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Time Warner not carrying MASN, blacking out Yankees games on YES

READ MORE: Time Warner not carrying MASN, blacking out Yankees games on YES
With the pennant race quickly approaching, baseball fans throughout southeastern North Carolina are frustrated by the relationship between a major cable provider and two sports networks. Time Warner Cable reached an agreement with one popular sports network, but continues to struggle with another. As a result, baseball fans in Wilmington are worried that means they won't see their teams as the playoffs approach. Time Warner Cable recently added the Yankees Entertainment and Sports or YES network, but you won't see any Yankee games unless you have the Major League Baseball package. “I believe that the YES network is forming a monopoly around the Yankee baseball system. I think it's a total sell out to sports fans everywhere,” said Yankees fan Michael Keogh. Even if you have that package, you won't see home games involving Orioles or Nationals. Those teams are covered by the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network, or MASN, which Time Warner Cable doesn't carry at all. “Not only if you're a Baltimore fan or a Washington fan, but if you're a fan of other teams, every time they play those other teams it's blacked out,” said a frustrated Terry Baker. Even though arbitrators have ruled Time Warner has to carry MASN, the cable company is still refusing to do so, and is appealing to the full F.C.C. For restaurants like Surfs Bar and Grille, it means owners need Direct TV and Time Warner to provide the customers with the games they want. “We got Boston fans, we got Yankee fans, we got fans from all over the country in Wilmington. It's just an extra expense that you have to have because you want to make everyone feel at home when they come here,” said Henry Minutillo of Surfs. While sport fans can stop by Surfs to catch all of the games, they're worried that the extra cost for the cable networks could be passed on to them through the cost of their food and beverages. Still, it's a lot cheaper than a trip to the ballpark or having to buy a complete sports satellite or cable package. A Time Warner Cable spokesperson says the Yankee games are blacked out on the YES network due to territorial restrictions. Time Warner will not carry MASN because of a dispute over what subscriber package it should be included in. A spokesperson for MASN says the black out is due to a competing sports station owned by Time Warner. MASN is also the carrier for UNCW basketball games and East Carolina football.

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If everyone will just take

If everyone will just take advantage of the great promotions that Direct TV has you want even have to worry about what Time Warner Cable does or doesn't do. For sure it can't be a money issue, they laid off enough workers in February to cover this multiple times. And are still restructuring and laying off people in the Wilmington office, even though you don't hear that on the news. Just switch to Direct TV and don't give Time Warner Cable the satisfaction of being news worthy.

WOW!!! All this over what

WOW!!! All this over what television stations recieve in your home.

Yeah, go figure.

I know, right? Who'd have guessed that television would ever become the huge hit that it has? Seriously...the popularity of television is remarkable. It's got be one of the top inventions in the history of mankind with regards to how widespread it has become. More people own tv's than cars. TV is no small influence in our world, so yeah, ALL THIS over what does and does not come into our homes.


There is only one answer for Time Warner Cable failing to reach agreement to carry MASN: greed. Twice it has gone to arbitration and twice the arbitrator has sided with MASN. It is time for TWC to listen to their viewers.

They don't care about their fans.

This mess is a great example of how these sports franchises don't care about their fans. If they really cared, they'd maximize their reach to make their games more accessible. Instead, they ink these exclusive contracts and take other steps to maximize their income, all at great inconvenience and/or increased expense to their fans. It's a real shame.

ill tell you who we have to

ill tell you who we have to blame for this mess, Obama and his merry band of socialist liberal democrat cronies. Its socialism at its finest, THEY decide what you can and can't watch. I thought this was America, or would Obama like this to be more like KENYA or IRAN or some other freedom and baseball hating country. Typical liberals.

You are an idiot and not a

You are an idiot and not a baseball fan. It has been the case that we have been blacked out on Yankee games for years and have not had MASN for years. Obama had nothing to do with it. Don't get me wrong I didn't want him in office, but don't blame the guy for something he had nothing to do with.

Is this really news?

Is this really news?

Yes, it is

Yes, it is. CRITERIA: 1 - It's something that's happening throughout this country. 2 - It's something that affects some people in our area. 3 - It's something that some people in our area care about. 4 - It's something that has caused strife between those who initiate it and those who feel its effects.

Not unless

you're a Yankee

Time Warner Cable

Why cant we get MASN? We pay extra for digital cable so why doesnt that count? To get other games you must have Extra Innings package,so why dont they just put MASN on the digital tier. They say they cant show Yankee games cause we are not in the New York area. But We get Cubs and White Sox games on WGN..I think that if enought people complain to time warner cable maybe they will do something..

I just want to watch the

I just want to watch the Yankees. Tonight if you are in NJ the game is on through Comcast, but not Time Warner.


Im not a Yankee. And if your only respomse was that then,dont waste your time. I want MASN because we cant see Braves games anymore so the Orioles and Nats are better than nothing. Time warner will not even show our own Bobcat basketball games either.Not to mention UNCW games on MASN.So no Im not a Yankee, but I would love to be able to see their games on YES so I can pull for whoever they are playing against.


Just go to DirecTV and get a DIRECT digital feed...I laugh my rear off when TW attacks dishes...which is EXACTLY how they get their feeds...and then pipe it across the your getting a degraded signal. I very RARELY get thick cloud blockage and when I's happening on my parents tv...which is TW Digital.

It is funny

Yea, I guess TW forgets about those big satellite dishes their feed comes in on before they send it down the line. I wonder why they don't do commercials bashing how their signal goes out when a pole is knocked over when a car crashes into it? Or when somebody digs without calling Nocuts?