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Thirty-five years since Roe vs. Wade decision

In three days, it will be thirty-five years since the US Supreme Court decided the landmark case Roe vs. Wade--a case that to this day, protects a woman's right to choose. The decision came down January 22, 1973. Now, decades later the issue of whether abortion should be legal is still at the forefront of public debate. The case stemmed from a lawsuit filed against the state of Texas by Norma McCorvey--known publicly as Jane Roe. She claimed she was pregnant as a result of rape and that the state's laws against abortion infringed on her privacy. A recent study says the country's abortion rate is at it's lowest since 1974. Data shows that North Carolina's rates are at their lowest point since the 1990s. In 2006 there were 874 reported abortions in New Hanover County, making up around two percent of the statewide total. Those numbers aren't low enough for groups like the New Hanover pro-life council. "It's a tragedy," said 22-year-old Jennifer Hassell, who attended the council's fifteenth annual vigil in downtown Wilmington on Saturday to protest the decision. "We're killing our own offspring and that's not right." Other attendees agreed. "People always said to me, well you cannot legislate morality," said Pastor R. Tony McGhee of the Wilmington Christian Center. "But I think Roe vs. Wade has taken that concept and turned it on it's head where immorality has been legislated." Experts say some possible reasons why abortion rates are down are easier access to contraception and fewer abortion clinics. One researcher said nearly ninety percent of counties in the US don't have an abortion provider.

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To me it is open. There is

To me it is open. There is so many things to look at. Birht control is at every womans and mans finger tips. At the same time that woman who got raped and became prenant from it did not ask for it. Should this woman and her family have to be force to have this child. I know as a father and once a husband, I would not want my partner to have to go through that. I am on the other hand open to what she would want to do. I think it should be the womans choice. I do not think abortion should be used as a form of birth control. Meaning if you get pregnant doing sex with your partner, have the baby. Their is a lot of people out there that cannot have babies. Adoption is a solution.

I sure wish I had some of

I sure wish I had some of those 45 million NORTH AMERICAN 35 year olds and younger to hire instead of hiring illegal immigrants who don't speak English. Too bad they were all executed. Just a business standpoint on abortion.

Cant look at it that way

Cant look at it that way either. Plenty of people out there just doing nothing getting checks from our tax dallors that are able to work. The Illegal Immigrants are hired because they are the only ones willing to work those jobs. I have worked from the tobacco field to plant maintance to warehouse mananger. Some of the hardest jobs out there. I can from a back groud where you had to work and work hard. That is not true any more. Things are easier and kids are brought up different. Times have changed but the work has not. We need to go back to having our childern do things around the house for things they want to teach the value of a dallor and to show them that life is not handed to you. You have to work even if it is a job you do not like. My son is eight and he has since he was old enough work around the house and has used his money to by thinks he wants. Being a single dad is hard but having a son that understands the value of a dallor really helps.

Re: Can't Look At It That Way

Craig, I understand that you have been a very productive person in our society, hats off to you. However, I really think you are viewing American workers incorrectly. Please excuse me for addressing this issue on an abortion blog but this really needs attention. I too have worked those low paying, high labor jobs for many years. Lots of my friends and former co-workers in Western NC would love to have a job right now, any job, even for low pay and no benefits. The products that we produced were A1 and so was the quality. Remember when you could buy a washer and dryer that would last for 20 years? Or when you could purchase a product and have actual customer support? Or when you could buy a product that did eventualy fail, that you could actually purchase repair parts for it? As for the jobs that left the US and for those who make the echoing statements that business does not owe anyone in America a job: Phooey on you too! Myself and my ancestors served this country in wartime and in peacetime to provide these companies a safe and democratic society to build and grow their businesses with. Yes, they do owe America and damn them for turning their backs on us. As for this global economy jazz, yes, we must compete, but when all odds are stacked against the American worker such as tarriffs; Government subsidies; Some unreasonable enviromental laws; Intrusion from OSHA and other government agencies, Extreamly high taxes, Chinese slave labor and more...we can't. To say that Americans don't want to work those jobs is nothing more than a slap in the face. I would agree if you were to say that Americans cannot support a family on $10 an hour. Fair trade, not free trade!!!!

Abortation should not be legal

It seems to me that if abortation is legal. It is going against the ten commandments that says Thou shall not kill. When a woman has a abortation it is killing a innocent little one that does not have a word in the matter.The only time a woman should have a abortion is when the mothers life is in danger.

Legal or Choice

It is not your choice to decide what is right or wrong for someone else. You make your own decisions don't you; no one makes you drive under or over the speed limit. You have the choice to drive like an idiot or not. You will pay the price for your driving habits, it's something you and your driving record will live with forever. A woman makes her own choices, not you. I'm sure you are not perfect; you could be obese, have an addiction problem or have a child that hates peas. People today are to concerned with everyone eles they don't look in the mirror. If they did they might just realize how messed up their own chioces have been.

Maybe if you learned how to spell

Maybe if you learned how to spell abortion, someone might actually give your comment more than a passing glance and attempt to take you seriously. You can spew the commandments all you want, but the issue is and always be...when is a fetus considered life? Is it at the first heartbeat, or is it considered a life when the fetus is viable outside the womb? What about abortions when there's been a miscarriage? Did you know that is the same D&E procedure used when a mother has miscarried a child? A woman has to have an "abortion" when her baby has died inside her womb. If you outlaw abortion, what about that woman? Do doctors not perform that medically necessary procedure that could keep a woman from getting an infection or worse? Where do we draw the line? It's a very gray area. God bless Roe V. Wade that gives a woman a choice.


Why doesn't life begin at conception like it does for every other species? As for miscarriages, the difference is that the baby is dead when a miscarriage or spontaneous abortion occurs, but for a D&E abortion the baby is alive and being ripped apart. For the record, Roe is pro life and trying to get the court decision reversed.

How convenient for Roe. She

How convenient for Roe. She was given her choice, now she's all for taking the choice away from others? Nice.


Roe never had an abortion. The court trials were not over and she had a baby. Check out this website:

She was still given her

She was still given her CHOICE, no? And she now seeks to have that CHOICE taken AWAY from others now, does she not? I frankly don't care what she *did*. I care that she had a CHOICE.

Grey area...a woman's choice.

Other than rape, a woman has a choice to lay down with a man. More often than not, abortion is used as birth control. I guess a seed isn't considered food until you allow it to grow and put it in your mouth, "a very gray area".