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Titan announces plans to move quarry

One issue that may have impacted a lot of votes in our area is the future of Titan Cement. To the dismay of many residents, Titan plans to reopen the Old Roanoke cement plant in Castle Hayne. Today the company announced a plan to move the quarry across Holly Shelter Road, putting it about a mile from the Cape Fear River. River Keeper Doug Springer, said moving the quarry is a good thing, but he believes it will not be long before the resources are used up, and Titan will have to look for a new spot, back closer to the river.

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With all the Plant closings in and around Wilmington, the Plant's opening is welcomed news. We need more Plant opening to create jobs to stimulate our economy, not less. Environmental people are always throwing up road blocks in economic hard times. Bring it on, Wilmington needs tis Plant to open soon.

Titan a good thing for the area

You know folks, the only way to have no impact on the environment is to get rid of all the people. Unfortunately I don't see anyone lining up to do this. People need jobs. Unemployment is the highest it has been in 14 years. Stop throwing up hurdles to industrial development and let's put people to work!

It's been stopped

R. C. Soles and others including Kay Hagan, Dole and Boseman have signed off on denying the plant from expanding. They have listened to the voters and are not willing to go further with this environmental problem. I ask now what is the problem? The news service are the only ones profiting from dragging this story out.

Well look at all plants in the area

If you want to worry about the enviroment. than lets start. Look at 421 case in point. Acid plant Southern states, Progress energy, Urea plant down by the state port Koch Chemical. Lets look at Chem Serv. On castle hayne road, Let look where the old Almont shipping Plant was right on the river where the convention center is going . Look into how many truck loads of dirt went out there. there was a over a million enviroment clean up right behind Eagle Island fruit stand in between Royster-Clark and Southern States, about 4 years ago where the EPA was. Right beside Horton recycle where the property is for sale. Check out how many load of dirt was haul out of there. If you want to get on your soap box about the children, and visa etc... Check into what has happen in the area and continues to go unnotice.

Plants in the area

In resonse to plants in the area - you are 100% correct - there are many, many businesses in the area as you point out that need to clean up their act. Since you are very familiar with them, then organize a plan and get people to contact them each and demand that they clean up our environment. I agree with each one that you pointed out - good job at bringing this to public awareness - keep up the good work - hope to see more blogs on these plants..chr


People we need to look out for jobs, If we have jobs we can pay for housing, healthcare, I know the enviroment is very important. But, so are the people to live. We have to have jobs to pay for things. Titan would bring jobs, tax $ money into the community.


i'm for titan too come into the area. we need the jobs. may-be if you don't want titan here then move.i wish i live closer.i'd go for a job.


Hey - it is apparent you don't live very close and maybe you will not be as quickly affected as those of us here in Castle Hayne. You are short sighted, if they come here yes there will be a few jobs but think of all the jobs that WILL leave the area and the loss of tourism, due to contamination. . Think long range not short term. chr

jobs / titan

I see by your login you are a concerned mom. I am a very concerned citizen who lives and works within a few miles of this site. I recently pulled the traffic counts on Holly Shelter Road in April 2008 and there were in excess of 10,000 vehicles per day. The estimated truck traffic is 476 per day with rail traffic atleast 1 time a day in excess of 1 mile long. How can ignore the pollution that mercury will cause, possible contamination of our water aquifer etc for as few as 160 jobs. I dare say they will not hire even 100 local persons, and some of those may be here on work visas... and as you know, those on work visas don't spend all of there money here in our area such as full time residents. We also must consider the schools, children, humans and animals in this area. What good will these few jobs do - if it destroys the tourism to our area. Please research further into Titan. I have spoken with them and their representatives numerous, numerous times and unfortunately, some information they have provided has been misrepresented. I believe we do need industry/jobs in our area, but Titan is NOT suitable. Would be fabulous if we could conserve these lands on both sides of this river for parks and recreation and not destroy the remaining trees, etc. Thank you.

Several points

when you look at traffic count, remember the I-40 exit impacts those numbers. Don't forget the hrowth in Hampstead which impacts those numbers. Don't forget a more alert and diligent EPA will monitor this facility. With unemployment on the rise, and likely to continue, this area needs to present a common sense approach to being pro-business which equates to more jobs.

Several Points

I agree Surf City Tom we need business and jobs to help prevent higher taxes, but NOT this business - why would we want a business that will pollute our environment and potentially destroy our tourism industry at the same time. If this river and our aquifer get contaminated as well as the air we breathe - how much tourism dollars do you think will be spent in Hampstead, Wilmington and Surf City - contaminated fish would be all up and down our oceanfront. So far as traffic counts you are correct at pointing out that our traffic is a result of growth from I40, Hampstead etc - case in point - our infrastructure can not handle the impact now - let alone atleast another 476 cement trucks on the road spewing further pollution, the coal that will further pollute our air from the kiln and then the back up of traffic from the 1 miles plus rail road cars coming into the area possibly daily with 100's of cars of coal. Also consider the elementary school and middle school that will be opening in this same traffic corridor that is going to cause yet another traffic hazard to this area. . no this is NOT the industry we need in New Hanover, Pender or Brunswick - none of the areas along the coast need this industry - resident of surroundinng counties you need to start speaking to your county commissioners now on the type of industry that is acceptable to your area - get involved . .

NO Titan

I could not agree more with the previous writer. Maybe Titan would bring jobs, tax $ money into the community... I am saying MAYBE because stranger things have happened than all the promised deals did not come true, but think of what this deal would bring for SURE: DUST,DIRT, environmental problems, which all will turn into long-term problems. And then what?

NO Titan

In response to NO Titan, Thank you for SPEAKING up.. you are right - it they come here and contaminate our area further it will be long term problems. Then we are all stuck living in their pollution and possibly other businesses in our area would/could leave. Before we have a further problem - lets head them off at the pass.. STOP TITAN, leave our area, we do NOT want you in Castle Hayne, New Hanover County or Pender from prior news releases. At the same time, lets work on existing businesses to clean up their act and continue to improve our city, country, state and our Nation . move on.

Are you psychic?

There may be jobs, but we will DEFINITELY have "environmental problems?" Where did you get that crystal ball?