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Economic stimulus checks are on the way

The $600 economic stimulus checks are hot off the printers and will soon be on their way to your home. Now the big question: How to spend it? Some people said they will pay bills or pay off student loans. Others said they plan to spend the money on regular expenses, like food and gas. NewsChannel3 has done a little research on how far $600 can take you. If you want to head to the beach, you can pay for the Wrightsville Beach parking meters for around 16 days straight. If you would rather be on the move, you can get almost 167 gallons of gas at $3.60 gallon. With 21 miles to the gallon, you can drive to Alaska or almost take a round trip to Santa Fe, NM, or perhaps Denver, CO. If traveling is not your thing and you want to spend your money on something a little more practical, you can get a cup of coffee for $1.70 almost every day for the next year. If you want to spend the extra jingle on some toys for your car there are plenty to choose from. You can buy a portable DVD player or stereo system for $600, keyless entry for $150 or satellite radio for $100. If you're like a lot of people, your money is already spent. “I had a couple come in that had paid a deposit down because they were going to get their new TV when the checks came in,” Mike Riley, the owner of Soundtronics in Wilmington, said. That is the purpose of the checks: spend the money and stimulate the economy. The stimulus check will be sent to you based on the last two digits of your social security number and whether you are receiving the payment by direct deposit or mail. The government started sending the payments Monday and will continue mailing the checks, about 800,000 at a time, through July 4.

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My guns are firing baby

I'm filing for all 26 of the kids that I don't claim on the tax records. Bush is paying the big bucks, and I'm just a squirrel.

$300 per additional

$300 per additional child? Wish I were married to the "Little Old Lady Who Lived in the Shoe"...Then I could sit under the elm tree for the rest of my born years :-) Bet this incentive will make the Catholics rich!

forgot the small print

well, for those of you who did not read the small print or pay attention to the part that said you may get up to....this may be in for a big surpise when your check does come. If you have not gone to the IRS website and used the Economic Stimulus Calculator to figure out what your check amount really will be then I suggest that you do. Apparently the media failed to add that to all their reports of the amounts, we expected what they told us of the 1200 for married and 300 for each child, what they failed miserably to add was that you needed to use the calculator to get the correct amounts for yourself. So those of you counting on big checks better check again!!

Ditto on this statement you

Ditto on this statement you wrote :-) In the Government not disclosing this info earlier, most likely had some people spending early by other means. In the fine print...or at least wait for the day by day changes when it comes to Government policies and promises on the horizon.........


I'm going to get a half ounce of crack.

Is that in human form or

Is that in human form or drug form????

So funny!

That is way too funny! That's a good one. ROFL

Rebate Check

Filed our taxes through turbo tax. Just found out that since we used Santa Barbara Bank to forward our refund we will now get a paper check rather than direct deposit. If you paid your processing fee with your credit card your money will be direct deposit. If you used Santa Barbara Bank you will recieve your rebate by paper check.

they don't send out the

they don't send out the checks untill the 9th and they start with peoples socials that last two digits start with 00-06 i think...then they move on to the next ones and so forth...if you have direct deposit you should see it hopefully by next friday...go to for a full list of dates and stuff...

Stimulus Check

Since I'm single, childless, -0- deductions, only earn less than $21k annually-Receptionist in a lawyer's office in Wilmington-average is only $27k annually in this county. I still had to pay income taxes. Deduct that from the check Bush is sending out to me will be about $58. Wow, I might be able to go out to dinner but I'll most likely save it cause I've got car repairs upcoming.

The rebate checks are not taxed

The rebate checks are not taxed.

Rebates Taxed

They are not taxed now...You WILL pay income tax on them next year because you have to show that income as part of your annual income...The government gets some of it back.

No, they are NOT taxable

Go to the following link:,,id=182003,00.html The original poster is correct. The rebates do not count as income for your 2008 taxes.

Everyone: Take your rebates

Everyone: Take your rebates and cash them/bury the money/leave it alone...and then next year when Congress sees this hand out didn't quite do it...they'll distribute another...and this time...they'll make it a larger amount. They can borrow the money again from China...don't ever pay them back as so many countries never did with money the USA forked out to them with no return(s). Never paying them back *too* can come from us in the products we purchase. Read the labels.... After several years of this procedure...we tax payers will see a tiny bit of return for our money we give in each year. This rebate will be just like Christmas in the respect of when it's a done deal...people will ask themselves "Where did my/our rebate money go?". The bills you pay...the gas you have to buy...will consume this in a heart beat...then Christmas has at that point...Gone :-( Maybe I'm wrong...but there is still something lurking in the back of my mind that Uncle Sam will find a formula to get this cash back out of our pockets if the results aren't as they hoped they would be. A change in tax requirements will go thru Congress quicker then a rooster in a hen house if they so choose...and we may see this next year disguised on the 2008 tax table lay out. Bury the $$$$$ :-)

Got mine

fI had mine on complaints here

Not Me!

Haven't got mine either, wonder what number they started with. Maybe they forgot to put the right postage on the check. ;)


How can you find when your is coming?

can u tell me when i should

can u tell me when i should be getting mine....

stimlus check

Iwere supposed to have mine deposited on May 9, 2008, but still have not recieved it.



My daughter did on

My daughter did on Monday... Strange though...the check was stamped with this under the Bald Eagle symbol: "From the People's Government of Beijing"...........




I think since you "gets your check every month" already you shouldnt get a stimulus check. Kinda hard to pay taxes on money that the government is already giving you. If you get any kind of help from the government you shouldnt get a check. But thats just my opinion.


I was suppose to be in the first batch to have my ck direct deposited, havent seen a penny yet. Of course this is what the government told me, I SHOULD believe them, right?!?!