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The cost of energy soon to rise

READ MORE: Energy prices on the rise
The recent drop in temperatures may have been enough to turn off the AC. But don't get used to the relief on your energy bill. It won't be too long before your heating costs add up too. Heating and cooling a home doesn't come cheap. Chris Rettig, a local homeowner knows this all too well. “This is not a very efficient house. It takes a lot to heat. Its very drafty, it costs a lot of money.” And just like most things today, it is only going to cost more. Progress Energy is proposing an 11.5% price hike. According to a company spokesman, that boils down to an increase around 12 dollars a month for the average household. For those making renovations, the rising cost of energy is a priority. Tatyna Shelley is renovating her house. She said,”We have very efficient insulation and very efficient widows and appliances so all of those things will reduce our demands on energy. It will be easier to cool it and heat it.” There is a federal program called the low income energy assistance program helping other folks compensate for rising energy costs. The applicants who are accepted get a check to help cover heating costs. “Over the past few years, we have seen more individuals applying on a statewide basis as well as in New Hanover County.” said Sam Lane, the DSS (Department of Social Services) assistant director. The average payment last year was around fifty dollars and that payment went out to 4,100 households. That number is expected to go up this winter. The Progress Energy price increase still has to be approved by the state utilities commission. DSS will begin taking applications for the energy assistance program November 3rd.

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I have a 1500sq foot house.

I have a 1500sq foot house. Half my appliances are new. My last power bill was $196, the one before it was around $168. I also keep my AC at 78 degrees although I will lower it to 76 for 30min when I go to bed. I understand they need to increase their rates, but 11% seemed a little high

Progress Energy

This is totally unbelievable. Our power bill is to high now. We keep our air on 78 and never leave lights or tv's on when not needed and our bill is 400.00 a month. What more could they want!!!!!


Our house is 65 years old and 1800 sq feet. We keep our A/C on 72 and our bill is only 150-160 a month. We have older wood frame windows and hardly any insulation left in the attic (working on that) we have NO insulation in the walls except in the newer part which is maybe 40% of the area and is still not up to code. We do maybe 4 loads do laundry a week and run the dishwasher once. WE do have a brand new 13 SEER a/c unit but the water heater is 15 years old. Our bill did drop 30-40 bucks a month with the new a/c unit. If your bill is $400.00 someone is stealing your power somewhere or every light, a/c compressor and water heater elements is on 24/7 along with your PC.

$400? Really?

Either you have a massive home that you're cooling, or you have some sorry appliances that are not energy efficient. Maybe you should look at investing in a new A/C unit with a heat pump. Our home is 1500sq ft and it is always cool in here. Our bill is never more than $150. All our appliances are very energy efficient. I couldn't imagine shelling out $400 a month.

Coal prices have more than doubled in the past year

Diesel fuel that powers their maintenance vehicles is up over one dollar in the past year. Like anyone else, Progress has to pass on increased cost to the customer. It's the only way they can stay in business.


You must have a HUGE house....with 78 and keeping watch on what's running...a 2000 square foot house should be about 120-150 a month...

i agree

I work two jobs to pay my bills i guess i need a third one and all thanks to high tax mike and laugho saffo a joke of a mayor