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The CFCC bond referendum vote passed with easy success

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The Cape Fear Community College Bond Referendum was another issue voted on in the election Tuesday. The 164 million dollar bond will expand the college and add 3 new buildings, at a cost of 5 cents for every 100 dollars of assessed values for New Hanover County property owners. Almost 88,000 people voted on the bond. 62% voted yes and 38% voted no. It was a large margin despite mixed emotions on the tax hike. In 2005, when the economy was fine, Cape Fear Community College could not get a 27 million dollar bond passed to reduce over-crowding. Remarkably, this year when the economy is struggling, they were able to pass a 164 million dollar bond easily. "The last time in 2005, we had a 9% voter turn out. When 9 % of the voters turn out 5% can defeat you, and this time we had 2/3rds of the registered voters turn out, that can make a tremendous difference," said CFCC president Eric McKeithan. Adam Ray is a local who voted for the bond. He fully supported the future benefits of the bond. "Being able to get a solid job in our economy is a price that people are willing to pay to have a better future." Last semester, 1,000 students were turned away from CFCC. The bond will pay for the constructions of 3 new buildings so the school can accommodate more students. Not everyone thinks the bond should have passed however. "People are losing their jobs and I just can believe that people will vote to give a school 164 million dollars to take care of its needs when the city needs so much more," said Anecia Smith. The first building will be a general education building built on the corner of Front and Red Cross streets, and should be completed by 2012. The other two buildings will be completed by 2016... The building on North Front Street will be designed to look like a historic building. The next building will be for health care training and will be on 3rd and Walnut streets. The 3rd building will be at the North Campus and will be designed to train what any new industry that is coming to the area.

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The reactions are just so sad.

I am currently a struggling student that attends CFCC and I think it is an EXCELLENT school for the price. I previously went to a 4 yr university where the prices were extremely high and I could no longer afford to live in the area. The resources available to the students were extremely limited and there was very little help. After transferring to CFCC and paying the meager tuition price I was shocked at how helpful all the staff is, the great resources and activities available to the students and how fantastic my new professors were. 150.00 is nothing to help someone's future. I barely make 150.00 dollars a week and I would gladly give that up to support this school. Ivy league is not all that its cracked up to be, and to help people achieve their goals is worth it. Just think of who you are talking about. Future teachers, nursings, mechanics,etc. These people help the world you live in, and if you can't afford the measly 150.00 a year to better your society and world then move somewhere where they don't have a community college. Quit whining about taxes that have a meaning. This was an excellent decision and vote.

Pay your own way through life

We are under no obligation whatsoever to subsidize your future. If the school needs to expand, the school should have raised tuition and fees.

I can't take you seriously

I can't take you seriously because I was once like you. Young and naive. My mom and dad complained about their tax burden, but I blithely thought they were out of touch and didn't get how the government could use that money for the greater good. Even though I could see their struggles, I could not relate to what a parent (the sole trustee of their child's well-being) goes through. Once you graduate, get a real job, buy a house, start a family, and then see how the government takes a significant chunk of everything you've worked for, then we'll see if you're still whistling the same tune.

80% of these kids are going

80% of these kids are going to cape fear HIGH SCHOOL to keep from getting a job anyways!

Seriously 41 cents a day

I would rather my taxes raised to help people get an education than for other pointless projects around town...ahem...convention center. If your property taxes are raised 150.00 a year, that works out to $0.41 a day. Lay off the vending machine and you can help provide a nice school environment for people trying to better themselves and their lives locally.

Hey Mr. Mathematician. Since

Hey Mr. Mathematician. Since you're helping me figure out my daily budget, why don't you factor in my property tax increase from this year and my home valuation tax increase from last year. While you're at it don't forget my water rate increase, my state-approved electricity rate increase, and my sky-high grocery bill increase. It's so easy for you to smart-off about hitting the vending machines. In reality the choices I'm faced with making have more to do with buying organic versus non-organic milk and eggs for my children; seeing the doctor when I'm sick or waiting it out; forgoing dental appointments for myself so that I can afford to take my kids instead. See, my family works hard to live within our means - I don't have the luxury of buying a daily latte. I don't complain about the belt tightening at my house. I just ask that everyone who voted to pass this bond pay their equal share with a sales tax increase, instead of only making property owners pay.

