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Three fatal heroin overdoses in Wilmington

WILMINGTON -- Wilmington has had three fatal heroin overdoses since December 1 and police are concerned. Police have alerted other police agencies, the treatment community, and us, so that we can alert you. On December 6 a 16-year old male died in a College Road motel room. On January 8 a 24-year-old male died in a residence on Shipyard Boulevard. Just six days ago a 48-year-old man died in a residence on 30 Street. In a fourth case, a 19-year-old woman with an infant overdosed in a restaurant restroom on Carolina Beach Road. She nearly died.

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If WPD would worry more

If WPD would worry more about the drug trafficing and a little bit less in reguards to speeding and other traffic worries maybe there would be a decrease in the trafficing of drugs.. Everytime you turn around there is a WPD sitting on the side of the road being more of a annoyance than anything just working on his "quota" that doesnt exsist, put more effort into following up on leads that are given to the WPD. I have personally contacted WPD with different issues in the concerne of drug trafficing but had no responce by them other than an officer came out and said he would try to make an appearence to try to scare them by driving by on occasion but effort in the arrest of these dirtbags. I guess that drugs are of a less concerne than a speeder. I would like to see more of the manpower of the WPD put forth the same effort into arresting drug dealers as they do speeders.

Wilmington has the highest

Wilmington has the highest vehicle collision stats in the state and in the top 3 in deaths related to vehicle crashes. Sure, let's just forget about traffice enforcement! Give me a break. Law Enforcement has specific divisions that work on drugs (Vice), the only thing a regular patrol officer does it make routine checks of an area. Also, WPD will not call you back and give you updates as far as their drug enforcement. All departments have different divisions that have a specific task. Vice does the drugs, Traffic officers deal with speeders and such, and patrol officers answer calls and do community policing. For the most part, they don't step on each others toes. You can't expect a traffic officer to sit around and watch a drug house.


Why not just focus on shootings and let everything else just go by the wayside?

Drug Abuse

Evidently you don't know much about drug use.It is rampant,when you get to the shooting part it's to late.I know because I as a mother have delt with my son since the age of 15,he is now 28.You don't know what it's like when a parent loves their son so much.Police need to stop the small dealers,then move onto the big dealers.But actually very few care about users.I don't know why somebody can't do something to stop this.God help us all. Linda

No need to "alert me"

I don't use heroin. Do you truly believe that these people will pay attention to your "warnings?" Ha! They're heroin addicts. If they cared about their life, they wouldn't use the junk and they surely aren't going to stop using it for even a day.