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Texting and driving don't mix

At times, the Community Action Center in downtown Wilmington is a beehive of activity, but fortunately this afternoon it was a quiet day at 4th and Castle. Quiet that is until the driver of a Honda Accord drove into the middle of the building and caused extensive damage. The driver, Shavonne Wilson, is being treated at Cape Fear Hospital, but her injuries are minor. Wilson told police she got distracted when her cell phone rang. Neighbors of the Community Action Center say she may have been texting while driving. There is new legislation could ban text messaging while behind the wheel. The bill has cleared a senate judiciary committee. If it passes, the ban would make it illegal to read or send e-mail or text messages while driving. There would be some exceptions for emergency responders. Lawmakers and safety advocates argue texting is another distraction that can lead to accidents and injuries. Violators could be fined up to 100 dollars. The bill now goes to the Senate Appropriations Committee.

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I do not think that using cell phones while driving should be made illegal. Where is the end that we'll regulate our actions? How many cell phone related accidents are there really in the whole grand scheme of things? Are we going to regulate every piece of our lives until we're all forced to wear helmets and knee pads? We're adults and need to make decisions about what is safe when we're going about our lives. Freedom and safety/order are often a trade-off like being searched in an airport, but I think that laws that keep people from using cell phones are a reaction to a relatively small number of cases where they are caused by cell phone driving. Besides, do you think this girl would have survived her driving career without a single, serious accident into someone or something if a cell phone caused her to smash through a building? I think that some people just have very poor driving abilities and will just spend their lives getting into seemingly senseless accidents. I say: don't blame every accident on cell phones and don't react to a relatively small, but highly publicized problem by restricting our freedoms.

texing and driving

texting and driving should be against the law like talking on the phone while drink driving.end of story..

Guess if the Governor's

Guess if the Governor's vehicle was hit by a texting idiot when she pranced around town on Wednesday, well a law would be put on the books right away, and that's what it's going to take to put this sort of entertainment while driving to a halt! This world has become nothing more then driven by money, and cell phone companies are laughing all the way to the bank as they read articles such as this story, knowing text messaging should be removed from their phones function that they sell you. Wake up Washington!!!

okay all yall below me are

okay all yall below me are talking about its stupid to text and drive blah blah........but how many times have yall did the same thing quit acting like you are angels and dont make mistakes. You know everyone talks on the phone and texts.


No, everyone does not talk on the phone and text while they are driving! And if that is your way of justifying your stupidity, that explains your ignorant sounding reply.

not enforceable

I think this law would be great...too bad it's not enforceable


What was she thinking? Thankfully nobody was hurt because of her stupidity. It will be interesting to see what she is charged with and you can bet this young lady will be paying some high insurance rates from now on - if she is able to get any!! The sad thing about this is that there are many out there doing the same thing and because why? Pure out and out selfishness and unconcern for others.

texting and driving

First of all she was not texting, that is what a person think she was doig, she heard a cell phone ring, hell me and you can hear a siren and get distracted and wreck so its not all about that and that could have been anyone she is not a criminal.....

If she is a woman, and she

If she is a woman, and she is driving, its a crime.

Cell Phone Use

I do think it should be against the law to talk or text while driving. We have seen people lose lives bc of texting and driving. Talking and driving does impair your ability too. If you are texting and driving, you aren't paying as much attention to the road as you should be and talking on the phone is a distraction too. Shouldn't you want to keep yourself and others safe on the road?


Just because some idiots can't multi-task doesn't mean everyone can't. I have been texting, emailing, and talking on my phone for years and never had an incident. Banning that would be about as stupid as the law that people have to wear seat belts. The government impeding on peoples rights. Tell me why we legislate that people shouldn't risk their lives...if they are that stupid it's their own fault. If I choose to text and email I accept that risk...which I do. AND if you are going to want to ban that then you should ban talking to others in the car, smoking, eating, drinking, music radios and everything else that is a "distraction"


On day your "luck" will run out as far as not having an incident. Come on, e-mailing while you are driving???? I pray you don't hurt or kill anyone, because you obviously don't care. Very sad. And you better pray you don't hurt anyone I know and love because I have family that lives and drives around Wilmington.

