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The Early Risers of WWAY

READ MORE: The Early Risers of WWAY
WWAY did not have to look far to find a subject for this week's Early Risers segment. The crew responsible for getting Good Morning Carolina on the air everyday gets up earlier than most. In fact, some have backward schedules. Producer Crystal Gentry works from midnight until 8:00 a.m. “I get here, put the show together to have a great newscast every morning,” she said. Kevin Wuzzardo and Marcy Cuevas come in at 3:00 a.m., followed shortly by their director, J.R Quitman. “When I get here I have to put the rundown together. It is the rundown I use for the show, said Quitman. Everything you see on the air, whether it is video, the anchors or Jerry Jackson's weather graphics, are on there because of what J.R. does. Since Good Morning Carolina begins at 5:00 a.m., the rest of the production staff arrive by 4:15 a.m., doing their chores before the show begins. Megan Simanca, NewChannel 3’s Production Assistant, said, ”We set up audio, we set up all the cameras, make sure all lighting is good, set up Chyron and graphics - then just wait for you guys.” There are usually two camera operators, trucking the cameras across the studio making sure Kevin, Jerry and Marcy are framed correctly. “Basically it's just a zoom or a pan. They're a lot easier to handle on wheels,” added Simanca. And as for what you hear coming across the airwaves that is the responsibility of Audio. The crew rotates, but this morning, Chuck Denson is the one responsible for making sure our microphones are turned on or off, and that the sound levels are correct. “We have to raise or lower the volumes as necessary and pay attention to what's going on, for example, I'm a little low right now,” said Denson. So next time you watch the morning news, keep in mind how hard the crew works and how early they have to get up.

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Yes, I agree with both of

Yes, I agree with both of you. I'm still angry about the change to color. Black and white was just fine. They had to do the lighting just right which made sure they paid attention to the quality of the images. So I just change the channel and search around until I find one that understands what we want...

I watched the morning news

I watched the morning news program, along with the evening news, and the eleven o'clock news on WWAY until this week. I work from home and there is a tv in my office that plays constantly. However, this week I turned on the news and everyone looks like they have their faces squeezed in from the side and stretched out from the top of their heads. I called the station and the engineer told me it is because they made the decision to use 16:9 format, and that if my tv is digital it would adjust automatically and if I use a converter box then I need to tell it to adjust. Well, my tv is a few years old so I'm not sure it is digital, but it is connected to Charter Cable so that should not be a problem. I decided at least I could watch my favorite weather team online, but when I click on the weather video update, it is just as bad, and my computer is new and also hooked to Charter Cable. Everything else on Channel 3 looks fine but the news broadcasts are now unwatchable. Thanks WWAY.

I noticed the same thing

I noticed the same thing Friday evening. I haven't really watched the news all week so I don't know when it started. I have Charter also. The ABC news looked fine but the local broadcast looked terrible. Are we going to have to buy widescreen tvs now just to view the news? I guess just change the channel.