That's Mrs. Mathematician.

That's Mrs. Mathematician. Maybe your children will be able to take advantage of the new programs and space at CFCC to provide a better future for themselves and a better tomorrow for all.

So why should I pay for HIS children?

Why can't HIS kids pay increased tuition and carry their own weight?


Hopefully my kids will go to a full-fledged university...

Seeing as I attended an Ivy

Seeing as I attended an Ivy League college, hopefully my children will have better options than registering for the thirteenth grade at CFCC.


You say hopefully as if you're not real sure. Maybe, your education isn't as good as you might like to beleive.

We don't have Ivy League colleges here....

You must be a legend in your own mind! So your Ivy League education landed you in the metropolis of Wilmington? How impressive you are and how despicable your arrogance!!! We don't have any Ivy League Colleges here in Wilmington, but CFCC ranks as one of the very best community colleges on the eastern seaboard and is an excellent route for a young person to follow either as a career opening or for obtaining the initial college foundation for a 4 year degree and beyond. We here in Wilmington welcome you to take your "children", wife, dogs, furniture, pack them in a moving van and burn up I-95 to gain close proximity to your "Ivy League" accommodations. Your arrogance AND ignorance is deplorable. It is such a lucky thing for people like you, that you can make such statements and remain faceless and anonymous, otherwise we would load up that moving van for you!!!

Why would I move? My

Why would I move? My hometown is just down the road off Highway 74. My kin still live there. We have many excellent schools in this state, but do you not think that a North Carolinian is capable of getting in the Ivy League? I worked hard all through school and landed a full scholarship. It was a great honor at the time - the first in my family to go to college. Who wouldn't have done the same? My arrogance is debatable. However, to be called ignorant, that would have to mean that I am uneducated (at least about community college). I took a few classes during summer break at a community college with a reputation equal to CFCC. It was a waste of time. Maybe 3 students out of a class of twenty actually participated in any meaningful way. I don't deny that community colleges have some benefit, but I won't apologize for hoping that my children will do better.

don't trash community colleges

Don't trash community colleges. In 2004 I graduated from Southeastern Community College in Whiteville with an associate degree. I have been a registered nurse 4 years now. I could have went to an university but I chose different. I received the same degree but at a cheaper price. So, I must be the smart one and you must be the ignorant one!!!!!!!

I'm not trashing anything...

I'm not trashing anything... I had the privilege of taking courses at CFCC my senior year prior to enrolling at UNCW and let me tell you that there is no comparison between the difficulty level and depth of the courses between the two colleges (albeit in a small sample set of 12 credit hours). My introductory classes at UNCW were more challenging than anything I took at CFCC ("college level" statistics, "college level" physical science courses) and I got a 4.0 with ease. Community colleges are incredibly valuable, but don't try to tell me they are on par with even a state university; and certainly don't tell me I have to pay for more buildings when they get tuition and their teachers don't make hardly anything.

Perhaps you didn't read my

Perhaps you didn't read my entire post. I had a full tuition scholarship. The only thing I paid was living expenses beyond dormitory housing. You received technical training to become an RN. Your training has afforded you a nice job, and a not so bad paying one at that. However, your job will basically be the same with little variance. If you hope to advance beyond Staff RN or even floor manager, you will need to have at least a B.A. - more likely an M.A. in nursing. Upper management positions require critical thinking and analysis skills. Skills that are better honed at a four-year institution.


My property taxes already went up because of the $10million shortfall now let's raise them again. My health insurance went up & my copay went up. Now I have NO money to spend on the increasing the economy such as movies, dining out, entertainment, etc, I'm a ONE INCOME household. Keep it up & there will be more residents of NHC not spending money to increase the economy. I understand we need to spend more on education but why not take from the "Convention Center". My pay did not go up by the way. It's not fair that non-property owners have the power to increase my property taxes.


the voting rights of non-property owners were sanctified some years ago. Same thing with poll taxes being abolished. A valid point can be made that issues which affect real estate owners should only be voted on by real estate owners. After all, if the issue has a limited impact, ie raising real estate taxes, then those directly affected are those who should have the vote. The Community College did an excellent job of lobbying for their agenda. Lesson learned for the next election. If you are opposed to the downtown rejuevenation, then support candidates who support your issues. Support them with your vote; support them with your campaign contributions.

