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Wilmington City Council agrees to relax water restrictions

The Wilmington City Council has agreed to relax the Port City's stage-two water restrictions. Beginning April 1, Wilmington homeowners and landscapers can start watering their lawns, with some limitations. The city will implement an odd-even system based on house numbers. Odd numbered addresses can use sprinklers to water from midnight-6am Tuesday and Friday; even numbered addresses can water on Mondays and Thursdays . Residents will be allowed to wash their cars, as long as it's parked on the lawn. Landscapers will be granted a 30-day permit that would allow them to water newly-planted lawns. The water restrictions have forced some of their business to go dry. Michael Richardson, a Water Conservation Committee member, said, "Collectively we have come together and made the necessary revisions that I think everybody can live with, but we are also doing what we need to do to conserve water when necessary." New Hanover County Commissioners will vote on water restrictions April 7. Residents who have questions about the new restrictions are encouraged to contact the Water Conservation Hotline at 341-0114.

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water restrictions

The proposed ease of watering will only allow people who have irrigation systems with timers because NO ONE IS AWAKE BETWEEN THE HOURS OF MIDNIGHT TO SIX AM. The rest of us will have to stay up late or get up so early that we will be freezing while we water. NOT FAIR. How about from 4PM to 8PM? I mean I want to cooperate but not risk my health to do so. HELP!


This is such a great idea. Ok....let's have a drought. Then let's forget we are in a drought. Then let's allow people to waste water again....until we remember we are in a drought. Then they will restrict water use. Wow...the council sure is looking after the environment. Great job guys and gals! Treebeard I will rule all of Middle Earth...and the squirrels!!