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Thousands enjoy air show

WILMINGTON -- You may have heard the roar of jet engines this weekend coming from the Coastal Carolina Air Show. Folks had the chance to walk around and check out different types of aircraft on the ground. They were even allowed to tour the inside of a few of the planes. After checking out the grounded planes spectators were able to enjoy them perform in the sky. Organizers say more than 25,000 people came out this weekend to enjoy the show.

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the civil air patrol searched bags, confiscated food (you could tell they felt sorry for people but were following rules..) and there was a ton of wrapped food, a kfc bucket, subway, etc... piled up in the trashcans at the gate.. this gig went from a family and community affair to a joke.. Next time we'll bbq in the back yard and watch it from there.. Between the traffic, parking, lack of exhibits and performers to the thunderchickes doing the same thing AGAIN for the second time in a row..... Not worth the gas or the money.. at all like it used to be, back in the day... Whoever said the Blue Angels were better said that right.... Go Navy! But even besides the food issue that isn't fair... the airshow itself really did suck....


We attended the air show in wilmington on Sunday and found everything very well done except the food issue. I too understood that there were no coolers allowed and did not attempt to do that but spent $90.00 on tickets to get my family in and left $25.00 worth of sandwiches at the gate because of the newly realized rules. I also witnessed a mother of a toddler being made to leave the snacks she packed in the diaper bag behind. I guess whoever made up the rules never tried to a 2 year old happy for 3 or 4 hours before. I don't think allowing people to bring in food will hurt that much. most people will still buy some things from the vendors. we really enjoyed the show but I really wanted my kids to have the same memories I had as a youngster with the whole picnic at the airport feel and was a little upset that the rules were not clear in the ads and from those answer ing phone calls.

Air show Follies

As with the last air show this one was the same logistical folly. Anybody attending the show had to notice plenty of volunteers to get you parked. When the show ended there was not one person to get people out. This resulted in myself and hundreds others having to park at the back and there were 3 separate lines of folks trying to get out. 3 lines to turn left onto an exit road and one line coming from the opposite direction turning into the same line. It took appx. 1hr 30 minutes to just get out of the parking lot. The organizers have never ever prepared to get people out. They just wnat you in to get your money which is how the organizers have always worked. That was my last air show. I can see it from my house without all of the hazzle.

Air Show

"Different Places" - "Different Noises"~ My name is Michael and i have always been faccinated with all kinds of aircraft! I am a commercial fisherman by trade. I was on the cape fear river Sunday, working as usual catching "Blue Crab", and to my amazement-heard the sounds of the "Airshow". I looked up into the sky and saw from what it looked like,about 4 or 5 planes doing a series of stunts! Knowing i was not there upclose to view it made me realize that i wish i was!! I can only imagine how it would have been in person! 10 miles away at the least, and i heard the thunder and roar of every plane/jet that flew over! Im sure it was a great show and maybe oneday ill make it in person! Nice Show~

Coastal Carolina Air Show a joke

The Friday before the air show I called 254-9989 which is the number posted on the web site as the official number. I explained I had four children had purchased six tickets total and was calling to see if I could pack sandwiches for the family so I would not have to spend another $50 on cheap hotdogs and drinks... I was told that it would not be a problem,but to pack my food in a backpack because coolers were not allowed. I got to the air show on Saturday was surprised to see signs at the gate that said "No Food" and was given a choice to take my food back to my car or throw it away at the gate. How can you change the rules overnight? The only thing posted on the web or I was specifically told from management was "No Coolers". There was nothing about "No Food" on the website OR the gentleman I spoke with at 2:00 pm on Friday at the Air show office said it was NOT a problem.. So I wasted more money by not being able to eat the food I was told we could bring and still having to pay more than my monthly cell phone bill in order to feed my children. I would have revised my plans and ticket purchase options if I had of been notified correctly. Growing up as a child in Wilmington when we had the pleasure of having good air shows every once in a while.. I remember having a picnic with my parents on the airfield eating Mom's sandwiches and other homemade goodies.. I remember the Golden knights and the Coast Guard doing mock rescues and the Marines dropping from ropes in helicopters. There was also plenty to do. I remember the small remote control planes and rockets from area hobbyists, and so many planes to view and walk on. Not just a few commercialized items and a $50.00 five-minute helicopter ride or amateur stunt biker performers who dropped their motorcycles and blew out tires… (Who had no business riding the way they were as much as they were wiping out that closely to actual live people..) It has now changed... No family style picnics (so we found out Saturday after being given false information), not as many performers, and now for some reason for the past few air shows we are stuck with the Thunderbirds who although are good do not put on as good as a show as the Blue Angles... The last good air show was at least ten years ago if not longer when the Blue Angels preformed, you could bring a picnic lunch, and the Stealth bomber made a surprise flyover and there were tons of acts AND aircraft on display… Make your rules more clear online and do not give out false and inaccurate information. Also, PLEASE rotate air teams so we are not stuck with the Canadian snowbirds and then the Thunderbirds twice in a row.. The only thing this air show did besides make us upset because of the commercialization, absurdly over-priced food, extremely long lines, an even less variety of performers and the same performers as the last air show was make us happy about the drive we will make in June to New River to go and see a real air show.. Not an underachieving over-hyped, over-priced, commercialized money-maker like the rip off that we attended this weekend... The ONLY reason this year’s air show was not the worst ever was because the Canadian prop planes were not the main act.. Horrible, lacking and overpriced… Not what one is looking to spend money on in a troubled economy.. And thank you for giving me incorrect and inaccurate information about the food on Friday afternoon.. I enjoyed wasting even more money…


Well, did they search your bags? How did they know you had food? Just carry a big purse.

A joke???

C'mon to us how you REALLY feel.....

Airshow parking lot

I wanted to go. Packed the car with family and chairs, left the house at 9:30 and sat in a line of cars for 45 mins and never moved so I turned around and went downtown. Good job sheriff's department.

"Good job sheriff's

"Good job sheriff's department" You do realize that it was just not the sheriff's dept that was directing traffic? YOu also had airport police and city police working. I also got to the show around 9:45 and only had to wait approx 30 minutes to get into the airport. I came off MLK onto 23 and it seems as though traffic was moving fairly smoothly. I saw several deputies and a couple airport officers at the intersection into the airport from 23 st

Traffic directors?

We greatly enjoyed the air show, but surely wondered why there was no one directing traffic on the way out. We were parked maybe 25 yards away from a paved road on airport property, just inside the handicap-parking area. It took an hour and 15 minutes to get onto that little paved road. :(

air show

first time attended and my family had a blast! thanks to the appropriate people

Air Show

I was at the air show on Saturday. I injoyed the show because, I was helping to bring the handicap and anyone that was having touble in walking the long distance from the gates to the viewing sites. I loved providing this transpotation to help the ones needing the help. I would do it again if I am able to do it.