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Convention Center has construction company

Wilmington City Council voted last night and the convention center now has a construction company heading the project. John Thompson of JM Thompson Construction had to answer some pointed questions about delays and cost overruns on the New Hanover County Jail project. Afterward the Council voted unanimously to give his company the job. JM Thompson was the low bidder at $28.5 million. Another company is driving pilings and doing site prep now. The convention center is targeted for completion by late 2009.

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New Title


Oh goody!

Gas is headed to $4.00 a gallon, Taxes, fees and food are going up, Corporate America is laying people off and wages are stagnant. I'm sure thousands will flock to it with plenty of money to spend. The people involved with building this thing are the only ones that will profit from it. If a convention center is such a good idea, why are they failing everywhere else?

Maybe this center will house

Maybe this center will house the homeless when the Poop hits the fan with our economy. That's primarily what it should be used for with Wilmington trying to get rid of the homeless problem. Or maybe the *said* contractor will finish the 1st jail that failed, and use this building for such. It would help eliminate the over crowding situation of our jail system. There's an idea City Council, and you guys can even take credit for the idea :-) If taxpayers here will take on this expense any way in the long run, we won't mind so much if it is put to good use getting criminals off the streets, or a place to put them.


If a company does not have to stand by the original lowest bid, then it is NOT the lowest bid. It's more like a plan to win the job over possible lower bidders. Plus is Jason Thompson related by family or business to these Thompson's??? This has to be fully and truthfully answered in order to bury the accusations that our city council approved a major project, funded by our tax dollars, for personal profit. I am not accusing anyone, but these accusations have been floating around the town for quite a while. Can we clear this up?

Fox/Hen House

Great!!!! Now the Fox is guarding the Hen house. Who do you have to pay to get a contract like this? Apparently, the city council is for sale. Can you say Halliburton? Treebeard I will rule all of Middle Earth...and the squirrels!!