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Time Warner asks customers: Get tough, or roll over?

READ MORE: Time Warner asks customers: Get tough, or roll over?
Cable customers could be without some of their favorite shows when the ball drops for the New Year. Fox is threatening to pull several networks from Time Warner Cable if the two companies don't reach an agreement by midnight on Friday. For Time Warner customers, the dispute means choosing between paying more or losing their shows. Time Warner asked it's customers to choose - get tough and fight Fox's increased demands, or roll over and pass on the costs. "Hundreds of thousands of customers have spoken out and asked us to get tough," said Andi Curtis of Time Warner Cable. That means Time Warner won't pay the increase Fox asked for. If the companies don't reach an agreement by Friday, FX, Fuel, Speed TV, Fox Soccer, Fox Sports World Espanol, and Fox Reality are the stations that could be pulled. "What we hope is that they will continue to let us carry those networks so that it doesn't affect our customers, it doesn't inconvenience them," said Curtis. "However, if we aren't able to negotiate they could pull those channels." Time Warner says networks are asking for big price increases now because the lagging advertising market has hurt network revenue. Most Wilmington customers support the effort, but some don't want to miss out on their favorite shows. "I think we should pay more, because I'd rather have my shows and it doesn't matter, a few more dollars doesn't matter," said cable customer Dorothy Hargrove. Carol Pendergrast disagrees. "After they went digital I had to get Time Warner in order to get the channels," she said. "But if they're going to raise their rates I'm getting rid of them." Time Warner Cable says Fox isn't the only network asking for price increases, and holding the line could prevent other networks from asking for drastic increases in the future. While this contract is only between Fox and Time Warner, experts expect other networks to ask for fee increases from all providers. Satellite and other cable customers could face the same issues in the future. Local Fox stations won't be affected by the blackout.

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I don't think your Fox network channel or even Fox News will be taken away - it's other channels like FX and Speed that won't be on Time Warner anymore. I agree that cable prices are through the roof already, but I do have to applaud Time Warner for not giving in to the demands of some of these networks. At least we are getting the right to tell the cable company what we want them to do. It seems only fair since we are paying for their service. The networks are just as bad or worse than the cable companies.

Roll Over or Get Tough Policy by Time Warner

Not only do I agree with Time Warner but feel in they should not only get tough with FOX but All the networks to lower their fees but lower their fees when they win their concession from the networks. We the consumer with whom have been loyal to the cable companies for years are getting feed up with the cable people as well. When I signed up with cable I paid 35.00/month now I am paying over 85.00 per month for the same service, what have the cable people done to deserve the increase?

I wonder

Will Time Warner lower their rates if Fox does pull their channels off or will they give you less for the same amount?

Why would we pay more?

Time Warner in New York is terrible as it is. Why would we pay more. I was just watching a pixelated On Demand movie that I paid for and have to restart the box everyday because "Please Wait..." flashes. Not to mention the 5 second pause while changing HD channels. They should lower the cost.

To Dorothy ... Pay more to TWC.. ...Are you nuts?

To Dorothy Hargrove...Are you nuts? Pay MORE money to Time Warner? You have GOT TO BE kidding! We already pay enough to Time Warner as it is... Any more money and I'm going to get tough with Time Warner and switch to a different carrier.. I pay almost $1500 per year for internet, standard cable and HBO... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I pay enough as it is! Get tough Time Warner.. Because if you don't, your customers will. You could start by closing that double sized store in the mall that would at least nock a few pennies off of all of our bills. Its Absurd to think to watch football and House I would have to pay more than I am already paying.. Why don't you include some chapstick and vasoline in my next bill.

Time Warner

Time Warner is saying that their cable is priced so high because networks are asking for more money? Well, if TWC doesn't pay and the programs are dropped, then that would mean cable prices won't go up next year right? No! TWC will find another reason to hike up the price. I believe they give their employees free or reduced cable. They should stop that and pass that money onto the customers. I'm just about ready to lower my cable to basic(22 channels). The bill would be around $12.00 and there won't be good programming, but I'd rather pay that and not the near $60.00 I am paying now and more next year.

cable bill

i would like to see time warner cable give some people a brake on there cable bill that has been with time warner for years. those that pay there bill on time or late pay in full. Decrease there bill by 30%. this would be a good idea. would you please, think about this idea. those that come on broad they will get the 30% off after two years. the people do not watch all those channels they are paying for them any way. we the people need a brake.

Get tough?

Hhmmm...let's I want my money to go to truth in broadcasting and innovative programming....or to a vast supply of twerpty non-programming? Tough choice here!...oh, I've got it! Send my money to Fox...the only folks on the cable channel lineup worth listening to! Guess I'll roll over TW!