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The tactics behind negative political ads

READ MORE: The tactics behind negative political ads
With the election just days away, the pace of negative political ads is picking up. The intent is to leave that lingering shadow of doubt about an opponent as voters head to the polls. UNCW political scientist, Roger Lowry, told NewsChannel 3 such tactics go back to colonial times. “Dirty politics is as old as American politics. It is nothing new. I think we will see a lot more negative ads in this final stretch,” said Lowry. But do negative ads serve a purpose? Lowry said, “There is a mixed set of result findings on that. In some cases negative ads can create a backlash against the intended beneficiaries. In other cases, negative ads do help. There is a fair amount of research that shows that negative ads do contain more issue content than ‘happier’ ads. So to that extent, they can serve a useful purpose to a discerning viewer.”

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Michael Lee's low blow

How dare Lee drag a senator through the mud like he did in his new commercial. This was a personal thing not a campaign thing. The republicans are the masters at negative ads. No one but an idiot would think that that stuff matters, if it did do you think people would vote for her? No one cares that she admitted to using drugs, that she lied about the adoption, that she forged signatures, that her property is in foreclosure or that she uses the N-word. The fruit of the tree is what she has done for Wilmington and the money she has brought in from Raleigh. Just look at the way she helps out the local film industry. Without her people would be out of work. Time for a backlash right across the face of the republican party for such dispicable attacks like the ones on Speaking of shame, girlfriend that's one shameful blog! Get a life!

Low Blow For A Low Life

Yes we should be concerned about Julia Boseman"s many problems. We would not be responsible voters if we weren't. She is a total embarrassment to our area.

I care that she used drugs,

I care that she used drugs, and broke the law in the process. I care that she has been irresponsible, and that she has shown a huge lack of integrity. Maybe you don't...but I sure as heck do. I am sick of politicians that do this sort of stuff. And my vote this time will certainly reflect that.

A lot of us think how Ms.

A lot of us think how Ms. Boseman handles herself in her personal life is important. I want the people who represent me to have their own affars in order before I will trust them to handle the affairs of the State. She is a lawmaker who violates the law by using drugs and not paying property taxes. That concerns me. She can't handle her business affaris, as evidenced by her business property being foreclosed. And, she can't handle her personal affairs, as evidenced by her Wrightsville Beach property being foreclosed. I think she is a poor candidate to send off to represent us. By the way, I am a democrat. But, I will not vote for Julia Boseman. In my opinion, she is an embarrassment.

Michael Lee Going too Far

You must be kidding! After what all the dems have said about Elizabeth Dole, George Bush, Michael Lee and every other republican running, you are only seeing what you want to see and what you want to hear! The republican candidates tried to have positive ads until they saw the only way to get anyone's attention was by replying to the dems' negative ads. That is apparently all dems understand is negativity!

No one cares?

'No one cares that she admitted to using drugs, that she lied about the adoption, that she forged signatures, that her property is in foreclosure or that she uses the N-word." Maybe you SHOULD care, Nimrod!


Yeah, she is just what I want in a State Senator. Someone that may be high on drugs when they are representing me in Raleigh, or one that will lie to your face or maybe just a be a plain old bigot.