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Text a question, get an answer

READ MORE: Text a question, get an answer

We all have random questions we'd love to know the answer to…

Why is the sky blue?

Did Jared really lose all that weight from eating at Subway?

Who sings a particular song?

Sometimes Googling a question just won't work. There's no great and powerful Oz with all the answers but there are two companies that come close. One calls itself the Knowledge Generation Bureau or KGB. Simply text any question you'd like answered to 542-542. Within minutes, you'll get an answer. Each question and answer costs 99 cents. The man behind this curtain is a team of thousands of agents who specialize in different subject areas.

Only about 20 percent of people have internet access on their phone, so searching the web isn't always an option. That's where services like this come in. But for a buck, some say it's not worth it.

"I don't think I’d pay a dollar for that service, I could probably get the information some place else,” said David Hardin.

Cha Cha is a similar service, offering four free questions per week. You can send a text to 242-242 to get your answer. If you've got a bunch of questions, and texting won't do, you can call 1-800-2-cha cha, and they'll text you the answers.

As for the free service, David Hardin said he might give in, but under stiff stipulations. “We would need someone to input the text for people like me that cannot text very quickly and then also to give you the answer to the question, and then it would be worth paying nothing for it."

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You can send text messages

You can send text messages to google (46645) and get answers to certain questions like phone numbers, addresses, movie show times, etc...and it's FREE

but does it go to the emial

but does it go to the emial thing and cost u for internet on ur bill

I use this quite often, it

I use this quite often, it is extremely helpful!


I work as a ChaCha Guide. It's a neat job and it helps make some extra money for my family and me. :)

You need to add MetroPCS as

You need to add MetroPCS as a supporter so i can ask some questions