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Thieves target food delivery drivers

READ MORE: Thieves target food delivery drivers

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A recent string of robberies in Wilmington have similar victims: delivery drivers.

Last week drivers from two Chinese restaurants were robbed on 15th street as they tried to deliver food. Yesterday a Meals-on-Wheels driver on 14th Street was robbed for her purse while on her route.

Neighbors say the robberies are unfortunate because it gives the neighborhood a bad name.

"It's not a bad neighborhood," Thelma Spicer, who lives on 15th Street, said. "It's just the people that come in this neighborhood that don't live here. It's the people that don't live here in this neighborhood that are causing the problems, 'cause we have some pretty nice people that live in this neighborhood."

The 14th Street area is not the only neighborhood seeing these type of robberies. Thursday night a Domino's Pizza driver attempting to make a delivery in the 3400 block of Wilshire Blvd. was also robbed. Chris Ferri was about to deliver a pizza when two men approached him on his final delivery of the night around 11pm. "I wasn't assaulted. I was robbed. They took my phone, two pizzas and money and I haven't gotten any of it back yet. I couldn't tell much about them. I just saw that they had a big pole. That was enough for me. It was like a big metal mop pole that they had swinging. That's a random choice to stick someone up with." Chris has never been robbed before. In fact he tells WWAY that the Domino's on Oleander Driver has never had a delivery driver robbed until Thursday night.

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Not a bad neighborhood?

14th and 15th? Are you kidding? You are literally surrounded by public and Section 8 housing. No one need drive to your neighborhood to commit crimes they can simply walk a few blocks. Houston Moore, The Village at Greenfield and Hillcrest are all in your neighborhood.

It is a very bad neighborhood.


I feel that all delievery drives no matter what occupation should be given mandatory pepper spray for all drives because this is becoming a great problem in our area and something needs to be done, stop letting these thugs take over and start fighting back!!!!


I think they should all be issued a taser gun as well! Knock them out and call 911. Hopefully that might send a message that they will be caught and put away. My nephew drove a taxi for a while. Driving at night is dangerous and he always carried a huge maglite (which is like a heavy batton) AND a taser!!!