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Thieves break in to eight Leland businesses

READ MORE: Thieves break in to eight Leland businesses
LELAND -- Some business owners in Brunswick County are on edge today, after a strip mall in Leland was targeted by thieves. Eight businesses in all were broken in to. The thieves took some laptops, cameras and a little bit of cash. But the break-ins are a reminder for business owners to keep their property protected. Tina Sikes owns the Leland Copy Center, one of eight businesses targeted in the Leland strip mall. Investigators say the suspects broke in through the back doors, prying the locks open. One of the businesses in the strip mall was left untouched and Det. Foss with the Leland Police Department says it's because it had proper protection. Foss says with the holiday season quickly approaching, there are more people out there looking for some quick cash. Foss says one of the best ways to prevent a break in is with a deadbolt. Sikes says she's learned her lesson and is already preparing to protect her business for the future. Most of the items stolen were found this morning in an abandoned trailer behind the strip mall. If you have any information on who may be behind these break-ins call the Leland Police Department at 910-371-1100.

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I am a Police Officer but I don’t work for Leland. To start with Leland Police is like any other agency; they all have pros and cons. I have worked hand in hand with Leland Police on many occasions and with other northern Police depts. of Brunswick County. They are a great department and they are still growing. You and I are the same I pay taxes just as you, but when it comes to a gas guzzler as many of you have stated, let me just say there are reasons for those high powered machines. Now reason one you don’t like the police - we can write you a ticket, take you to jail and tow your vehicle. Yes this is true but you have to earn that, we don’t just give those away. Now that pink pick of paper that you receive from county or local officers that says cost of court on it, hey you what a percentage of that money goes to what ever town or agency your are wrote by. So you say stay off 17 and 74/76 and I say, slow down. You want a reason for those high powered machines here’s one for you, I evening I responded to a officer that wasn’t answering his radio off Mount Misery rd. come to find out that officer wasn’t answering his radio due to a wreck where someone had hit him on the drivers side door and he was unaware of his surroundings. Here is another one, one evening I met a 74 year old grandmother of 6 that was a widow and stayed by herself because she had called 911 and someone was breaking into her home, she was so afraid we wouldn’t get there quick enough she got her late husbands pistol out of the dresser and locked herself in her bathroom. She was assisted and the subjects captured that evening. And one more for you, Boling Springs Lakes Police call for assistance due to a vehicle chase where the fleeing vehicle has rammed a Police car and assaulted a Police officer multiple times. Situation turns into chaos due to drugs and other factors of the fleeing driver. The driver was then arrested after she rammed two other vehicles and one of them head on. You sit there and do the whole Monday morning quarter backing for the Sunday night game and say things should and need to be different but what really needs to change is your support for your local county and state law enforcement officers. We go and risk of life everyday and yes we did chose our jobs but we don’t make enough money to justify loosing our life for you when you don’t even support us. You are fussing about the officers piled up at the local stores grabbing a drink, coffee, and doughnut whatever the case maybe and yet we work 14 plus hours a night only to be paid for 12. It’s nice to have someone to talk to from time to time when your working alone in your district or zone until your reliving shift comes in at 5-7 am. We don’t ask for a lot, but you could at least support your law enforcement officers that maintain the safety of the community by risking ours lives. Crime is everywhere, yes St. James I said everywhere. Just because you don’t see a cop in the area doesn’t mean there isn’t one there and just because you do see a cop with his side lights on near a business doesn’t mean something has happened. We are always here and ready for your call, but get off the kick about speeding and tickets because its better to catch them going to the business they want to break in on the highway than them not coming to this business because there is a officer there and slamming into the side of your vehicle. We see and we listen, all you have to do is support.

Lived in Leland "L A" for

Lived in Leland "L A" for over 2 years and I have found them to be far superior to Wilmington Police. Their arrest and conviction rate is much higher than Wilmington cops as well.

