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Titan Cement Forum

READ MORE: Titan Cement Forum
NEW HANOVER COUNTY-- Loulie Scharf and her son were a part of the large crowd concerned about Titan cement setting up shop at the old Roanoke plant in New Hanover County. "It's silly to bring it here." Scharf Says. Tuesday nights Titan forum at the New Hanover County library was an effort to educate residents about the environmental impacts the plan could have on the community. The forum was sponsored by the League of Women Voters and the Council of Neighborhood Associations. Ilse Henagan represents C.O.N.A. "We want to know the pros and the cons so we can make an educated and informed decision." A Scientist, Professor and Enviromentalists made up the panel and were on hand to answer questions from the audience. Titan reps declined to come to the meeting, where panelists informed residents that pollutants from the plant could pose severe threats to water and air quality. Despite residents concerns, Titan continues to move forward--gaining the necessary permits to make the new cement plant a reality. Starting in September, the company plans to hold a series of workshops for concerned residents. Worshop Dates and Locations: Tuesday, September 16, 4 - 8 pm. North Branch, Cape Fear Community College, in Castle Hayne, NC. Tuesday, October 7, 4 - 8 pm. Schartz Center, Cape Fear Community College, Downtown Wilmington Monday, October 27, 4 - 8 pm. UNCW Executive Development Center, Wilmington.

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This is ridiculous!

What are our government agencies for? EPA, DNR, DAQ? If they don't follow the environmental limits as specified by the ruling agencies, they will be shut down. What's the big deal? PPD is more of an environmental disaster than Titan. Titan - 400 employees; PPD - 2000 employees. That is 1600 more humans consuming and polluting than Titan will have. Try to use your brains people. I know that is difficult with a government provided education. Get over it!


correct me if im wrong but its not the number of employees of a company that cause the pollution its what the company does. PPD is mostly about therapeudics and medical technology. I dont think they would have as big of an impact on the environment as the Titan cement company would have.


i think it is pretty bad when the people are more concered with a concrete plant than having nuclear radation at GE and proably in our well waters.

You don't need to think...

Sorry Marcia, but sometimes people should remain quiet about things they know absolutely nothing about. Your ignorance of what GE does and the safety measures that are executed there are quite obvious. Remember that GE has been here for a very long time with an outstanding safety record. There is nothing comparable between GE and Titan. This is not to mention your lack of ability to compose a coherent sentence using capitalization, grammar and spelling.

Your Coverage of Titan Cement

I was watching the news on your station last night and saw that you had conducted a poll of viewers on whether or not Titan should locate here and a majority of people said yes. They obviously are uninformed about the potential danger of a plant like this here in our delicate coastal and river environment. It seems to me it is the job of the media to educate the public concerning the potential dangers of this plant. I do not want to breathe in cement dust when I am on the beach and neither do our visitors who contribute greatly to the economy of this area. The county commissioners have sold us out/ I take that back they have paid our own tax money to sell us out to this company. This is a tragedy if it isn't stopped.

It's also not their job... spread alarmist hypothesis that are based upon anecdotal evidence and what MIGHT happen if all the stars align on a February 29th. Let the agencies that are tasked and qualified to make the decision make it. They know far more about it than you or I.

oppisition to Titan plant.

I am a citizen of New Hanover County and we do not need your plant,it would not enhance our area.

Get used to Titan

Titan's coming here, like it or not. It's gonna cost us, tax dollars, pollution, traffic, for maybe a few new jobs. 20 or 30 maybe. There's only one person running for election who thinks its a bad idea, Brian Berger, and he doesn't have the developer, media and establishment backing of the pro-titan officials and candidates. I thought Berger asked a great question last night, but the media isn't reporting it: Company's like Titan usually pay a community extra funds whent they move in to an area to help cover the harm they cause like pollution and traffic. So why is Wilmington paying Titan instead of the other way around? What are our elected officials thinking?


It isn't absurd to think that tax money that is paid out like this was may sometimes find it's way back into the pockets of the politicians who voted for it to be paid in the first place.

You may be onto something

Other than blatant corruption and kickbacks, there was absolutely no reason to give Titan $4.2 million. This isn't a case of a manufacturing plant that could locate anywhere. Titan NEEDS that specific location. I'm 100% in favor of their going through the entire permitting process and being allowed to build if the feds and state decide it can be done safely. I'm also 100% in favor of every county commissioner being fired in November, for presiding over a county that is totally inept in managing its finances.