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Three swimmers caught in rip current off Carolina Beach

READ MORE: Three swimmers caught in rip current off Carolina Beach
Three swimmers were caught in a rip current near the beach access in the 1600 block of South Lake Park Boulevard in Carolina Beach. Shortly before, Shelly Davis was sitting next to them on the beach. "Before I could say anything, they were way out there. I was going to tell them, ‘Don't go out there, there's a red flag, it's a red flag day’," said Davis. "A lifeguard came and I pointed out there and he stopped and he took off and radioed more lifeguards and all of a sudden tons of lifeguards, EMS, the police, everybody; it took them a while to get in." Jake Leber was one of five lifeguards that came to the rescue. "I was just trying to calm everybody down and calm myself down. And get them in as fast as we could." Davis described, "One guy they brought in on a surfboard that was not breathing and they couldn't get his heart to start." Davis said a problem she sees, is many people who visit Carolina Beach aren't familiar with flag warnings. "You can't see the flags because they're down in the sand, and they should be at the top of the lifeguard station, where people can see them." If you can't see the red flag warning, taking a dip in the ocean, may not seem like such a bad idea. In the next couple of days, beaches are going to be packed with people celebrating Memorial Day weekend. Simon Sanders, Ocean Rescue director, warns people about rip currents. "You can recognize a rip current usually by foaming water, that's moving offshore or away from the beach. Often times it discolored; it's brownish colored water. If you find yourself caught in one, swim parallel to the shore, do not swim into shore. When you recognize you're out of it, start making your way back into shore."

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I was at the beach when this

I was at the beach when this happened actually the two kids at the end of video playing is mine. Has anyone heard if the guy lived?

Rip Currents at the North End

On Saturday, our family was at the North End of Carolina Beach, right by the inlet. About 2:30-3:00pm you could actually see the rips in the water. Two children were out near the rips, and I saw it sucking them in. I immediately went to the shore's edge and got the children's attention. Of course, their parents were too busy chatting amongst themselves and slamming beers to even notice what was going on. Myself and a fisherman swam out and got the two children who were completely out of breath by the time they reached shore. The parents NEVER even acknowledged us for what we did. However, the little boy kept smiling at us and was truly grateful. It was obvious. I then took the time to explain to both of them what a rip current was and what to do next time. I just can't believe that parents bring their children to the beach and think they don't have to watch them. These two were very lucky. The couple from Apex that was there were truly amazing, as they jumped right out there to help me pull the kids in. PLEASE WATCH YOUR CHILDREN AND EDUCATE THEM TO THE DANGERS OF RIP CURRENTS. Unfortunately they are just as much a part of the beach as the water and sand!


DON'T expect thanks...most people won't give it. I've done your job and it gets ridiculous sometimes!

When in doubt, don't go out

When in doubt, don't go out kinda a simple as. I grew up surfing also living on the north end of Carolina Beach for over 17 years I seen a lot even saved a few people out of RIP's. Friday I went surfing and I got into a RIP myself. When I got out of the water as I was walking back to my truck. I was telling people who looked like they were on vacation not to go in the water.


These guys and gals are doing a great job!!! More special segments should be on the news to show exactly what rips look like, and how to swim out of them. And with actual people getting caught in one, not just a written description. The signs at the accesses are so vague, and I as a surfer know what rips are, but the signs don't make much sense. And they need to be En Espanol as well! It would also be helpful to have signs/pictures posted in each condo and hotel room, perhaps on the back of the room doors! When you are leaving the beach for the day, stop at the stand and thank these folks for being there all day to watch out for you!

good lifeguard work at Carolina Beach

North Carolina and southeastern US is lucky to have the lifeguard tradition at Carolina Beach, Kure Beach and Wrightsville Beach, which have saved countless lives through the years. Many parts of the US do not have lifeguards, noteably the panhandle section of Florida which made headlines a few years back when a news reporter's husband drowned. This information should be publicized in order to support the taxpayers and business interests that ultimately fund these lifeguard operations. Until all US beaches are guarded, New Hanover County's 3 beach communities and the lifeguards should received the praise they rightfully deserve.

kure beach lifeguard

Thank you for noticing our hard work. We lifeguards in Kure Beach have had a record high 65-75 rescues this memorial weekend. It is nice to know that the city has recognized us as a team and as a benificial factor in this tourist season. Thank You, Bridget Asst. Head Guard Kure Beach


I was at Kure on Friday, Saturday and Monday. You all did one heck of a job taking care of all the people down there. I know that you had to be some tire puppies when you got home. So proud of the job you do. Thank you so much.

Carolina Beach Lifegaurd

I just wanted to say that i was just down there this memorial day weekend and the life guards wee doing a great job they saved two peoples live i saw beacause i saw with my on two eyes on sunday they are doing an amazing job keep up the good wrok!!<3