As a long time resident of

As a long time resident of Leland I have noticed a decline in police presence in our shopping centers with the exception of Walmart. I wish they would go back to protecting all of us again! Yes we need to stop speeding and of course drunk drivers, however, not at the expense of others too! Our population is going up and unfortunately so is our crime... As a town, we need to look at all angles! I want to feel safe walking to my car at all shopping centers!!

grow up

grow up


well guess the officers in leland should know their limitations. but quite a lot of them don't, but its not all their fault,, a lot of the blame is on the supervisors,, perhaps they are not quite as up on all the changing that is taking plkace,, today do it,, tomorrow,, dont do it,, who knows. but one thing is for sure , one day the police that pulls a vehicle almost 4 /5 miles from the towns' limits are going to be in deep kaa-kaa. but thats them,, should know better find out the facts them selves dont rely on someone else,,

Some of you need to learn a

Some of you need to learn a few lessons before you post some of the silly comments I see here. 1. The chargers that LPD drive are V6 so they are more efficient than the V8 Crown Vics. 2. Yeah you're right the police should be out arresting the "real criminals". By the way, tell me who are the real criminals. Would it be the drunk driver that slams into your car and kills your family or would it be the speeder who runs the red light and hits you. No, No it couldn't be them...those are traffic offenses and you want the police to stay off of the highway. Your point about real criminals is ignorant and stupid. 3. Maybe you should come up with a schedule of when and where the police are allowed to eat. I'm certain that you don't take a break at your job to get a drink or to eat lunch. You're probably too hard of a worker to do that. The police are people just like you and they also are entitled to a break. 4. Before you start worrying about where the Leland Police jurisdiction ends maybe you should learn a little about the law. Their jurisdiction doesn't end at the city limits moron. Know what you are talking about before you say stupid things. 5. The Leland Police cars are not on loaner. The Town bought those cars. Some were purchased on a grant. One of you is complaining about the police gars being "gas guzzlers" and another is saying that they need faster cars. Make up your mind. 6. As for all the officers needing a course in courtsey, have you spoken to all the police officers in Leland? My guess is no. So then why are you judging an entire police department from an experience that you had with one officer. Thats no different than you judging an entire race based on one encounter. That as well is ignorant. Finally, why don't you find something better to do than bash the police. These guys are out here working when you are home sleeping with your wife or whatever. They are out here on holidays, away from their families, while you are celebrating with yours. Instead of bashing them how about you say thank you for everything they do four you everyday. If the Leland Police are such a joke then don't call them next time you need help.

In response to the officer

In response to the officer who said: "2. Yeah you're right the police should be out arresting the "real criminals". By the way, tell me who are the real criminals." Here are examples of real criminals: 1. People who kill others 2. The 9/11 terrorists who spent a year in Florida learning how to land jets 3. People who steal cars 4. People who kidnap 5. People who enter your home and steal your personal property 6. People who physically assault others 7. People who sell drugs to children The fact that any of the foregoing continue to occur is in part due to the misguided focus of the police. Here are examples of who the police focus most of their time on and believe are criminals: 1. The person, who throughout their entire life, would never even imagine doing any of the things listed above, has made a positive contrbution to society, and who goes 60 mph in a 50 mph zone 2. The same type of person as above who makes a U-turn at 3 am when no-one else is on the road When a police officer arrests a person for these types of traffic violations under the charge of reckless driving, they are in effect kidknapping an innocent person. How would any police officer like to be stopped, and, against their will, be placed in handcuffs and thrown in jail for "speeding" or running red lights (which police do frequently).

Sounds to me more like..... consider yourself above Chapter 20, thinking traffic laws don't apply to you. Whether you shoplift or speed, you've broken a law, and if you claim the right to speed and make an illegal U-turn, what keeps another from claiming a right to shoplift? You're actually advocating that police officers do nothing about people running red lights? I'll bet you think drunk driving is okay, too! Why would police waste their time on that silliness, right? If you think you have the right to drive sixty in a fifty mph zone, don't I have the right to drive eighty? After all - you're advocating individual, personal speed limit establishment. If you can do it, so can I. So can anyone. Well, we CAN'T do it! Traffic laws exist for a reason. We cannot have a society in which people decide which traffic law they will obey, and which they will ignore. It will be total chaos out there. Grow up, start obeying traffic signs, and remember that old adage - "It's better to remain silent and have people think you a fool than to post an idiotic message and remove all doubt."