WilmingtonMAJ, It is not

WilmingtonMAJ, It is not that people are idiots and can’t multi-task whilst driving. It is simply that we choose not to and ask that other drivers not endanger us. We understand you paid for your phone and you have every right to use it. That is not the question. It is also not that the government is impeding on our rights. They are trying to keep people safe on the roads. Drivers, passengers, and pedestrians alike. If you wish to risk your life, then go bunjee jumping or something like that. As for eating, smoking, listening to the radio, etc., we are all guilty of one or more of those things. I have done them in the past. They are all distracting. I will say that if you want to smoke and drive, then light your cigarette before you take your car out of park. I can say if you want to eat, make sure it is something small, like a granola bar or crackers, that is not too dangerous. Again, just unwrap before you take the car out of park. I can’t see why anyone would want to eat a huge, messy burger and fries while driving, because that is too much. In regards to the seatbelt laws being stupid, they have saved many lives. I was in an accident where I had the right of way and someone decided to turn left across the intersection in front of me with not enough time. I slammed on my brakes hard and I still hit them on the rear tire and my bags deployed. Had I not worn my seatbelt, I would have hit the windshield. You may choose not to wear yours and that is on you. As far as the texting, I was sideswiped because some girl decided to text and drive at the same time. She was paying attention to her phone and came into the right lane. Had I not continuously used my car horn, she would have done more than take paint off my driver side door. Now, if you want to continue doing this while you drive then you are putting a lot more at stake than you know. Please take note that if you do wreck, I am NOT saying you will bc I hope you don’t, and if you are found at fault you will be cited for reckless driving. If others were involed and/or hurt then reckless endangerment charges are applied. If you have an accident and someone is killed, whether it is a passenger, pedestrian, or someone in another vehicle that was involved and you are found at fault, then you will be hit with a vehicular manslaughter charge, which is a felony and comes with a prison sentence. Please think of other people on the road and that they are also at risk when you decide to text, talk, email, eat, etc. I know I do. If you must text and whatnot, why not just pull over to the side of the road to complete your task?

Thats right risk your own

Thats right risk your own life MAJ. But dont risk mine or my child's life. Why would you be so stupid? Hello! This chick ran into a building! People have been killed because of this. You are so stupid. I hope we never meet on the road.


Well I don't like children and i'm afraid i've become somewhat jaded when it comes to caring about others and driving. Just been cut off one too many times I guess. Sorry...try another way of appealing to my graces

Are you really that brain dead?

You honestly can't be, can you? I don't think the law really cares if you choose to take your car and drive it into a brick wall. The law mostly likely is there so you don't take someone else's life. If you want to die, go right ahead, I am sure we won't miss you, but do not be so full of yourself to not care about every other person on the road that you could kill.

Come on

He just putting up these posts to get people going I'm sure, because I find it hard to believe that ANYONE can be THAT ignorant and stupid.

You got it

Once again you prove it right...I paid for the damn phone and I intend to use it. If someone gets in my way it's one less directionally challenged person out of the gene pool


Could have guaranteed another stupid statement like that would have come out of your mouth. At least you fit the mold of a southerner. Dumb as a stump and ignorant too.


Sorry...not a southerner here. If I am not quite mistaken, having spent a great deal of time in NYC, traffic and driving in general is FAR more hazardous in the northeast than it ever has been in the south though.

I forgot

Sorry wilmingtonmaj, I forgot I'm not smart.

Reckless officer

Today I observed an officer responding to this call. He was driving around 50+ mph in front of St Mary Catholic school. It was during dissmissal around 3:09. He drove so fast he went by a teacher holding a red stop sign at a crosswalk and two young students without flinching. After seeing the student and the teacher in the road he then turned on his lights (No sirens) and flew by looking out the window at us. When is this behavior by the police officers going to stop!

RE: Reckless Officers

I recently witnessed an officer speed down a side street off of Princess Place Drive (Henry Street) at over 70mph. This was right after kids got off the school bus. They were looking for a drug dealer. But they are jeopardizing lives; the people on these side streets and their own. I am curious what the Police guidelines are about speeding down side streets? I don't think police care about the people they should be protecting. Making an arrest is not worth risking life.

reckless officer

Too many LEO's think they are above the law, look at the amount of bad cops they are outed in our area. It has been so many, I have lost track of them.

How many bad cops are there

How many bad cops are there in our area? Can you name them all? I would like to know so that if I'm doing something wrong and get pulled over I can just blame it on them being bad cops

I mite add

NC officer cited for speeding before fatal wreck, this happen recently,he was going 90 mph, no lights or siren, had 2 prior speeding tickets, and kill a 20 yr old woman

Not ALL LEO's think they are

Not ALL LEO's think they are above the law. That is an obsurd statement. I know plenty of LEO'S and they are all good, hard working officers that do the job to the best of their ability. If that was you in that accident you would want a cop there quickly. People are so quick to criticize cops. They hear about a few bad ones and think everyone who wears a badge must be like that too. People really need to stop stereotyping LEO's. I will say this though, the officer should not have waited upon seeing the pedestrians to turn his lights on. I think that if he was responding he should have had lights and siren's on well before. That was his fault. But maybe it was a simple mistake. That doesn't mean he thinks of himself above the law or that he is always reckless.

You are both absurd

I find both of your posts to be pendantic and meritless. Do you have officer names? Badge numbers? Vehicle numbers? Please post this list you have, as according to you it's so extensive that you have lost count. I'm sure WWAY can clear enough space on the webpage for your huge list.


I never said I had a list, U need to read more closely, and maybbe U should read the articles on the bad cops, instead of defending, I think it was Charlotte that the cop going 90 without lights and sirens killed the 20 yr Old lady, and that was recent.

Texting and Driving

People, how did this go from texiting and driving to bashing the law.