what would you do and how would you feel? thats all.

I don't have to put myself

I don't have to put myself in the parents place, because my child has been raised to know that there are consequences for actions. And the consequences are far much worse than the act. That's what's wrong with the schools today, there is no punishment to make the child remorseful for what they have done. I just feel if parents would step up and be parents, and not the child's buddy, there would be a lot less violence in our schools today. My parents never had to worry about if they were going to see me again that afternoon after they left me at what is suppose to be a safe place. I worry about that daily, and it shouldn't be like that. The schools are not allowed any type of punishment for children's actions, so they do what they want and when they want. I grew up to respect others, and that what I had was a privilage and not what they had to give me. If parents would spend more time with their children, and less time pushing them off on the tv or video games, our children's values would change. Think about what they see on TV and play on the games. The news makes kids that do horrible things famous and the games they play make them feel violence is ok. It's not and they should be taught that from the beginning.

what would I do now

I would be talking to an attorney to determine if I could be held liable for the damages caused by my 10 year old. Then I would move my liquid assets to Belize or someplace where the Bank of Lichtenstein has a branch. And in today's society, I would wonder why my local state representatives have not rushed to my son's defense. Can'nt we make his defense a racial issue? That is how ridiculous our society and blood sucking lawyers have become. In all seriousness, if the boy is below the age of reason, the Parents may hear from the school's insurance carrier after the damages have been repaired and presented with a bill for reimbursement.