First, the point of the

First, the point of the message is not to advocate violating traffic laws (Yes, driving drunk and going well over a speed limit are real crimes). The fact that more serious crimes continue to exist is in part due to the misguided focus of the police. Secondly, recognizing this fact is not foolish. All citizens want a society free of crime. Everyone has at one time or another mildly exceeded the speed limit - they're rushing to a hospital, they're running late for a meeting, going 60 in 50mph zone. When the police pull someone like this over, they're a nuisance, and medaling with a citizen's freedom. The fact is that these mild violations occur in most cities to raise revenues - and not for safety reasons. If driving 60 in a 50 mph zone were not safe, then police wouldn't drive 60 either, yet police frquently exceed speed limits (even when not involved in a pursuit). Police also frequently run red lights, even when not in pursuit. Police are not above anyone, even though they believe they are. That's because the government has handed them guns and placed them in the role of enforcing laws. In that regard, they a much like thugs - when they hide behind their guns/shields against citizens running late for a meeting or running their bleeding child to a hospital. Under normal circumstances, police have to obey the speed limits too, for the same reason speed limits were established for all citizens. They too, have to GROW UP and starting obeying the speed limits and traffic lights and parking regulations. And, lastly, calling someone idiotic is not something a grown-up or educated person would say. I guess that explains why, as a fact, that most police are not highly educated.

As a citizen of the Town of

As a citizen of the Town of Leland, I found that it is a great place to live and raise a family. I feel that like everywhere else, Leland is not perfect but still is a great place to live. The police department may not be perfect but it is having to keep up with several growing problems brought on by rapid growth. There are total 30 officers currently employed by the town who at last count has 10-15 thousand people that they have to service. I ask that you consider the totallity of the current situation concerning the town before you voice your opinion. The way you do that is you attend the public town council meetings on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 700 pm. I also ask if you see a problem please help US to fix it. DONT be part of the problem.

Break ins - Jurisdiction - vehicles

The persons responsible for breaking into the businesses listed above were arrested within 72 hours of the break-ins........and the majority of the stolen property was recovered. Hmm...sounds like Leland's Police might actually know what they're doing afterall. All municipal police agenices have investigative and arrest authority for all NC offenses (criminal and traffic) within their jurisdictions (obviously) plus one mile from the farthest point of their geographic boundaries. Its called "extraterritorial jurisdiction". Incidentally...No state troopers released any one stopped by a leland police officer. While they possess state-wide jurisdiction, they do not possess the specific authority to release someone detained by a local law enforcement officer. Not all of the vehicles purchased by Leland were from a GHSP Grant. In fact, all of the Dodge Chargers, except one, were purchased with the approval of the elected council. One was purchased on a grant. I would correct the remainder of the incorrect information here, but I have better things to do with my saturday morning.

get off the hightway

Maybe the police should put down their radar guns and get off highway 17 & 74 and start looking for the real criminals. And no, I haven't received a ticket!


I guess that since you all have the answers, you need to become polic or run for city council and see the real side of what goes on in your city politics. You ladies and gentlemen are no better than any other Monday Morning Quaterback who want to bitch and complain about your town until your asked to help make it a better place then you say it's not your job or your problem. Crime in Leland isn't bad, the officers u see on 74 and 17 are traffic grant officers, and policies do not allow officers to have drinks in their vehicles. These are a few things you as bitchin' citizens should be aware of. Instead of complaining about the police, be glad those guys are willing to serve your complaining asses and are willing to put up with your whining and until you get the balls to perform their job, shut up!


Maybe they can team up with OJ to find the "real killer."

cops and antonios

on any weekend night when crime is at it's highest....i have on several occassions seen every officer that leland has eating at antonios...and all at the SAME TIME and they stay for a while! no wonder crime is up.

leland police a joke........

the leland police need to spend more time looking for serious crimes rather than waste their time sitting at the local citgo sipping free cofee, i am amazed at the amount of police the town has and the amount of road blocks they have ..yet they still are having problems patrolling the small commercial area in the center of town .they are more concerned with traffic violations ,they need to be on foot patrol or bicycles in the commercial area instead of sitting in the brand new mustang and chargers they have .after all it is only a 35 mph in the town area no need to waste tax payers money on the gas guzzlers they have decided they must have .maybe the new council will straighten out ossy sanders their chief or get a new one

Solved Crimes

If Leland Police Department is such a joke why is it that they have only one, that's one unsolved major crime in two and a half years? Yes, they have solved every major crime usually within 72 hours! WOW thanks to the guys and gals there they get the job done very quickly. Appreciated or not! Well thanks for the shout out for the people in blue! Signed, One who really knows!

Leland Police..

