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Three men in custody for connection to Chadbourn fire

READ MORE: Three men in custody for connection to Chadbourn fire
Three men are in jail in connection with a Chadbourn tire warehouse fire that burned for two days last month. One of the men charged with starting the fire, also helped put it out. Witnesses say they saw three men near Carolina Tire Sales and a fourth driving a red car before a fire destroyed more than 30,000 tires and burned the warehouse to the ground. Now police believe they have three of those men in custody. Investigators say 19-year-old Daniel Scott is one of three men they've arrested for the September 21st fire at Carolina Tire Sales. They say Scott was a volunteer firefighter, but was paid by the hour when fighting a fire. “Normally when you have folks that are firefighters, you don't think of them as also being involved with this type of activity,” said Chadbourn Town Manager Stevie Cox. Scott turned himself in to Columbus County deputies Friday along with his brother, 18-year-old Michael Clamp. Their surrender came a day after police arrested 20-year-old Richard Turner for setting the fire. “It's a relief, I think, especially to the people that live in the immediate area because it was a bit of discomfort to wonder who did it and why they did it,” said Valory Freeman who lives near the fire. While many people are shocked that a firefighter is charged in the crime, they're still confident in the rest of the fire department. “You just can't say that all firemen are bad because they put their lives on the line to help you,” Freeman said. “In all professions, there's a likelihood of having somebody that may not necessarily play within the rules as well as others,” Cox added. Columbus, Brunswick, and Horry county fire departments all helped fight the fire, which lasted two days. Chadbourn Police partnered with the SBI and ATF in their investigation, which continues. Town manager Stevie Cox said the fire cost the town more than $70,000. The town will apply for federal aid and insurance reimbursement to cover some of the expense.

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Volunteer Firemen

It is not that unusual to have a volunteer firefighter start a fire. Numerous fire departments in North Carolina have had a member arrested for arson. It appears that Daniel Scott set fire to the building because he knew he would be paid by- the-hour to put it out. Other young firefighters have set fires just for the excitement, the thrill of seeing a building burn. It's rarely an older fireman who commits arson. Nearly all of the arsonists are young volunteer firefighters. Thrill seekers.

Not so fast....

Your statistics are incorrect.. Even locally... Years ago, in Seagate, there was an older gentleman who was found to have been setting dumpster fires. The same scenerio in Wrightsboro.. YEARS (decades) ago.. Those are the only two events however..... From where did you obtain your statistics that only young Volunteer Firefighters start fires? For that matter, why do you point to the Volunteer system? Over the years, many a professional firefighter for the thrill has also intentionally set fires, while a few have had a financial gain... Prior to distributing facts, at least make sure.... they are factual

Young Vol. Fireman

First I am not a young fireman or a young man now, But I am a senior in the fire service, I have better than 34 years of service. Both serving as a Vol. and a career position, I would like to comment on the comment of young firefighters seeking thrills have turned to arson. Well Older men do it also as was commented in the earlier reply, I think that your comment should be better explained. I took it as being a person with limited experience in the fire service, lack of better words the rookie type, no matter what the age. I think when you go and look at the fire fighters that have turned to arson to seek their thrill you will find that none are season firefighters. Now I also think that those who are seeking the thrill from fire should yes join a fire department and just sit back and wait, their day will come when they get that thrill plus so much more, like the day that they or one of their friends die from the fire, I personally have lost several in the Line of Duty deaths, so if you are wanting to spread the work please do it in a why that honors the men and women of the Fire Service that give their time, their life and yes even their personal money to protect this great place we call HOME Thanks for reading my 3 cent worth, inflation hit

A vast majority of volunteer

A vast majority of volunteer firefighters are great people who risk their personal safety to help others. But, you have to admit that they do attract their share of fire-bugs. It's not at all suprising. Pyromaniacs put themselves in positions to be able to see thier handiwork. This can either be by being a watcher in the crowd, or responding to the call as a volunteer firefighter. The same thing is true of people who sexually abuse children. They try to put themselves in positions where they are around kids. It never suprises me when a teacher or youth minister gets arrested for abusing children. Those criminals entered their profession to be close to kids. But either way, the fact remains that the actions of a few bad seeds can taint a profession of organization. One bad cop makes the whole department look bad. And just ask the Catholic church about the bad image its' pedophile preists have cast upon the entire worldwide organization, even though the number of offending preists is an extremely small percentage of the total population of priests.