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Titan breaks silence on superior court ruling


Titan America issued a statement Wednesday, May 5, calling a recent court decision to apply a lengthy environmental review to its proposal in Castle Hayne “regrettable” - reports the Lumina News.

“We at Titan America are disappointed in the Judge’s recent decision about the application of the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) to the Carolinas Cement project,” the statement read. “We’re evaluating next steps.”

The statement comes just two days after Wake County Superior Court Judge Donald Stephens overturned an administrative ruling that would have given Titan’s proposed cement facility and limestone quarry along the Cape Fear River in New Hanover County a pass on SEPA.

SEPA is a state environmental act that requires certain companies to undergo an environmental review that can stretch on for two years before its construction and operations may be permitted.

Titan can appeal the judge’s ruling, though the statement released Wednesday did not declare an intention to do so.

Titan had begun a federal environmental review process under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) in the summer of 2008 that would have fulfilled the requirements of SEPA, state and federal officials said.

But Titan put that process on hold to pursue its air quality permit through the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

“Titan America’s officials followed the process the State of North Carolina required of us to the letter of the law,” the statement read. “We find it regrettable that the guidelines set forth at the onset of this project regarding SEPA and NEPA are at cross purposes with the Judge’s decision.

“We also believe this decision affects much more than the Titan project and sets an anti-industry precedent that could put future commerce of North Carolina at great risk.”

Titan officials have said the company was planning to undertake the environmental review process following the issuance of a final air permit.

A draft air permit was issued in 2009 and a final permit was expected sometime this year, though DENR officials refused to provide a timeline on when that might have occurred.

Now, however, all work regarding Titan’s final air permit has ceased pending an appeal of Judge Stephens’ ruling or the completion of an environmental review.

by Brian Freskos
Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thanks, Lumina News

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Titan America

After reading this article and giving it much thought this one statement by Titan America angered me.

“We also believe this decision affects much more than the Titan project and sets an anti-industry precedent that could put future commerce of North Carolina at great risk.”

Titan America has one primary interest and that is it's bottom line. I have no problem with them being concerned with making the maximum profits from their point of view. My position simply put is that the residents of our community or any other community must consider their own safety first as we are the ones to benefit or suffer from our decisions. Big Industries can come and go "At Will" but we, the citizens have chosen to wake up here every day. This community is our "HOUSE". This community is our "HOME" and as such we are responsible for how we keep our home. Any industry that comes into our home either at our invitation or on their desire to relocate here must abide by our "HOUSE RULES".

It is unfortunate that many companies came here in the past with the attitude that they can come in and do as they please only to pull up stakes and leave us when they see cheaper labor in other countries or they see less environmental regulations in other countries. With our economies now suffering I think "We The People" are beginning to wake up to the fact that we are at the mercy of big business either by their leaving or not coming here. Well now it appears the people are seeing that if a business is going come here they are going to have to live and co-exist with the community by our rules. Should they choose not to locate here makes us no difference as our economy is not going to suffer any worse than it would if they came here and caused problems that drove away other parts of our economy.

We are finally beginning to awaken to the fact that this is our community and we will welcome new industry providing they come here and live according to our rules. It can be done as is evident by the long term co-existence of companies like GE and others in our community so to big industries we say simply that you have only to understand that you take your hat off in our house. We say that you do not put your feet on the table. We say raise the seat on the commode. The rules are simple but they are our rules. They benefit us all and that includes you too big business.

We want commerce to live and thrive in North Carolina and in our community but not at an unacceptable risk to our community. Consider it.