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Texting while driving ban brings up concerns

READ MORE: Texting while driving ban brings up concerns
Earlier this week, the state Senate gave final approval to legislation, banning drivers from text messaging or sending e-mails with their cell phones. The ban is now headed to the Governor’s desk, but the law raises some concerns. Many are questioning how police would enforce this law; they say it would be difficult to prove someone was texting while driving without searching through the person's phone, and that raises invasion of privacy concerns. "I just put it on the steering wheel sometimes when I’m driving the car, and text while I’m driving down the road,” said Jackson Turbeville. Many of us admit we do it, text or search the web while behind the wheel. Police say it likely contributes to many of the thousands of rear-end collisions in New Hanover every year. "People take their eyes off the road and either try and dial a number or text and we end up having a rear-end collision, we have had some serious ones,” said First Sgt. A.E. Morris of the NC State Highway Patrol. But with the new ban outlawing all drivers to text behind the wheel, some lawyers question how police will prove it. "I think the only way an officer would be able to prove the case would be to seize the phone, go through the phone, see if there are text messages. If you do that, you're going to definitely have some search and seizure issues. You're also going to have some privacy issues,” said former prosecutor Thomas Porter.

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I really like the idea of a

I really like the idea of a "driving while distracted" law. Actually, some states already have them. I read about a woman getting a ticket for painting her face while driving. The law could include this, as well as texting, reading a newspaper, map, fumbling through the glove box for a lighter...the list is endless. Think of the revenue!!!!!!!

Go ahead and try and find

Go ahead and try and find ways to block a "long ago" needed rule. If privacy is such a concern, have the cell phone companies stop the text service package all together...that will cure this problem all together. If your party you are trying to reach doesn't answer their cell phone...leave a message...or try again later. Rudeness is the norm nowadays as people will stop what they are doing and text away off into their own little world of cell phone toys. But wait a minute..."Rude is Cool" :-( As for all concerned...try text messaging when taking a "behind the wheel drivers test" with the officer sitting next to you. You won't get your license...nor should you!


What's needed is for people to have enough sense not to do an obviously reckless action that DOES distract the driver and DOES cause many accidents. What is NOT needed is an absolutely un-enforceable "feel good" law that will do very little to break people of this dangerous habit. How is an officer supposed to decide if you're texting or dialing when he sees you punching keys? The laws regarding search and seizure may be looser for motor vehicles, but they are not so loose as allow police to seize every cell-phone from every driver involved in every wreck, nor to subpoena call records in the hope of finding something. In fact, short of a spontaneous admission, no one is getting cited for this successfully. The state would have much more by financing a public education campaign on TV, radio, and the Internet, warning people just how dangerous this is.

texting while driving ban

this law is an indication of our state sliding down the slope closer to becoming a police state. Why not just have a "driving while distracted" or "unsafe driving" law? We already have a wreckless driving law. Now with the texting ban law enforcement will more than likely spend their time peering into drivers windows to determine if they are texting which creates a whole new danger by taking their eyes off the road. Most of these new laws are a little overboard I think.


THIS WHOLE THING is a DO NOTHING LAW from the get go!...Just another for the books! HEY..LETS LOOK like we are doing our jobs without ACTUALLY DOING IT!

Why does the prosecutors

Why does the prosecutors office have to inspect the phone? Wouldn't the police officer's observation of a driver texting set a prima facia case at least worth issuing the citation or summons? Let the suspected texter make the decision as to whether or not a $100 fine is worth the time and expense needed to defend the charge.

Just dont

Here is a novel idea, Just dont do it. If you cant wait 10 or 15 minutes until your able to text safely, then you need to get a life. Pay attention to the road and everyone around you and we will all get where we are going safely.