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Time Warner asks customers: Get tough, or roll over?

READ MORE: Time Warner asks customers: Get tough, or roll over?
Cable customers could be without some of their favorite shows when the ball drops for the New Year. Fox is threatening to pull several networks from Time Warner Cable if the two companies don't reach an agreement by midnight on Friday. For Time Warner customers, the dispute means choosing between paying more or losing their shows. Time Warner asked it's customers to choose - get tough and fight Fox's increased demands, or roll over and pass on the costs. "Hundreds of thousands of customers have spoken out and asked us to get tough," said Andi Curtis of Time Warner Cable. That means Time Warner won't pay the increase Fox asked for. If the companies don't reach an agreement by Friday, FX, Fuel, Speed TV, Fox Soccer, Fox Sports World Espanol, and Fox Reality are the stations that could be pulled. "What we hope is that they will continue to let us carry those networks so that it doesn't affect our customers, it doesn't inconvenience them," said Curtis. "However, if we aren't able to negotiate they could pull those channels." Time Warner says networks are asking for big price increases now because the lagging advertising market has hurt network revenue. Most Wilmington customers support the effort, but some don't want to miss out on their favorite shows. "I think we should pay more, because I'd rather have my shows and it doesn't matter, a few more dollars doesn't matter," said cable customer Dorothy Hargrove. Carol Pendergrast disagrees. "After they went digital I had to get Time Warner in order to get the channels," she said. "But if they're going to raise their rates I'm getting rid of them." Time Warner Cable says Fox isn't the only network asking for price increases, and holding the line could prevent other networks from asking for drastic increases in the future. While this contract is only between Fox and Time Warner, experts expect other networks to ask for fee increases from all providers. Satellite and other cable customers could face the same issues in the future. Local Fox stations won't be affected by the blackout.

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roll over or get tough?

Both company’s dragged the public into their negotiations—but now refuse to reveal the outcome. Did TWC roll over or get tough? Did Fox receive what they had demanded? We deserve to know the details. However, this will not happen. Informing the public would make a mockery of TWC and News Corps previous statements and the full blitz campaigns they used against each other. Instead they are content to make a mockery out of their customers- who were used as negotiation pawns. PLEASE– Next time– and I am speaking to TWC and News Corp, do not use the media and customers to strike a good deal—- Your tactics have been proven to be disingenuine and manipulative.

with all the problems i have

with all the problems i have had with time warner service, i will research alternatives to time warner if fox is cut out of the line up. your service stinks and this is the straw that broke my camel's back.


I put up with no NFL network channel but I won't put up with not seeing the games this weekend and the bowl games coming up. Fix this or loose alot of football fans to ATT cable or one of the dish networks.

Time Warner is the real crook here.

As it is, Time Warner is screwing people out of their money and have for a long time...No competition gives them the oppertunity to charge whatever they feel like, and have been for years...I know people with cable who pay $180 a month for cable and internet, while someone with the same package pays $120, because of the outrageous contracts that Time Warner devises. They will double charge you months if you don't pay attention, high late fees, fake service charges, equipment charges, taxes, FCC fees, etc. If Time Warner weren't so greedy, they could pass some of their rediculous amounts of profits to FOX, and this wouldn't even be a story. Have any of you REALLY followed your cable bill every month of every year for the past 20 years? Have you researched Time Warner the company? Do some background investigation on Time Warner, see what they own, what they profit, etc. They will make the execs and the on-air personalities of FOX Network look like angels in comparison. Time Warner is screwing Networks, not that their any better, but they are screwing you!! I am amazed that some of the commenters here are unphased by the cost of cable TV. Also, I am looking at the tier packages right now and laguhing hysterically. Geniuses, they know exactly how to structure the tiers to screw you out of $30-80 more a month.

fox/time warner

I have not had cable television in 5 years.. as the internet has expanded so has the means to be entertained and informed.. I have no cable bill.. but can interface my laptop into my LCD television set up favorites.. run all kinds of browsers/to go back and fourth between sites movies/live streams/ sports... listen people don't pay cable companies for something you can get just by paying your at&t one monthly charge.. I have saved a ton of money by giving the cable companies the boot..ever heard of that's one of thousands of websites that carry everything you're currently paying for.. and best of all you're not held to there viewing times..I have also lost a few pounds by keeping the remote out of my hands.. done necessary repairs to my home by breaking the chains of the couch... get a life and dump the cable companies.. there on the way out anyways..keep your money.. use technology..