Why would you want a poll

Why would you want a poll tax? Do you not want poor people to vote? Do you think they don't deserve to vote because they don't have much money? Non-property owners do pay porperty taxes, although indirectly. Do you really think that landlords do not pass these costs on to their tenants? I do agree with you on one front though, I was against the bond issue too. In these troubled economic times, people have a hard enough time getting by without adding a new cost on them. People are having to trim their budgets - the government should tighten its belt too.

Voting rights

Tom, while you lobby to get the law changed so that only property owners can vote on issues that impact property taxes, here are a two more changes I'd like to see incorporated for voting in general: 1. One man, one vote. An extra vote in federal elections for every $10k in income taxes you pay. 2. A civics test given at the time of voting, similar to a final exam we had to pass in the Sixth Grade. This nation is only going to survive as long as the majority of voters are intelligent, productive members of society. Once the Four S's gain a comfortable majority, total collapse will have begun.

Sounds you would have

Sounds you would have supported the old Jim Crow laws that kept the freed slaves from voting. You just showed how elitist and bigoted you really are. Do you also oppose the Civil Rights and Sufferage movements that gave rights to minorities and women? Rights that had previously been reserved for white males? Restricting voting rights based on property ownership, or to those who can pass a certain test goes against the whole American principle of every person being created equal. As much as you seem to be someone who studies history and the law, surely you can see the problem with creating different classes of citizens.

Good job

Good Job to all the people who voted for this and raised our taxes. So if you property is appraised at $250,000.00 then you will be paying $125.00 more in taxes, $500,000.00 it's $250.00. CFCC needs to sell the downtown property they own and move to a more economic area. Some place with a lot of land like BCC did. Across the river sounds good. Oh but then NHC will lose the tax revenue. Get rid of all the school traffic, and clean up the downtown area a little more. I don't understand why CFCC could not pay for the up fits themselves. The tuition is high and they pay the employees peanuts. Do people not think before they vote.

CFCC Bond Referendum Unfair

How is it fair that EVERYONE can vote on something that will only raise taxes for SOME? My family is scraping by, and now our property taxes will go up $150 to pay for this bond referendum! If the citizens of our county want to pass these referendums, then everyone should have to pay - raise the sales tax instead!

Can anything be done?

Can something be done to stop the bond? In California all the people that disagree with the banning of the marriage between 2 people of the same sex are suing the government. Why can't we ask them to stop the bond... I wondering what percentage of people that voted for the bond actually own property in NHC? 10%-15% maybe....


There appears to be something wrong here when non property owners can vote to add additional taxes to property owners tax bill. The people didn't have the information to make a decision on the issue of need of additional buildings for Cape Fear Community College. Since the new buildings are being spread all over the area, I would like to know if existing properties with buildings already sitting empty were looked at and the costs of new construction vs existing empty buildings was looked at. But, the biggest issue is now property voters adding taxes to property owners tax bill for many years to come.


CFCC will never have any type of support from me as long as they continue to operate downtown causing a major loss of property tax revenue. If they would move all operations to their North campus and allow businesses to operate downtown to generate property tax, Wilmington would financially be better off.

CFCC bonds - watch your taxes soar

1. Whopping 11% tax increase 2. Just 3 buildings 3. $380 per sq foot 4. Cutting k-12 funding by $360,000 but $164,000,000 for CFCC 5. nearly doubling the size of CFCC downtown 6. 11 more projects in the pipeline 7. Declining economy 8. Tax only NHC but admit out of county, out of state, even illegals The recklessness of this bond: PRICELSSS!




Guess we can't get ENOUGH taxes here in NHC...GREAT JOB morons!

Bond Referendum is Unfair!

How is it fair that ALL can vote on the bond referendum to raise the taxes of SOME? What do students, or others who do not own property, care if the property tax is raised? My family is already scraping by as it is, and now my property taxes will go up another $150 to pay for this. The only fair way to finance bond referendums is to raise the sales tax - everyone should have to pay!