Just so you know Leland police cars such as the chargers and mustangs are not provided by the city. These vehicles are on a grant for the governor's highway safety program specifically for traffic. "Foot patrol" are you kidding! Get real! As for the "New town council" this is the same town council that has been in office for 2 years. So get your facts straight, stop whinning and complaining, be thankful you've got a Police department to help enforce the law for morons like you.

leland town council

i guess you are the one who needs to get his facts straight ,leland town council has changed ,just ask medlin who was voted out ,and another thing is the town pays the gas for those gas guzzlers .and why not get a loaner that is better on gas like a bike


Why dont you ride a bike at work or to work. then you will be able to tell them to ride a bike and has anyone noticed that the Police have cought the suspects that did the brake-ins? no you only want to sit there and cry about things you do not know about, and dont attack me about this. untill you have lived the life of a police officer, you have no right to say anything about. Its hard to go around and get put down, but who do you call when you need something. we try to get there asap and someone crys about the fact that we where speeding. stop and think before you say something

Leland Police

I have to agree with you about that comment.If the LPD would worry more about the break-ins than they do giving some teenager a tint ticket our town would be better off!!!


I have to agree with ya'll on the police in Leland. I was just parked up (at the Citgo, of course) and they stopped there apparently to just stand around and harrass me about my bike for no reason. I had a friend a week later who was coming to Wilmington to pick us up as a Designated Driver -- He was stopped at the roadblock for an hour just because he had a plastic cup of tea in his cupholder ! Finally a State Trooper walked up to his window and asked why the LPD still had him there. The HP had to apoligize for the other cop and told him to take off ! Hey >> If Leland keeps growing, and more taxes start coming in, maybe the department can purchase a Lamborghini Murcielago !!

town limits?

question??? does anyone know where the Leland town limit boundry is located.. Saw a motor officer have a vehicle stopped and issuing a citation at the hwy 421 and hwy 17 bypass in New Hanover county.. folks thats just a tad bit far to be chasing, and stopping a car.. believe his jurisdictional boundry has run out.. The town of Leland needs to be a more professional department.. the good loe days and good ole boys are over with.. you want to be a police officer then act like one,, and all of Leand police officers need to be more friendly to the citizens.. all need a course in courtesy.. you speak to any one of them and they automatically become suspicious.. but thats the nature of the beast.. Everyone have a nice day...

town limits

A simple question.. Does anyone actually know where the Leland town limits are,, I have seen motorcycle officer(s) on hwy 421 and the on ramp to the new 17 bypass with a vehicle stopped.. I know it was a Leland officer 'cause of the shoulder patch.. folks thats just a tad bit far to be stretching the boundry line(s) besides it should not take him that long or that far to stop a vehicle.. if so he needs to get something more powerful and faster that what he was riding.. Have seen other incidents also,, but perhaps later with those,,, ...

Town limits

The town is layed out so bad that there are no continuous town limits. There is a dead area on Old Fayetteville Rd around to Lanvale to the back of Mag Greens. Brunswick Forest was done as a satellite annexation as well as the new area on Maco. The back half of Stoney Creek is in the city but not the front half. The wonderful stop lights on 17 ARE NOT in the city limits. Wal Mart is and Mag Greens and Waterford are. But not 17. A map of the existing town limits is available as the county complex GIS office. It's work a look. The state does give one mile extra territorial jursidiction to city agencies to have full authority one mile outside the contiguous town limits. It does not apply from satellite annexation. So LPD stopping cars all the way up at Old Town Creek needs to be addressed by the town. Last time I looked, Leland was 5 miles from there.

town limits

Simple answer....does it matter where Leland Police had a vehilce stopped if it wasn't you and not your business! Im sure police officers know their jurisdiction, let them worry about it, you worry about abiding the law.


its true the leland police needs to worry about their own,, besides they are the ones open for a suit. let it be know that chasing a vehicle as far as they do out of the city limits before they light 'em up, is just plain stupid or ignorant,, since they suppose to have all the fast cars, how come a mustang can't catch a hundai within the city limits, but has to chase it almost 4 miles from the limit of the town,, now that is just pushing it a little to the edge.. but hey , once they are challenged about where the vehicle was stopped it will possibly put a stop to it ..

that is the problem with

that is the problem with this department, they are one of the lowest paid in the area. so it is hard for them to attract mature help, a perfect example


Your simple answer is in the form of a question that you incorrectly ended with an exclamation point. To answer your question... yes, it does matter and you had better concern yourself with abiding by the law.


A COP!!!