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Three bridges in Wrightsville Beach need to be repaired

READ MORE: Three bridges in Wrightsville Beach need to be repaired
Three bridges in Wrightsville Beach need to be repaired. The DOT says four bridges in New Hanover County, including the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge should be replaced, but with a limited budget, repairing them will have to do. The Wrightsville Beach bridges in question are the drawbridge and the two bridges over banks channel. The wooden foundation of the drawbridge has decayed, and the other two bridges have decayed to the point where steel supports are now exposed. Allen Pope of the NC Department of Transportation said, "In a perfect world you want something out there that's new. You always want a brand new car, but you can't always have a brand new car so you have to do things to extend its life." Pope said the bridges are all safe for the time being and that repairs on them will start next fall after tourist season ends.

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Bridge to nowhere

Wrightsville beach needs bridges. Great, let them pay for them themselves. After all, after gouging locals and tourist alike with meters, and the WB police constantly looking for anything they can write a ticket for, there should be plenty of money for their repairs. Houses may need to be reevaluated for tax purposes. If you want to, i'm sure the state will put a ferry there for you like bald head island. Then you can ride golf carts and suck sand. If your not a local to the beach, the motto is "Welcome to Wrightsville Beach, now go home". Personally I believe they should pay for the beach nourishment also. They want to live on an island, let them pay.

Thanks for that hissy fit

The bridges are the responsibility of the state, as they carry state maintained roads. (US 74 and 76) If your life is made such a nightmare by parking meters and police officers enforcing the law, why do you continue to torture yourself by going to Wrightsville Beach?

Tax Money Again.....

Our city council members and county commissioners would rather spend our tax money on things like convention centers that will lose more tax money. Hey, we already have bridges, and we can always raise taxes. Maybe they will raise the taxes in Wrightsville Beach to fix the bridges there, and then Wilmington tax payers won't have to be so envious.

To Mr. Pope

Looks like the state government has dropped the ball(again), when you have structures, you have a maintenance fund in place??? is this going to be like the road in front of Mayfaire? Where has all of the tax collected on fuel in this state gone?? But just remember North Carolina has the best politians that money can buy!


Isn't THREE all they have???? That flippin draw bridge needs to be replaced with something else that doesn't have to go up as much...