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Three boats destroyed in Oak Island marina fire

Three boats are destroyed after a fire at an Oak Island marina. The fire broke out around 5:30 a.m. at the South Harbor Village Marina, on the eastern end of Oak Island. One of the burned-out boats actually sank. No one was on board the boats when the fire broke out, and no one was hurt. Oak Island Fire Chief, John House, said the cause is still under investigation... That investigation is on hold until Friday, because one of the vessels was leaking diesel fuel into the water. The names of the boats' owners have not been released.

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I am sorry about my first

I am sorry about my first post's abruptness but I feel I should clarify. I don't accuse all involved but it seems unlikely that a fire would have started in the conditions given. Most likely, there are two boats whose owners have lost their property due to the actions of another. Who the responsible person is will be the duty of the authorities to find.

Accidental, sure it was.

I am just so sorry for their loss. The loss of an expensive and most likely, well insured boat at 5:30 in the morning in the middle of winter. Most boat fires occur in the afternoon and evening during months of use. I guess they really needed to pay their home mortgage.

Whodunit, I know one of the

Whodunit, I know one of the gentlemen that just lost his boat down there, I can promise you that he would not do that to his vessel. For you not to know a thing about anything or him and open your mouth like that is pretty gutsy. Next time you should write your full name on here and how to get in touch with you so that you could say that face to face. Since you know so much about boat fires maybe you had something to do with it. You probably did not take into consideration that it was 20 degrees the other night and boats with plumbing have to be kept warm too. With vapors from fuel tanks and heaters cycling on and off there's a pretty good chance something bad could happen. Use your head before you open your mouth next time.