I am so not surprised by all

I am so not surprised by all the concerned gasping: "What about Fox News?!?!" Why? Because Fox News fans are hypocritical, right-wing people with a one-sided agenda and a ridiculous ego. I hope your Papa Bill gets taken away. I find it funny how Fox News is so consevative, yet FX and Fox Network are so trashy. Hypocrites.


First of all, Fox news was never in jeopardy. Secondly, regardless of your politics, you should not be relying on one source for your news. I recommend contrasting CNN, Foxnews, BBC, WND, and MSNBC. You will be amazed at how the stories are reported differently depending on the political agenda of the news organization. You will also be amazed at what stories certain news organizations decide NOT to report on. Personally, I feel that Time Warner and Charter are monopolies, and WAY overcharge for access. "A la Carte" channel by channel choice would be a much better way of allowing consumer choice and free market governance of programming - rather than choosing blocks of channels that most people could care less about. Also, Charter and Time Warner are not in competition - you only have one choice depending on where you live in the county. Our family pays $30 a month for cable and internet from Time Warner. We do without TLC, History channel, National Geographic channel, Nickelodeon, Disney, etc..., but the upside is that we watch less of what trash "the MAN" is spoon feeding us, and go out and LIVE life in what little free space there is this county. Be careful about stereotyping "Fox News fans". Fox News fans are... Muslims are... Asian Americans are... Christians are... Democrats are... African Americans are... Gay people are... Jewish people are...

Hmmm.. think Fox News is all right-wing...LOL I guess that's why it is the NUMBER ONE news channel in America...course that's not saying much as the other "news" channels are bought and paid for by the left wingers. If you think Fox News is all shows you haven't even watched it. I know of MANY anchors and stories that directly attack stupid stuff the Republicans do...I guess you just get mad when the left gets attacked...THAT is the problem...CBS, NBC and ABC like to attack the right, but never seem to have the guts to attack the left...its called NEWS and Fox is the LEAST biased of the channels...the RATINGS PROVE it! Plus when it comes down to it..votes from the far left and far right DON'T MATTER...its the middle...and the middle watches Fox news...and FORTUNATELY...the Democrats and Socialists can't hide the truth on Fox....and BOY does it make 'em MAD AS FIRE...

Trashy TV

The worst one for r rated shows is Disney. Of course they don't produce it under the Disney name, but through some of the many companies they own.

Time Warner

Let them go.. When I signed up for Time Warner I had one price, after a year it went up, After I complained it went back down,, Then back up after a year. WIsh that I could find a cable company that stays the same or it increases the rate for everyone.. I don't even want all the 79 channels I have but I have to pay for them,,,

Hard Choice.....

I dont think fox should be asking for an increase. However, if TWC does not have fox, they will lose a lot of their customers. Personally, I cant live without American Idol, so I say Roll Over!

get a life

U can't live without american idol? get a life !

Too bad Fox News isn't one

Too bad Fox News isn't one of the channels being taken away...

Fox News

If you don't like it don't watch it. Apparantly someone likes it, it's the number one news network on cable.


THEY don't like it when you say that...they cannot admit that Fox is really the ONLY NEWS agency left!

I wish they would come up

I wish they would come up with a system where you could pick and pay for only the channels you want. Is this possible?


Try Apple TV. Available at Best Buy or other outlets. You'll need a high speed ISP.

