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Time Warner announces layoffs

Time Warner Cable said it is laying off more than 1,200 people over the next few weeks due to slowing growth. The layoffs are in addition to the 500 jobs lost last year. A regional spokesperson said about 150 people will be laid off across North and South Carolina. Time Warner expects to save $90 million a year from the job cuts.

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Time Warner Layoff

I was caught up in the layoff after over (20) years of hardworking,dedicated, never take sick time, 24/7 working habits and look where it got me. If you have sick time use it when you are sick don't hord it, work your schedule and have a life with your family. When it is all said and done, your family will still be there and the only thing you will have from them is a Severance Package minus taxes. Take a step back and look outside the box, where are you? where are you going? and what kind of Quality home life do you want? It's your choice and only you can make that choice. Best of Luck. Been There Done That!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and got the Severance Package to prove it.


I am a former employee, let me just say that the Customer Service Reps would like to do more but their hands are tied.We have to comply to their rules or our job is on the line,so what to do???? And as far as the Rates for Cable....FCC REGULATED. Have a good day

Cable Rates

Sorry you lost your job, I hope something better comes along for you. Now for cable rates. Yes, they are regulated by the FCC, however, there are some cable companies that ignore the regulation and get away with it. Back when Phallic, um oopps, slip of the tongue! Back when Falcon Cable had their greasy paws on the franchise in Pender County, they were breaking the rate regulation. I called Falcon's corporate offices in Los Angeles and actually spoke with the CEO about it. In a nut shell, he told me that there wasn't much I could do about it except to take them to court. I called the FCC and they told me it was up to the County to enforce the regulation. The Pender County attorney told me that the County couldn't afford it. So basically my friends, your best bet is to throw the idiot box in the dumpster and tell the cable companies how you really feel.


It's sad more people being laid off. Timewarner will save about $90million but there will more folks who won't be able to afford cable. I knew someone who used to work for DirectTV. He had to buy all his supplies which the company deducted from his paycheck sent him on jobs outside of NHC as far as Onslow Cty & pay for his fuel-when it was over $3/gal. Needless to say his take home pay wasn't much after all was said & done. He ended up having to quit because he couldn't pay his bills after he "paid to work". Major companies are so into laying their staff off they don't realize that all these folks that aren't working or living on less won't be able to afford their services which in turn will lower their bottom line. Personally, I don't watch TV at all, no cable, satelitte or converter box-an extra bill I can't afford. I go online during my breaks at work, listen to music, read & check out my movies from the library-which is free. Had to tighten the ole belt buckle because I have to work but I gross less than $20k annually-but I'm glad to have a job.

Not Surprised

I absolutely hate for someone to lose their job, but this company has the WORST customer service of any corporation I have ever dealt with. I have never spoken to someone who honestly seemed to care...

No Problems

I have alway had wondeful customer support from TWC. The trick is ... getting someone on the line. But after that, it's been a breeze. I think it helps when you don't treat the employee like it is their fault when there is a problem.


As high as their services are I don't see why they have to cut back...GREED!!

time warner layoffs

like with all people, layoffs hurt everyone. but if you have a business that serves the people, the more people you reach, the more money you make...simple math. there are thousands of homes who want cable service but time warner refuses to go the extra mile to serve them. yea we live out of town and to run lines takes money, but if you make your service avalable to everyone, we will buy it. it just seems like if i owned a business, i would put it out there for everyone. people are loosing their jobs right now, because time warner didnt want to go the extra mile when times were good.

"Time Warner Cable said it

"Time Warner Cable said it is laying off more than 1,200 people..." "Time Warner expects to save $90 million a year from the job cuts." That explains why the cable/roadrunner bill is so high...they are way overpaid.

Numbers don't add up...

$90 million / 1200 people...they make $75k a year... BS..they dropping the little people... and inflating the numbers... TWC begging for bail out 2010 headline.

I'm a former employee

And I gotta say I am so glad I left when I did... I knew the ship was sinking...funny thing is they just put there name on The Walnut Creek Amp. for $40 million dollars...oh yeah and the BobCat Arena...not to mention all the "free fireworks" they have after events... I've always said the more a company begins advertising (ie Arenas, concert Spots) the more the ship is sinking... they need to take that $$ and put it in the employes well being and not lay off... The upper idiots in this company are a bunch of DA's too.. I give them MAYBE another year and they'll be asking for a bail out...... Directv is the way to go!

Direct TV is the way to go.

Direct TV is the way to go. They say rain fade is a problem. Guess what, as soon as the storm passes the signal is back. Not with Cable after a storm it could take days or weeks to get your service back. Also, cable does not give you $50.00 dollars for each referral that signs up along with the New Customer getting $50.00. It's a win win situation for both. And Cable is not the only Bundle in town. People really need to look at this and save themselves some money. The times my friend they are a changing.