Hold it

Hold the line. Seriously, where else are these companies going to go? It would be too huge a loss in advertising dollars and opportunities for FOX to make pulling networks a permanent resolution. Kind of like when you were a kid and mom would threaten to throw your toys in the trash if you didn't clean your room, then you would later find the 'trashed' toys in a bag in the corner of the garage. FOX just wants to see what they can get out their constituents. Also, big deal if you miss your fave shows, that's what the internet is for.

Get tougher. MUCH tougher.

If a channel shows ads to support themselves, then I don't see why they should even be expecting a cable or satellite carrier to pay to carry them in the first place. Except for locals, without the carrier, these channels have no audience and no revenue AT ALL! If they can't support themselves with the ads, then they should fold instead of expecting us to pay AND watch ads. As it is, we have very limited say in what channels we subscribe to, so in the end we are paying for channels we don't want. There's fifty-seven channels and nothin' on? Please... we now have 2,495 channels that cost and arm and a leg and still there's nothin' on. With regard to local channels, virtually everyone "should" be able to get those free over the air with the right antenna anyway. I can get all but a couple locals with a simple indoor antenna, and can get the rest with an external one, so why would I want to pay a carrier to re-broadcast it?


Then why are you paying them?


If enough cable companies drop this network, economics will force them to lower their prices. Advertising dollars is where networks make their money. If the number of homes receiving a network falls dramatically, sponsors will follow, and start pulling their advertising dollars. This would force Fox and other networks to rethink it's price increase if they want to survive. Then maybe Time Warner would adjust their pricing to a more reasonable rate. The only channels that should have to be paid for are the movie channels that don"t have advertising.

Get Really Tough

They need us, we do not need them. With all the other channels available, we REALLY do not need them. Therefore, demand a price DECREASE from them. Without Time Warner's customers, their advertisers will go elsewhere and they will disappear. We should be in the driver's seat, not them.

you didn't say Fox news when asking tough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was misled !. No way get rid of my Fox News! You are misleading and I hate you for it.! You will loose 80% of viewers to satellite just on principle for trying to do this to us Fox supporters!!!!!

just keep fox news and get rid of other channels

Keep Fox and let others go.... I will have Hannity O'Reilly, Greta and Glen or find satellite service I have been wanting to sell my Time warner stock for a long time now... just give me a reason.....

just keep fox news and get rid of other channels

Spoken like a true moron.

fox news O'Reilly Hannity Greta Glen

I will definately without a doubt drop cable and go to satellite if I don't get them. Just tell me when you will do this. Thanks. ooooh, forgot I WILL SELL MY STOCK TOO....

Time Warner Cable Increase?

This is ridiculous. Abc family has already been taken off our TV. That's one of the ONLY stations that I can sit down with my family and watch tv with on monday nights. And now you're taking that away?! This is ridiculous. Abc family...FAMILIES MEANT TO WATCH TELEVISION TOGETHER. It's the only bonding time I have with my children, who are off doing sports and work every other day of the week. I WON'T stand for this.

How is watching tv bonding

How is watching tv bonding with children? Seems that's bonding with the television, not children. If that's all the time you have with your children, and you choose tv????

Cable pay increases

I think it is wrong for FOX to cut out channels or make a huge price increase. They think their having problems? So is the rest of the country. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY can afford a price increase on their cable bill. After a long days work all I want to do is come home and watch some of my shows or movies. I wake up early on Sundays to watch my football games and have a relaxing day off. FOX is going to deprive me of this? Cable is expensive enough, don't make the country pay the price. Networks are getting cut off already. Some of my favorite networks are urging price increaces, and this is just wrong. Eventually there will be no TV unless you have a couple hundred dollars to spare in this bad economy. These networks are going to lose even more money because no one will be able to pay these increases. In the end... their gonna be in a worse situation than the one they started off in. STOP price increases!


You could just read a book...